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Fall Productivity Tips and Motivation For You

October is knocking on the door, and its beautiful colours are slowly taking over the town I live in. And although I love all of the fall self-care routines, decoration parties, etc., I can’t help it but think that this is the best time to be productive.

The summer holidays are long gone, the back-to-school hysteria is finally behind us, and the Christmas Spirit is just a month (or two) away.

What better time to get organised and end this year properly, achieve your yearly goals, plan the next year’s dreams, and then relax and enjoy the winter bells.

Therefore, this month’s part of the 365 Self-Development ideas is dedicated to You and organising your life, one last time this year. Nope, it’s not late to do wonders with your time.

If you’re new on my blog and have no clue what the 365 Self-Development Ideas are, keep reading.

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365 Self-Development Ideas

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September in a Glance

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If you’d like to skip the personal details, just scroll to the goodies below.

September has been a great month for this blog and very stressful for me. I’ve managed to launch my second blog, and it’s going to be dedicated to personal development and self-improvement even more than this blog. I love its name: Inside of Happiness, as it sounds like a secret place with insides of how to be happier… which is kind of the truth.

But September has been a very stressful month for me. We are moving out of the UK in October, and these last weeks of preparations and planning are nerve cracking. I’ve struggled healthwise for the last two week and still don’t feel the best. But I’ve started to look after myself more in the last few days and hopefully will be better by the time the big move comes.

As I mentioned above, October is the month of fall self-care routines, and this will be my focus along with productivity. Running two different websites and moving abroad is a challenge I must go through and I intend to do my best in it. 

Now. Let’s jump into this month’s self-development ideas.

30 Productivity and Motivations to Keep Moving

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1. Be patient enough to wait for your success…

2. … and at the same time, do everything you could to make it happen asap.

3. Always focus on quality instead of quantity at work.

4. Set up financial goals. If you have 16, you are old enough to start being responsible with your money. As early as you begin implementing some good financial habits as better.

5. Specify your goal, visualise it in your mind and start acting like it’s already your reality. This is The Law of Attraction that works all the time. For example, if you’re dreaming of buying a new house, start “decorating the rooms”. Find out what colour the walls would be, what furniture you’ll have, etc.  Have the clear picture in your mind, but also start physically acting like it’s reality – buy magazines and circle the things you want in the house, start buying some small decorations and so on.

6. If you feel stuck in life, check if your daily actions lead you in the desired direction. Most of the time, you might realise that what you “want to have/be” wouldn’t come if you keep doing what you do.

Plan all that with style.

7. Don’t allow people around you to question your dreams and goals.

That’s a big one. Often we put aside our dreams and goals because they don’t seem possible to the people around us. But remember, if something’s impossible for your neighbour it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you too.

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8. If you feel like the challenge to change is too big, you’re probably on the right path. It shouldn’t be easy.

9. Perfection doesn’t exist. Everything’s perfect the moment it becomes “good enough”. Don’t hide behind “need to be perfect”. Just go out there into the world and shine.

10. Act now. Whatever it is – act now. Take a deep breath and Act Now.

11. Never underestimate yourself about anything. If someone else did it, you could do it too. If no one else did it – you could be the first. Keep moving.

12. Work smarter, not harder. 

Check these awesome resources that will help you do exactly that. 

13. Every failure contains the seed of success. Find it. Plant it.

14. Focus on one thing at a time. The sun lights up the fire by concentrating its beams on one spot, not spreading them around.

15. There’s no such thing as luck. But there is such thing as alignment between the inner world and the outer world.

16. If you work with your mind, find a hobby that requires you to work with your hands.

17. If you work with your hands, find a hobby that trains your brain.

18. Self-developing yourself doesn’t mean you will be perfect. Don’t beat yourself up.

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19. In every situation, act as a learner. On my previous job I used to train people, and I’ve always said that there’s no such thing as “stupid questions”. Ask questions and be a constant learner if you want to grow in life. Because…

20. Self-development is a journey and not a destination.

21. See yourself as work in progress.

22. Practise concentration, not a distraction. Put aside your phone, forget about your colleagues’ chatting around you, do your thing.

23. Do a little bit more than what you think you could do.

24. Learn always to finish what you’ve started.

25. You control your time, not the opposite. 

26. Be more growth-oriented instead of goal-oriented. 

27. Study the Pareto Principle – 80/20. The Pareto Principle says that 80% of our success comes from 20% of our work. The goals are to find your 20 and focus on them so you could grow even more.

28. Every day Eat That Frog. Brian Tracy’s bestseller teaches us that every day, we should start with the most challenging task of the day. A brilliant book I strongly recommend. 

Listen to it for free with Audible

29. Not everything has to be done by you. Delegate. Ask for help. 

30. Not everything in your life has to be done at all. Prioritise, but also look for the things that eat up your time and energy, but don’t give you anything in return. 

So, this is it for October’s self-development ideas. Make sure you get your printable.

Also, if productivity is something you need to work harder on, here are some useful resources that will help you be the most productive person you know.

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