Gratitude! Count Your Blessings Today

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Gratitude: I am Grateful for being myself…

Do you feel stuck in life?

Is it like nothing seems to work the way you want and need it to work?

Do you feel the anxiety is eating your happiness?

Is the depression stealing your smile away?

Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!


I want to scream that so loud; it’s almost disturbing. 

If you want to change your world – start with gratitude.

Wonder how to do it?

Its power lifts you up above every single mind state that doesn’t serve you good.

Gratitude is an appreciation for what you have, no matter how small it is.

It makes you see how much more you have got but didn’t see until today.

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”


You’ve heard that, right?

That is what gratitude does. You realise you’ve got feet. It makes you understand you’ve got home, job, parents, siblings, health, light, opportunities, strength, love for yourself and the others… everything. 

Because how many times today did you realise you are not one of the 151 600 people that will die today?


Yes, 151 600 people will not make it through that day. 

Stop and think about this for a second.

Look out the window. 

What do you see?




Is it sunny or cloudy?

Is it cold or warm?

Whatever you see and feel with your skin – it’s a proof you’re alive.

You are alive!

Be grateful for that. Not everyone has this gift today…

So be grateful.

How could you do it?


It’s very easy and simple.

You could start every day with reminding yourself that you’re grateful for certain things in your life – people that are around you and love you, activities you do and make you happy… 

You could do it during the day, every time you think about gratitude just tell yourself how grateful you are for … (fill the gap with your words).

You may want to do it every evening, making a list in your head or on a paper, with things that happened today and you are grateful for them.

How I did it? 


I made myself small notebooks – it was important every part of it to be created by myself, and wrote in them every single evening. I was writing at least three pages, could be more but not less. Why? I wanted to force my brain to find the good things in my life as my mental health was questionable. So I would open the small notebook and would start like that: 

“I am grateful for today. I am grateful for the food I had. I am grateful for the sleep. I am grateful for getting better every day. I am grateful for my will to fight. I am grateful for feeling stronger and stronger….” You get the idea. I would start every sentence with the same line – “I am grateful for…” and will put only one thing. The power of the word “grateful” goes through your mind every time you say it, write it or think about it. 

And do it every single day. Find things you’re grateful for. Could be the air you breathe, the food you had, the smile of your sister, be thankful because you are grateful…

I still do that. Not every single day, but at least few times in the week. And it’s like magic to my life. It does not cost me anything but gives me everything.

So, count your blessings today! And choose Gratitude!

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