Dear Diary…Monday Motivation

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“Dear Diary,

I met a guy today. He is tall. And his eyes are kind. He touched my hand. 

And I am not ready.

My heart still hasn’t decided to live or die.

My eyes forgot to stop crying for the last two months. My hands don’t need other hands.

Peace and silence. Silence is a good thing. And peace could come only after a war…”



“Dear Diary,

I met a girl today. She is smart. And her eyes are kind. I touched her hand.

And I am ready. Peace comes only after a war… even the one in our hearts.

My hands are warm enough to hold other’s hands.

My shoulders are strong enough to comfort other’s head.

Love and forgiveness. Love comes only after peace.

And forgiveness always waits for us to see it…”



“Dear Diary,

He asked…”



“Dear Diary,

She said Yes…”

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