9 New Years Resolutions For Couples. Do It Right This Year!

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Make the new 2019 The Best Year for the two of you

The new year is just around the corner, and it promises to be the best for the two of you. These new year’s resolutions for couples will help you get there. I know you like to have something good to look forward to in the new year. And I am sure you already have a bunch of good things.

But how about another nine?

Setting up the right vibe for the new year is essential. The new beginning gives you a choice to change something, to improve your life and to be a better version of yourself. Nothing could fit in this better than those nine new year’s resolutions for couples.

Start Something New Together

new years resolution together


Being independent in the relationship and having separate goals, hobbies and moments are very important. But all around the web, I can see encouraging articles to focus on having an almost independent life than the other. And what about living together? If you don’t live together yet, there are many things you do by yourself. So why not set a new year resolution to start something new together. New for both of you. Like dancing classes, fitness routine or exploring new hobby together.

Something new that you two do together will give you so much more than a few more hours together. It will put both of you in a unique situation, equally inexperienced, ready to challenge yourself and the other. It will make the bond stronger.

Go To A Place You’ve Never Been Before

new years resolutions place love relationship


What could be a better resolution as a couple for the new year than visiting a new exciting place you’ve never been to before. It could be anywhere in the world or in your own country. The only condition is that both of you have never visited, but you want to. Check the tickets early enough to guarantee yourself the cheapest option and circle the date on the calendar. Now that is what I call a good thing to look forward to.

Have More Sex

Relationship resolutions sex intimacy


Ok, I lied… There is something better to look forward to in the new year. It’s when you set up that particular resolution, of course. Get closer to each other even more Enjoy the other more than you did this year. Forget about the stress, forget about the bills, the way your mean boss looked at you last week or the cloudy weather outside. Just kiss your partner, cuddle a bit and do it. It is what makes you two so special – the bond you create, the most intimate moments you share, the feelings you make a reality.

Make At Least One Of The Other’s Dreams Come True

dream new years resolutions coupe marriage



Each one of you has dreams. Make at least one of them come true. Resolution number four is about supporting the other, watching him or she grows and having the satisfaction you’re part of it. The best thing you can do for your partner is to help them achieve their dreams. It could be a new position at work, new freelance project, education or just being consistent in a hobby he or she loves. Motivate your loved one and guess what – you will feel motivated as well for your own dreams.

Work On Improving Your Relationship

improve relationship new years resolution



The perfect relationship is the imperfect one that each one of the partners loves those imperfections. But when there’s something that bothers both of you, and you agree it has to be solved – do it in the new year. Don’t delay it, don’t close your eyes in front of it. Do you feel you don’t communicate enough? Make more time for conversations. Do you think you hurt each other when you argue? Work on how to fight fair. The trust between the two of you is weak? Learn to trust each other step by step. The relationship is something we created and chose to have every single day. And every single day is a new opportunity to either improve it or destroy it. Make your choice today.

Have More Fun

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As we grow, we leave the child in us somewhere far away in the corners of our hearts. We stuff its mouth with promises how we’re going to have fun later, tomorrow, next week… Until one day we don’t feel the need to have fun at all. How boring could adulthood be! Don’t go there. Have more fun. Together as a couple! Go out and play in the snow, splash in the puddles (unless …hum..new shoes!), bite the other’s nose or go hiking. As long as you have fun, it doesn’t matter how big or small the activity will be. Trough the laugh we make new friendships, bonding the old ones and open our hearts to the people. Laugh, have fun, enjoy!


Surprise Each Other More

surprise relationship marriage resolutions



This new year’s resolution will challenge you a lot. Especially if you’re a bit hard in surprises, but it’s learnable. And the fact that it’s a challenge is what makes the resolution profitable for you. Surprise each other often. More often than you expect it. Think of ways to make the other’s brows jump up when you surprise them. A freshly cooked meal with wine and candles on Wednesday evening will surprise him. Coffee in the bed on Sunday morning will surprise her. It doesn’t have to cost money, but it will make you a winner. I promise!

Motivate Each Other To Break A Bad Habit

habbit resolution new year relationship marriage



As unique and perfect in our imperfections we are, there are things we could do better in this life, aren’t there? Chose one or more habits you want to break in the new year. Smoking? Too much time on the phone? Not enough healthy meals in the week? Don’t you spend enough time with your parents? Whatever it is – decide to break it. And ask for the other’s support. It’s like having a life coach, but you don’t pay for it. Leave in the other’s hands how to motivate you and stay motivated. And of course – do the same in return. Evolve together with this new year’s resolution for couples.

Tell Each Other You Love Each Other Every Night

It should be the number one new year’s resolution for couples, but I decided to be the last one. It’s because I hope I don’t have to tell you about it. It shouldn’t be new year’s resolution, but it should be “since we found out we love each other” resolution. Well, at the beginning of the relationship is very easy to say it all the time – so exciting and new. So special. In the time we start to just skip it once in a while – of course, he knows you love him! Well, yea, but it doesn’t hurt if you say it, right?

And just the sound of it – even though he knows it, will make him smile, will feel something warm and soft in his heart. He will feel the love. The best thing before you go to sleep as a couple is to remind each other you love each other.

No matter the day, no matter the stress, the fun, the sex, the travels, the bad and the good – it all starts with you and the other… in love.

So how many of those new year’s resolutions for couples did you implement in your life and what else do you think it should be on the list? Share with me.

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