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Girls talk – advice on how to attract the man you like

He looks impressive, he is smart and has a sense of humour. And you really like him. But you’re unsure if he knows that. We offer you just a few (or more) tips to help you find out how to attract a man you like.

How do you attract a guy without even talking to him? How to show him you want to be with him? How do you let a guy know you’re interested in him? 

In this post, I will cover all of these questions and list 7 things that attract men to women. These traits are what make you special in a man’s eyes and if you master them, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. 

Ready to dive on? Let’s find out how to attract the man you like by using your femininity.

Men Are Attracted to Your Femininity

Men are attracted by your femininity and uniqueness
Men are attracted by your femininity and uniqueness

It all starts with femininity!

Men are always unavoidably attracted to a woman who glows with her femininity.

It’s in the gestures, in the look of her eyes, the way he touches her hair and her walk. Femininity is in the clothes that shape her body in a complementary way, in the perfume and the bracelets she wears.

But there’s a trick to it: Femininity can be seen outside but comes only from inside.

Gentleness, confidence, kindness, soft look in the eyes, gracious smile, positivity… it’s all that and much more. The man you like cannot help himself but feels an immediate allure towards you, once he notices your femininity.


1. Gentleness

Attract the man you like by being gentle and kind
Attract the man you like by being gentle and kind

We are used to be loud and announce our opinions clearly and with “my-idea-is-the-best” manner. While everyone is intolerable to the other’s points of views, the gentlewoman will listen more and express herself carefully.

  • You must never show off like the most knowledgable in the group, even if you are.
  • You want to be open-minded and don’t judge people around you based on a few sentences.
  • You want to let people express their opinion and to agree to disagree if it doesn’t fit your understanding.
  • You want to stay away from defending your point of view with the cost of offending people and ruining friendships. 

What attracts men about a woman who’s gentle?

Her uniqueness makes her stand out. She looks almost unreal. 

If he’s thriving for a long-term relationship, he will see this gentleness as a vital part of his happy life with her.

So, you might be trying to attract him by being loud and drag his attention to you… At the same time, the only thing you should probably do is be kind to the people around you.

2. Confidence

Being confident and knowing what you want is attractive
Being confident and knowing what you want is attractive

Chad Stone says in his book The Love Magnet Rules “A confident woman is aware of her own value and what she offers to a man. She does not need a man to make her complete, she wants a man in her life. She is filled with love and wants to share her love with a special man.”

This is the confidence I refer to.

Very few people know the difference between believing in yourself and thinking you’re the best walking human being ever! 

To value your individuality and to be happy with your inner self is more attractive than any lipstick on this Earth.

And if you try to attract a man, confidence is your best friend in this situation.


So yes, you are gorgeous and unique. That’s why you have to keep your head up and to appreciate the things you’ve achieved in your life. The right man will embrace and nurture that part of you.

If you want to know how to attract the man you like – start by reminding yourself that You are enough! To create happiness, you need just one person – You!

Hold on to that, honour it, embrace it and respect it.

Once you get to that point – you’re halfway to his heart.


3. If You Want To Attract The Man You Like – Look Attractive

If you want to attract the man you like - look attractive
If you want to attract the man you like – look attractive

The very first part of the good impression is the way you look.

There’s no way to pass by that… Men are visual human beings.

So, please his eyes.

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, feminine, on top of the world… as long as it doesn’t show 80% of your body to the outer world, of course.

The way you look could speak louder than your words!

Here’s how:

Recently, I was invited to a wedding of a relative of mine.

I met a girl who worked in the healthcare sector. She was beautiful, smart and chatty. But she was wearing the shortest dress ever and the neckline of that dress… well, it almost didn’t exist. Before the end of the evening, a friend of mine told me that this girl must be looking for a one-night-stand. His perception of her was simply based on the way she looked and nothing could convince him that she might be in the search of a long-term relationship.

