I Don’t Want To Lose The Magic – Monday Motivation

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It took us one and a half hour to get to the top of the mountain. It took us another one hour to get through the traffic of the city before that.


The cars were roaring on the traffic lights, and the smoke that was coming out of the engines were mixing with the visible exhaled breath of the pedestrians. The cloud was clear, the cold – sharp. It was just before twilight.


The warmth of the car was making me feel relaxed and sleepy, so I leaned my head on the headrest. I closed my eyes, and my senses started telling the story of our journey.


We made left, and I felt the cold window close to my face, the dying light of the day showered my closed eyes. Another traffic lights. Soft music. A song of love and loss.


He lowered the heating, and the buttons made cracking noise that’s awkwardly pleasant for the ears. Right turn and the smell of man and aftershave. My hair tickled my nose. His hand on my knee. Warmth.


By the frequency of the turns, I realised we’re out of the city and going up in the mountain. The gears were changing almost every half minute. Another whiff of aftershave. Silence. Soft song for love and hope.


I opened my eyes to admire the dark mountain’s beauty. The wooden heels were surrounding the city from three sides. No cars. The road was steep and narrow. Relaxed.


We reached the top in a while.


It was already dark, and the lights of the car were the only ones to show us the end of our road. Kiss on my hand. Smile in the dark. Silence.


We went out of the car and got closer to the edge. Cold wind. Fresh air. My chin started shaking. Warm kiss. Comforting hug.


 The city was awake, full of lights and life. Weirdly quiet from a distance. We couldn’t hear the noise, but we could see it.


I placed my head on his shoulder. A whiff of aftershave and a whiff of wood. Song from the car’s radio. Song of love and future. Kiss.




“I don’t want to lose the magic…”

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