14 Mornings to Your Perfect Relationship – Challenge for Couples To Do

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Would you like to improve your relationship only for 14 days with by implementing easy romantic habits?

Oh, yes, that’s right – 14-day Relationship Challenge that will boost your relationship and you don’t do anything more but to love your partner even more.

Are you in?

I thought you’d say Yes.

Welcome, dear happy couple.

Wanna know a secret?

I believe that most of the people in relationships simply forget to show love.

But that’s easily fixable.

In the list below, you will find 14 different things to do for the next 14 days. Psst, I’ve got them in a free printable as well, keep reading to find out how to get it.

What’s so special about them?

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All of them are only things you will do in the morning

Can you relate to that:

You wake up, have a shower, coffee, dress, and you run out of the house, completely forgetting that the beginning of the day very often predicts the end of it as well.

But… let’s assume you have an extra 5 minutes every morning to claim your love with one simple gesture.

Once you do all of the perfect relationship challenges for the next two weeks, you will ask me for more. And I have more, trust me.

Every relationship challenge is for free… ’cause love is for free

Happiness is a free thing, right?

A healthy relationship is a matter of choice, not money. With just small exceptions, nothing from the list will cost you money.

You don’t need too much preparation

Showing love is part of the perfect relationship you want to have. And because love is for free, and it comes from inside, you don’t need to prepare yourself too much with most of the tasks.

They are flexible

All of the tasks in this Perfect Relationship Challenge are flexible, which means you can swap the days around and nothing will change the magic of the challenge.

They work

I know from my own experience that these small gestures work. They bring back the magic between the two of you and add more love to your days.

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Free Printables

If you feel like you’ll forget to do it, I’ve got everything in a short Printable. You could have it around you to inspire you, or you could just save it on your phone and have a look at it when you wake up or the night before. As a bonus for you, I will send you 50 Romantic Messages for Your Husband, Free Printable. They are perfect for you even if you’re not married.

Tell me where you want me to send your 14-Day/Morning to a Perfect Relationship Challenge and the bonus printable by clicking here.

Let’s dive in.

14 perfectly romantic morning habits to create a strong relationship with your partner

Monday Day 1 of Perfect Relationship Challenge

When you wake up, cuddle for a few minutes in the bed, hug your partner and kiss them on the neck or the forehead.

Tuesday Day 2

Make breakfast for your partner. Even if he/she doesn’t eat in the mornings – pack the breakfast in a box for later.

Wednesday Day 3 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Kiss him/her twice longer than usual before you go out to work or before he/she goes out.

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Thursday Day 4

Add a hug and a wish for the wonderful day.

Friday Day 5 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Few minutes before the hour when your partner has to start working, send a message where you explain how much you love and appreciate them. If you need inspiration, I’ve got 50 romantic messages for a husband for you, included in the printables. They’re perfect for you even if you’re not married – it’s all about love, isn’t it?

Saturday Day 6

After you wake up, ask your partner to stay in bed and to wait for you to invite them to the kitchen. Then, do pancakes, a favourite herb tea, strong coffee and cut some fruits. Arrange the table and then invite your partner to join you. Small tip: you could prepare the mix for the pancakes the previous evening, so it doesn’t take too long in the morning.


Sunday Day 7 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Wake up very, very early and surprise your partner with erotic massage. Enjoy each other in the quietest hours of the early morning – your bodies are relaxed after the sleep, and nothing of the daily stress has entered your heads yet.

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Week 2

Monday Day 8

Wake up, cuddle with your partner and share at least one reason why you love to wake up next to him/her. Be honest and know, that it’s not necessary to be something big. It just has to come from your heart.

Tuesday Day 9 Perfect Relationship Challenge

If you take morning showers, jump under the shower together – nothing naughty behind the word “shower” (pssst, unless you have time for it 😉 ). Just enjoy the opportunity to touch each other’s naked bodies. Actually, the fact you don’t have time for more will make it even more exciting, because you know you could proceed with the next step after work.

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Wednesday Day 10

Prepare a small launch for your partner before he/she goes to work. Secretly wrap a small romantic love message in kitchen foil and place it on top, so he/she can see it the moment they open the box.

Thursday Day 11 Perfect Relationship Challenge

You will need a bit of preparation for this one. Make a naughty photo that you can send him/her.  It could be of a part of your body that your partner loves, or a live photo of you sending a kiss. If your partner leaves for work first, tell him/her to check their phone the moment they go into the car and send it after they shut the front door. If you leave the house first – send it after you go in the car, or you’re on the street on your way to work.


Friday Day 12

Set up the alarm 15-20 minutes earlier and enjoy morning love. Intimacy just before work will make the day brighter, and it will prepare you for the weekend.

Saturday Day 13 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Do some breakfast and have it in bed. Chose an animation to watch while enjoying the food. Drink some coffee and make love after that.

Sunday Day 14

Be creative. This morning I leave it for you to make your own choice of a small morning ritual. You could combine some things from the previous days or implement your own idea. Everything is allowed, as long as it represents your love for the other.


Please, let me know if you liked this “14-Days/Morning to a Perfect Relationship” Challenge in the comments below and make sure you’ve downloaded it as well so it can inspire you every day to do something small but meaningful for the person you love.



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14 Romantic habits to build strong and fulllfiling relationship with your partner. Relationship challenge for couples who need to boost their romantic life and reach their relationship goals| #romantichabits #relationshipgoals #relationshipchallenge #healthyrelationship

14 Mornings To Your Perfect Relationship – Relationship Challenge For Couples

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10 thoughts on “14 Mornings to Your Perfect Relationship – Challenge for Couples To Do”

  1. So happy you like it Jillian 🙂 It’s amazing you already do some of them, love makes us do stuff, doesn’t it? Thank you for your sweet comment.

    1. Thank you! I know your man is going to love all the attention and love you’ll send him 🙂 The curves don’t matter, it’s all about the how a man feels around his woman 🙂

    1. As a 59 yr old women, I find many of ur “romantic” challenges r something I do everyday for my partner. I set my alarm 1/2 earlier, to make sure I have time to make coffee, and bring it to bed when his alarm chimes. I make his lunch and bake treats to put in it and a hot breakfast to eat together. On weekends (my internal clock doesn’t recognize weekends) sometimes I’ll let him sleep in, other times I’ll wake him with my mouth n then let him sleep some more if he wants. We don’t however live together, may b things will change, if we do, but, I’m old school, these things have always been part of what I do for my partner. After a year, I love him more than ever!

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