The Boring Brown Box

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She saw the small brown box the moment she walked out of the elevator. She couldn’t remember if she was waiting for delivery these days, so perhaps it was a mistake. The day was already too long, so she hoped it was not for a neighbour on a different floor.

Her eyebrows raised in a surprise when she saw her name on the label. It was a simple brown box, so light that it was probably even empty. Who would send her aboring-brown_box-monday_motivationn empty box?! There was no other name on any of the sides.

She opened the massive dark wooden door and entered the flat. The heat hugged her immediately, chasing the cold of the winter streets away. The soft light in the hallway and the smell of her new vanilla aroma diffuser made her relax her shoulders for the first time today. She knew exactly what she needs.

While walking through the flat, she unbuttoned her tick green coat and took it off. On her way to the bathroom, she left the boring brown box on the kitchen plot, and the coat – on one of the chairs. A few seconds later the hot water started filling the bathtub. Sweet steam moistened her face and made her stay still for a while, just breathing the first warm thing of this afternoon.

It was time for step two of her self-healing evening. In the kitchen, she opened a cupboard and took a big wine glass from the upper shelf. The shine of the crystal promised her the relaxation she was craving all day for.

There was some magic in watching how the white sparkling wine touched the glass for the first time. The bubbles were chasing each other in a beautiful, unique dance, looking for a way to get their freedom on the top of the golden liquid.

She took the glass, and when it touched her cold lips, she laid eyes on the box. The glass almost didn’t make a sound when she put it back on the plot. She took the box and was again surprised at how light it was. With the help of one small kitchen knife, she cut through the tape and carefully opened it.

A white envelope was the first thing that popped up. There was a small piece of paper in it, and she started reading…

The only sound was coming from the water running in the bath, steaming the walls, waiting for the peach bath bomb to give it a personality. The glass was patiently holding the bubbles and reflecting the soft lights of the small lamps on the ceiling.

Her eyes released the first tier. Just like the wine, the tier caught the lights and spread it on her cheek. She put the paper on the plot and reached to the insight of the box…


The peach bath bomb melted in hot water. The glass was standing proudly on the side of the tub. On the top of the coat was the fluffiest ever dark green scarf and on the kitchen plot the small white envelope was drying its salty paper. The light from the ceiling made the words shine:

“I know today was an important day for you.

But I couldn’t stop thinking that it’s freezing and you probably need something warm.

And I wanted to tell you I still want to take care of you for the rest of my life.

With love…”

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