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Be present.

Be present. Mindfulness. Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

When you wake up, snuggled under the warm duvet – be present. Inhale the early morning darkness and listen to the nothingness of the hour. Move just a little bit, to notice the other’s body. Enjoy the feeling of having someone next to you. Be present.

Stay for a moment or two, feel the fight between the excitement for the day ahead and the cuddling. Chose both. Enjoy them one after another.

Welcome the cold air once you step out of bed. Accept the fluffy robe handed to you by him. Appreciate it and give a kiss.

Almost sleepwalking, get to the kitchen, and while he’s preparing for work, you make the breakfast. Let the smell of fresh coffee tickle your nose. Pour the milk. Inhale. Stay present.

The silence of the early hour talks to you in the most personal language – love in small actions, not in words.

Warm hug in the cold living room. Kiss on the forehead. Cold water splashed on the face. Stay present.

Small breakfast. Good morning.

The coffee disappears in less than two minutes. A silent smile of gratitude. Reach for a hand. Gentle squeeze. Stay here.

Last hug before work. Last kiss. Lips with the heat of the fresh morning coffee mixed your man’s love. Be present.

Steps out of the door. Have a great day. Love. Appreciation. Silence. Presence.

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