9 Reasons Why Simple Living is the Ultimate Self Improvement Tool

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Self-improvement is something that we all do in some way or another. Whether it be through improving yourself professionally, physically, mentally or emotionally. It is important to push yourself, to grow and to learn.

I have been passionate about embracing different forms of self-improvement for a few years now. Through all the books, podcasts, documentaries, retreats. Nothing has helped me work on me more than simple living.

Simple living is a multi-faceted lifestyle that leads the way for personal growth. When we simplify our life, we are changing our life. For the better.

A simple way of life is something many people are reaching back in time to cultivate, and the reasons for their journeys are various. There are many benefits to simplifying your way of life, and many different ways to practice it! It could mean something as simple as shutting off your phone for a few hours a day or making a pledge to get out in nature more.

The point is to make your own rules!  What is your heart telling you? If self-improvement is something you want to incorporate into your life, then embracing the simple life could be your ticket to get there.

In my book The Year of Simple Living, I break down a different aspect of simple living for each month of the year. Each topic of self-improvement is aimed to improve your life mentally, physically, emotionally. All while simplifying your life.

If you are feeling empty from the constant pursuit of the latest self-improvement trend, then maybe it’s time to see the benefits of simplifying your life? Why not find a better way? In this post, we will explore how simple living is the ultimate self-improvement tool.

Simple Living How It Will Improve Your Life

Improved Health

We live in an artificial world. We work under artificial bright lights in rooms with no windows. Some of us sitting for hours in front of computer screens. I get it it’s 2019 after all. However, all this artificial living has the associated health problems that accompany it. You may not be able to help your work life, but you can help how you spend your free time. And a lifestyle switch can do wonders for your body.

Scientific studies have shown that because of the stress and worry associated with a high-intensity lifestyle, your body can react in all kinds of negative ways such as high blood pressure and headaches, to name a couple. By simplifying your life, there can be dramatic decreases in these side effects. Making one of the biggest benefits of simplifying your life actually prolonging it.


Better Quality Relationships

Spending time with family and friends in simple one on one ways can tremendously affect the quality of those relationships in your life and the memories you will share. The next time you are sitting on your sofa on your phone while your kids play or your partner sits across from you doing the same take that as a sign to make a change.

There are no memories in these moments. Go for a walk in the park, go camping, look for shooting stars, build a blanket fort. Simplifying your life means you have more time, space and energy to use your imagination and be more present in your own life and the lives of those you love, The best part is it’s contagious.


Reduced Worry

This is one of my favourite benefits of simplifying your life. With fewer obligations, things to buy, a smaller home, etc. There are fewer things to worry about fixing, maintaining or purchasing. Not to mention, you will probably be less prone to worry because of your new happy, full lifestyle.

More Time for Self Care

Self-care is such an important part of any daily routine. With a simpler lifestyle, you will have more time to take care of yourself, helping you better be there for others intern. Self Improvement is the ultimate sign that you love and care for yourself.

Get to Know the Real You

Simple Living Benefits in Your Life

When you wash away all of the messages of what you think you should be, you can finally begin perhaps for the first time ever to authentically connect with who you really are.

We are constantly changing and growing; however, as adults, we sometimes forget to evaluate ourselves. It can be all too easy to go with the crowd and not even realize it. But once you take one step off the regular path, you may find your true self-waiting for you there.

Less Comparing,  More Confidence

It is easy to compare yourself to others. To want something just because you are told you should. I get it; we are all human.

Simplifying your life means stepping back from all that noise to really find what you want. Sometimes what you may be envious of in others is not the things they are doing or have but that they are living their true lives. Or at least appearing too. It isn’t the glamour; it is the unique path those people are paving and the true attractive happiness that comes from that realness. What may shock you is when you simplify your life, you may begin to realize that you don’t need to improve as much as you thought.


More Productive Work

Simplifying makes for more productive work and healthier work environments. Your happiness might even rub off on your co-workers.

With a clearer mind, more energy and the general improvement of your lifestyle the work you do will be more efficient, and you may even feel rejuvenated.


When you make room in your life and mind for new perspectives, you may be shocked by what begins to fill those newly emptied gaps.

Mindfulness means being full at the moment. Being aware of just how you feel, what you want, and what matters most. Something that happens once you begin to choose you.

Discover Passions

With extra time and money, it seems only fitting that you will have time to discover new passions and hobbies. By simplifying you will have extra time for yourself. With that time, you may discover new adventures or skills that you never dreamed of trying before.

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About the Author

Steph is the creator of the blog ScaleitSimple. A lifestyle blog centred around self care and simple living. Scale it Simples goal is to provide fresh and unique ways to bring balance to ourselves and our lives. When you love and take care of yourself you are better able to do the same for your loved ones and the world around you.

In her new ebook, The Year of Simple Living she provides practical skills centred around minimalism, self care, relationships, finances and much more to help women with their wellness goals.

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