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100 Things For Couples To Do Together | Couples’ Bucket List

Do it as a challenge, a bucket list for couples, or just keep them as spare ideas for your next date – these 100 things for couples to do together are diverse enough to fit anyone’s schedule and preferences.

I’ve split them into fun categories; each one consists of 10 ideas.

Here are the categories for these 100 things for couples to do (they are also jump-links, for your convenience):

couple kissing each other on a bridge in a beautiful city

100 Things For Couples To Do Together

Romantic Activities

1. Recreate your very first date.

2. Take a sunrise walk on the beach.

3. Spend a weekend in a cozy cabin in the woods (bonus if it’s in the snowy season)

4. Write love letters to each other and read them out loud.

5. Create a video for your future selves (that you can watch next Christmas, on your 10th anniversary, or at any chosen special date).

6. Have a picnic under the stars.

7. Go to a wine-tasting event.

8. Take couples massages.

9. Dance in the rain. Bonus if you don’t make a video, but just enjoy each other.

10. Spend an entire day in bed.

Adventurous Outings

11. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

12. Try out a new water sport, like paddleboarding.

13. Go camping in the wilderness.

14. Try bungee jumping.

15. Explore a cave.

16. Go hiking for a few days.

17. Try an escape room challenge.

18. Go whitewater rafting.

19. Take a spontaneous road trip for the weekend.

20. Attend a live concert or a festival.

Learn and Grow Together

21. Take a dance class together.

22. Get a beginners’ lesson in a language you both know nothing about.

23. Take a pottery or painting class.

24. Read a book together and discuss it.

25. Plant a garden or a tree.

26. Attend a seminar on a topic you’re both passionate about.

27. Work on a DIY home project.

28. Create a memory board of your best photos together.

29. Enroll in a photography course and explore nature together.

30. Challenge each other with a puzzle or a board game.

pin image of laughing and hugging couple on an outdoor adventure

Leisure and Relaxation Ideas for Couples

31. Have a movie marathon night and invite friends to join you.

32. Visit a new city or town nearby.

33. Go to a theme park.

34. Spend the day at a spa.

35. Host a couples’ game night with friends.

36. Have a photoshoot day. Dress in costumes, make funny faces, go wild, and try everything.

37. Meditate together.

38. Visit a botanical garden.

39. Stargaze in your backyard or a local observatory.

40. Explore local museums or art galleries.

Giving Back Together

41. Volunteer at a local shelter.

42. Participate in a charity run.

43. Adopt a pet.

44. Clean up a park or a beach.

45. Teach a class or workshop.

46. Donate to a cause you both care about.

47. Cook a meal for a local shelter.

48. Help build a house with a charity organization.

49. Donate blood together.

50. Start a fundraising event.

Cultural Stuff

51. Visit an art exhibition or gallery.

52. Visit a cuisine festival.

53. Attend a poetry reading or literary event.

54. Take a historical city tour.

55. Attend a live opera or ballet performance.

56. Explore a cultural festival or fair.

57. Visit a landmark or UNESCO heritage site.

58. Go antique shopping.

59. Visit a film festival.

60. Attend a traditional music concert or folk performance.

two chairs positioned on top of a hill looking t the beautiful scenery

Nature and Outdoors

61. Rent a canoe or kayak.

62. Have a nature photography session together.

63. Explore a national park.

64. Plan a beach day with water sports.

65. Go for a sunrise or sunset hike.

66. Go on a scenic drive during autumn or spring.

67. Attend an outdoor yoga or tai chi class.

68. Take a scenic bicycle ride.

69. Go horseback riding.

70. Attend a wilderness survival workshop.

DIY and Creativity Boost Together

71. Write a short story or a song together.

72. Redesign a room in your home.

73. Craft a piece of art or sculpture.

74. Start a Relationship Journal.

75. Make homemade candles or soap.

76. Create custom jewelry for each other.

77. Attend a wine and paint night.

78. Build a piece of furniture or home decor from scratch.

79. Crate your own board game or card game.

80. Bake and decorate a cake or pastry together.

Culinary Adventures

81. Explore a new cuisine every month.

82. Brew your own beer.

83. Visit a farmer’s market and make a meal from the products you get.

84. Take a barista course.

85. Host a themed dinner party.

86. Make ice cream or gelato together.

87. Each week, choose a different country and cook one traditional meal from that country together.

88. Create your own food-tasting menu and enjoy it with a drink of your choice.

89. Make chocolate together. Choose flavor and add nuts or fruits if you wish.

90. Spend a day pickling vegetables, making jams, or canning fruits. Enjoy your homemade goodies year-round.

Wellness and Mindfulness Together

91. Start a meditation routine together.

92. Plant a home vegetable garden together.

93. Take a class in aromatherapy or holistic healing.

94. Play mind games every week for a month.

95. Enroll in tai chi or qigong class.

96. Attend a lecture or workshop dedicated to mindfulness.

97. Choose a hobby you can practice together.

98. Try out a sensory deprivation float tank.

99. Go on a laughter yoga session.

100. Take a romantic aroma-bath together.

couple sitting on top of a travel van

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.