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“I am in a relationship” is wrong!

We say “I am in a relationship” when asked about our relationship status. “In a relationship”


monday-motivation-relationship_creator sounds right but maybe there’s a misunderstanding between language expression and the act of “being in a relationship”.

Does all that sound too complicated and messy?

I know!

However, I am sure that the thoughts and the words create our reality. The law of attraction is part of our life no matter if we agree with it or not.

And I realised!

We say “I am in a relationship” and we stick with it.

I mean – literally. We just stay in a relationship. Moreover, we forget that to be in a relationship is not enough.

We have to be involved in that relationship. And even more – we have to create that relationship.

The relationship between two people does not just exist somewhere there, in the Universe and doesn’t wait for us to pick it and to be in it.

We create it. Every single day. With everything we do or don’t do. With all we say or chose not to say. We create it with the kisses, with the cuddles, the arguments, the yelling, every time we hurt the other, every time we admit a mistake, every time we chose to “keep it quiet”. All that and much more.

We create our relationships all the time.

Not only with the first kiss or with the first hug, or the first night we spend together.

We create it day after day, year after year, decade after decade. And we never stop.

The moment we realise that simple truth magic happens.

We become sculptors of our relationship with the other. We feel strong and powerful. And we feel the meaning of every day with this person and the meaning of every step we do. Together.

So I am not in a relationship. I create my relationship.

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