If you still don’t know how to dress to attract a man, let’s say that you shouldn’t choose anything you wouldn’t recommend to your little sister.

4. How To Attract The Man You Like By Being Happy And Positive

Positivity and happy attitude is always essential
Positivity and happy attitude is always essential

Aren’t you fed up with everyone saying you should be happy and positive to attract someone?

I know I am!

I cannot walk around with a huge smile all the time, sprinkling Christmas songs and sending kisses to every single human being I cross my path with…! I refuse!

And yet, happiness and positivity have nothing to do with jumping and clapping with hands on the streets!

Here’s what I want you to imagine: You walk into a bank office. You need to ask for a loan, and you’re not really sure you’re going to get it. You see two women. The first one looks at you and smiles like she was waiting for you all day, and the second one gives you a serious look like something’s wrong with your shirt… You aren’t sure if she enjoys her job and wants to interact with anyone today. Where would you go to ask for the loan? It’s obvious, right?


Now, this is how most of the guys feel when they have to ask a girl out.

It’s like they’re in a new and weird place and most of the time it’s a shot in the dark. A smile and a positive attitude will attract men and make them feel relaxed. It shows them you’re with an open heart and approachable, and the chances for them to get a date –  bigger.

Here’s a technique to try next time the man you like looks at you: Wait for a single second and then smile slowly. Do it with the delay, and this will have an immediate effect on him. You send him a signal “You make me smile. I like You.”

5. How to Attract the Man You Like By Finding Things In Common

Find things in common you could talk about
Find things in common you could talk about

Create an immediate bond with him by sharing a passion you both have.

Can you imagine your own reaction if you have a huge passion for pens and he takes out his phone to show his collection of Hugo Boss/Mont Blanc/Koh-I-Noor pens (I had to Google those)? You would spend the next three hours comparing ink and pens, wouldn’t you?

Finding that you like the same books, sports, movies or sharing a hobby interests increases the chances for a successful relationship. Subconsciously he will be attracted to you, and almost everything that happens at the beginning of your relationship will be defined by your common passion.

Try to find what he likes and if you see something you like too – start a conversation around it. This would give uniqueness to your relationship and get you even closer to him. 

6. Be interested in him

Be genuinely interested in him
Be genuinely interested in him

Dale Carnegie says in his book that the fastest way to create an instant connection with someone is to talk to him about… him!

We are fascinated by ourselves. We are self-focused beings and the era of selfies could only prove it. We love talking about ourselves and being in the centre of attention. We know when people care about us and we tend to stick around these people more often.

Tap on his ego and make him talk about himself. Actually, have you heard that men believe us – women, like to talk and talk, and talk… and talk? I’ve had many first dates ending with the guys telling me that they’ve never talked so much on a first date and that felt awesome. 

Well, the only thing I had to do was ask him questions about him and to listen to the answers carefully.

Use his self-admiration in making him like you. It works like magic.

7. Be Irresistible

Find out how to be irresistible to men
Find out how to be irresistible to men

Last, but not least important way to attract the man you like…

There’s one small secret that taps into every man’s mind and makes him devoted to making you happy. 

It’s something that’s been around for a long time, you’ve probably used it but never realised how powerful it was and you forgot about it. That secret will make you irresistible to any man around you and if you master that simple skill – the man you like will be yours forever.

Click here for the detailed video of this simple secret.

Recap of How To Attract The Man You Like:

  • Be gentle and kind to the people around you.
  • Be confident and know that you don’t need him to complete you. You want him because you like him.
  • Look attractive – men love with their eyes first.
  • Be happy with you are and express positivity towards life. Happy people are like magnets to others.
  • Find things in common and start a conversation about them. 
  • Actually be interested in him and what. type of person he is. People love talking about themselves. Use it.
  • Be irresistible. If you’d really want to be different and effortlessly to attract any man in your life, here’s how to do it.

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How To Attract the man you like

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