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Surprise your favourite couple with a special Christmas car

Do you know why we all love Christmas cards? It’s because they are cute, different, but most of all -they should that someone is thinking of us. 

And that’s what Christmas is all about – thinking of each other, our loved ones and showing them they matter.

So you know a couple you’d like to surprise this Christmas with a special card? A card designed especially for them?

Here are some ideas for personalised (or not) cute Christmas cards for couples. 

I hope you enjoy them and make someone happy with them.

Christmas Cards For Couples

Christmas Cards For Couples

Holiday Bunnies In The Snow – Vintage Christmas Post Card

Beautiful and cute Christmas postcard for the couples you know. It comes in a pack of 24 – ready to send with lots of love. If you’d like less than 24 – just message the seller on Etsy

Dutch Couple Christmas Postcard

Adorable Dutch couple postcard – one of a kind, real vintage treasure for that couple who loves vintage things and they are as cute as these guys below. 

Do you know such a couple?

Fashion Christmas Couple

You could personalise this stylish Christmas card by changing the hair color of the couple. Wonderful reviews for this seller, so take a look at it and see if it’s not exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Funny and Retro Holiday Card 

Everyone loves funny retro cards and this couple will make everyone smile. You could also personalise your message to the couple you’d like to gift it to.

Family Portrait for Christmas

Custom the illustration on this family Christmas cards for couples. The seller needs a photo of the lovely couple and will design the card according to it. What a better surprise for your favourite couple this Christmas?

Newlyweds Christmas Card

What about that couple that just got married this year? Send them a cute card “We Wish You a Married Christmas” to donor their special moment of the year.

Tipsy Couple Christmas Card

Nope, the tree isn’t the only thing that’s going to get lit this year. Adorable vintage card with a tipsy couple enjoying the holidays. Fun, unique and will get the attention.

A couple in Horse Drawn Sleight Card from The 1940s

This unique Christmas card is from the 1940s and waits for you to name it after a couple you know will appreciate it. 

Mid Century Couple Card

“Baby, it’s cold outside.” is one of my favourite Christmas songs. If you know a couple who love the song, get them this beautiful Christmas card this year.

Vintage Yarn Couple Decorating a Tree

Unique vintage card with a cute yearn couple decorating a Christmas tree. It’s for the 1950s, a true treasure.

Just a couple of Elves

Amazing sparkling watercolour Christmas card for couples. 

Vintage Christmas Card Yarn Couple

Another yarn couple on a Christmas card. The card opens like a door with holiday wishes inside. 

Romantic Christmas Card – Retro 

Retro Christmas card with Skater’s song. A true treasure.

Christmas card for newlyweds

Another newlyweds’ card this year. With a special touch of the ornaments, you could make this Christmas a little bit more special for the lucky couple.

Printable Personalised Christmas Card

Watercolour Christmas card – printable for your couple. Personalise it, the extra touch will be appreciated.

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Christmas Cards For Couples

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