12 Biggest Turn Offs For Guys. Never Push Him Away Like That!

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The things that whisper “Run” in his ears – the biggest turn-offs for guys.

Sometimes it may seem like it’s hard to find any turn-offs for guys.

However, just a pretty face is not going to make him commit to you.

At least not long enough to see your true value.

Moreover, there are a few things women do that could guarantee a huge “Nope!” to a second date. Here are the biggest turn-offs for guys so you can take them off your behaviour tick list.


12. Clingy is not romantic

Showing affection is cute.

Getting clingy before the first kiss is scary.

It doesn’t get better after that, but at least you’ll have a chance to find out that he thinks you’re clingy. It looks like one of the biggest turn-offs for guys is a needy woman who doesn’t give them space to breathe. If you feel a little bit guilty reading that – pay attention to the reasons.

11. Late, later and… way too late

Yes, women are so famous for being late for a date that we started thinking it’s totally fine.

Well, it is not!

If you don’t like to wait for someone 10-15 minutes, why assuming he will enjoy waiting for you? On top of that getting late for the date is a sign of disrespect – to yourself, your time and the other person and his time. Keep that in mind when setting up your next dinner with some hot guy you want to impress.

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10. The Ice Queen is here!


biggest turn-offs for guys - ice queen
Ice Queen – One of the biggest turn-offs for men

You know what I mean – cold attitude intends to show the other he has to impress you a lot before she melts in a more-than-friends-smile. Well, this is a big turn off for the guys. No one thinks it’s fun to spend two hours with ice-cold lady demanding the other to put out his best so she can reconsider her feelings. It doesn’t look classy. It looks… brrr-cold.

9. Immature attitude

On the other hand – jumping around like a teenage girl is another one of the biggest turn-off points for the guys. Immature attitude is something that would turn off the ladies as well. But if you are an independent 25 years old woman – act as such.

8. Slutty attitude

I guess there are lots of ways to push a guy away and discourage him from asking a woman out one more time.

Acting slutty is one of them for sure.

You know those type of girl – she thinks she’s sexy but offering herself to him too fast is still considered slutty. Yes, he may take his chance with her in bed but the second date will be saved for a girl who knows her value.

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biggest turn-offs for guys

7. Flirting with other guys is one of the biggest turn-offs for guys as well

dating biggest turn-offs for guys

Nope, smiling in that particular way to his best friend doesn’t give him a hint to get you before someone else does. It makes him wonder who you actually want to date – him or his friend. Flirting with other guys is hot only in high school… maybe. But in the grown-ups’ world, it’s a huge turn-off for men.

6. Hard to get

I am totally up for keeping a distance at the beginning.

Mainly because not everyone deserves a piece of the pie right away.

However, if you like him and he asks you out – say yes. A woman that’s too hard to get is not going to impress the right guy – it will push him away. The best start of a relationship is the honest one. If you like him – say Yes while you still have the chance.

5. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything around

Your phone is important to you. He knows that.

However, one of the biggest turn-offs for guys is when they ask the girl out, and she spends the date watching her phone, showing him something on her social media or with eyes constantly keeping an eye on it. It’s just not cool.

Actually, I’ve got a friend who chased a girl for months and when they finally got out on the first date, she was checking her phone every three and a half minutes. They didn’t get to the second date.

4. Nagging

Yep, it’s hard to believe that nagging is a huge turn-off, I know it. But actually, guys don’t enjoy it as much as us, girls. Unfortunately.

I really don’t understand why…

3. Too much makeup

biggest turn offs for guys couple issuesLooking good is essential. Having makeup is sweet and shows you care about your date and want to look special to him.

Overdoing it is… funny and sometimes – scary. Keep it simple; he does need to know how you actually look like.

2. Bad language

No, you’re not an angel, and you do know how to use all those bad words your parents used to tell not to.


There are time and places to use them – like morning traffic (#becreative). However, on a date with a guy you want to impress, lousy language is rude, weird and doesn’t put you high in his eyes.

 1. Too much talking

It is not about how much you talk but about giving him the opportunity to speak as well.

Some women tend to talk a lot when out on a date – either to impress the other or just because they’re nervous.

Well, they neither impress him nor get calm by talking all the time. Not giving him a chance to say something, explain his visions or just to have a bite in peace, is one of the biggest turn-offs for guys. Plus, keeping your mouth shut for longer than a minute will actually give you the opportunity to find out if you like him. Think about it.

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