The Right Direction (Once Upon a Time there was a Dream… 2)

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If you missed the first part, make sure you read it first here: Once Upon a Time Thre was A Dream

Many days passed. The Dream and Hope were walking through the woods without direction. The sun was burning the crowns of the trees, but its golden sunbeams were gentle when reaching the ground. Exotic little birds were chirping above their heads, singing the most beautiful songs of nature.

But The Dream and Hope were tired. They almost weren’t talking, both lost in their thoughts, and even the sunbeams and the birds couldn’t cheer them up.

once-upon-a-time-the-dream-ladybird-monday-motivationOne day The Dream felt so tired that she thought she’d fall and never rise. She sat on the ground next to a big tree and leant her back over its trunk. Her fingers gently touched the roots, and she remembered about The Comfort Tree.

– I miss my tree – she whispered softly

– Don’t think about it too much, please. – Hope said – We need to focus on what’s ahead of us not behind us

– I know. But I am allowed to miss my friend, am I not?

– Think about the future and the waterfall. – answered Hope

The Dream sighed and rolled her eyes.

– Don’t you have something that you miss from your home, Hope? – she asked

Hope sat down, next to her and took a fallen leaf with her pale fingers. As she was playing with it, she murmured:

– I’ve never had a home, actually.

– What do you mean by that? You must have a place you came from.

– I do have a place I came from. It’s the place we all came from, but none of us remembers.

– I come from my bench – The Dream noted – And I don’t remember you been there before.

– I talk about The Heart, dummy. – Hope laughed.

– The Heart?! That’s just a legend. No one remembers The Heart. – The Dream yawned and placed her head on a pile of soft, green leaves.

– You thought the waterfall was a legend too – Hope gently smiled – Maybe we should start recalling what we know of The Heart. I know it cannot be found, but it guards the greatest power ever.

– And what would that be? – almost falling asleep The Dream asked

– Love. – Hope whispered the word like it was sacred.

– I don’t know Love – The Dream frowned her eyebrows

– Yes, you do – Hope laughed again and was going to say something more, but saw The Dream was already asleep, so she whispered – Yes, of course, you do…


The birds were warbling so loud over The Dream’s head that she felt like they were trying to wake her up on purpose. So, she opened eyes and lifted her hand as something was tickling her. She gasped, and a big smile brightened her face – it was a small, beautiful, yellow ladybird.

– Well, aren’t you amazing! – The Dream said quietly – Welcome to this world!

The yellow colour of the ladybird meant that she was almost a newborn. Her colour was changing very fast in the next minutes, but she was not ready to fly yet. The Dream used to play a lot with the ladybirds around her pink bench and this little creature reminded her of those days.

– Where are you going to go now, little bug? – The Dream softly whispered – Are you going to fly all the way to my tree? Will you tell him I am all right? Can you do that for me?

The ladybird tried to move her tiny head, and it looked like she was shaking it.

– No? – The Dream smiled – Then where are you going? Do you know?

The little creature was moving slowly on The Dream’s hand and was heading towards her fingers. Surprisingly, its colour was changing towards white, not red as of the ordinary ladybugs. That was something The Dream had never seen before.

When the ladybird reached the top of the thumb, she turned towards The Dream and started moving her wings. The Dream was waiting for her to fly away but the ladybird didn’t move. The Dream had the weird feeling the little creature was waiting for her.

– What is it, little friend? Do you want to tell me something? – She smiled and then she remembered her last conversation with Hope. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes – Tell me, dear ladybird, where should we go next?

Suddenly the birds stopped their chirping, and everything became magically quite. Soft wind touched The Dream’s face. She opened her eyes and looked at her hand.

The ladybird spread her wings and flew from The Dream’s finger to the tip of her nose, touched it for a second, and then slowly flew towards a gap between two trees.

The Dream jumped off her place and ran towards those trees.

– Hey, where are you going? – Hope just woke up and jumped as well

– Come on; I know what direction we should go to. – The Dream shouted, and full of energy she ran between the trees…

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