365 Ideas For Your Self-Development Plan | Part 4

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Ideas for Self-Developing a New You in a World of Possibilities

It’s almost September, and this means it’s time for a fresh dose of self-development ideas. 

Wow, over 1000 people have already downloaded the self-improvement series, and we’re just stepping into Part 4 of it. 

If you are new here, welcome, I hope you enjoy these fresh tips. 

What are these 365 self-development ideas?

I’ve put together 365 ideas for your self-development plan and split them into 12 parts – 12 months or a full year of tips to improve your life, habits for success and personal growth, ways to help yourself and the others around you to live a happier and healthier life.

But before I jump into listing this month’s ideas, let me share something with you. It might be something you needed to read today.


August in a Glance

Holiday memories

August has been one of the busiest months so far because I was on holiday for the full month (minus a few days).

Have you ever had those type of holidays where you feel like you need another holiday just to catch your breath after the last one? 

Yep, that was August for me.

Going back to my old routine, waking up at 2:30 every morning and focusing on business and myself feels so nice and comfy. It’s like finding old pyjamas you forgot you have. You could melt in it from happiness.

I loved my holiday. We went to the seaside; we had a few family events, met almost every one of mine and my fiancee’s family, booked a date for our wedding next year and so on.

And almost every bit of it felt like a mental challenge

You see, I am not a social person. 

I feel anxious if I have to meet too many people at once; if I have to go out too many times today; if I don’t know where I’m going; if I don’t have a strict plan of what I will do today… all that gives me butterflies in the stomach and I don’t enjoy them.

The reason? It’s the fear of the unknown, the lack of a safe place to hide into, the vulnerability and the idea of making other people feel comfortable around me. 

It’s stepping outside the comfort zone. 

Why are we so scared to step outside our comfort zone?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Why should we restrict ourselves from experiencing new things, just because we are afraid of what feelings and sensations they’ll bring?


A Place of Love or a Place of Fear

Self development plan ideas

This month I will heavily focus on stepping outside our cosy and oh-so-pleasant comfort zone.

Partially, I am angry with myself for feeling this way.

At the same time, I’m determined to make things work the way I want them to work.

There’s a theory that everything that happens with us, every decision we make and every action we take come from either a place of love or a place of fear. 

The panic attacks many people struggle with (including me sometimes), the anxiety, the depression, the insecurity… all of that come from a place of fear.

And I intend to change things for me.

If this sounds like something you could relate to – this month’s self-development ideas are for you.

You have the option to download these ideas, print them and pin them on your mirror. 

You will also get access to the previous three parts of the series.

Let’s get to business.

Building a Better You – Self-Development Ideas for Your Personal Development Plan

self care ideas for your personal growth

1. Every day do something that scares you.

2. I’t ok to have bad days. It’s just a day, don’t overthink about it as you give it the power to repeat itself.

3. If you feel depressed – eat pineapple and go outside. Stay where the sun could shine on you. Close your eyes and breath deeply.

4. Don’t pay attention to your ego when communicating with other people.

5. At the evening of a bad day go to sleep with the feeling of gratitude for at least three things that happened that day.

6. Believe in yourself that you can change and you will.

7. Don’t allow people to question your decision to be different.

8. Adapt your surroundings to your New Self, get rid of things that don’t serve you, hang with people that make you happy,  eat food that gives you energy, make small steps of improvement every day.

9. Never wait for people’s approval to live your life in a way that makes you happy.

10. Work on your self-confidence and self-esteem daily.

The best time to start living a better life is

Download the free printables.

11. Be mindful in your relationship with your partner.

12. Accept struggles as challenges. Do you want it bad enough? Are you willing to pay the price? Can you sweat and work on your goals long enough so you could make it happen?

13. Give before you take… This applies to everything in life. Be ok with it. Practise it.

14. Practise mindful silence. Intentionally reduce the number of words coming out of your mouth and see if things that come into your mind won’t grow.

15. Journal every morning – brain dump, morning pages or gratitude journaling. Whatever you choose is fine.

16. Value your friends. They are your biggest support. And if they don’t support you, you probably need new friends.

17. If you struggle to appreciate something, imagine your life without it.

18. Work on your emotional wounds. It takes time, but only time won’t do much – work on overcoming the things that make you sad, depressed, anxious.

19. Walk in the park as often as possible. Work in the garden, connect with nature daily.

20. Self-pity is a disease. Avoid it like it’s a plaque.

21. If you want to feel good instantly – hug someone you love.

22. Approach everything in life with unconditional love in your heart.

23. If you don’t feel confident enough among other people – straighten your shoulders, lift your head up and smile at the first person you see.

24. Appreciate other people’s impact on your life. Be grateful for their help in your self-development.

25. Collect memories. Loads of them.

26. Create your own self-care routine and practise it as often as you need.

27. Read books that help you change your mindset. It takes time, but it’s rewarding.

changing the mindset day after day


28. Love your family even if they don’t love you back the way you want them to. Respect them even if they don’t respect you back. What other people do is their karma, how you respond – yours. (Wayne Dyer)

29. Show compassion for yourself if you don’t follow everything.

30. Every day do your best even if you “best” today was 20% of your “best” yesterday.

Download the Free Printable of the Self-Development Ideas

As I said above, you’ve got a free printable that’s waiting for you here. 

You will also receive the first three parts of the 365 ideas, which means you will instantly have access to over 120 self-development tips, tricks and ideas.

Share with a friend and grow together. It’s so much easier to implement the habits and the tips if you do it together with a friend. Personal growth is a long path, and sometimes it might be lonely. Bring someone with you.

Access the printable here.



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365 Self-Development Ideas for Your Personal Development Plan

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