Wisdom and Patience (Once Upon a Time…. part III)

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I’ve spent my whole life till now thinking that I don’t need to move from where I am. I thought I’m lucky because I had a friend – The Comfort Tree, and my pink wooden bench… But now I see that there’s so much out there, and I miss so many days to explore it and enjoy it. Sometimes I feel that even if we don’t find the waterfall, I will still be happy exploring everything around.

The Dream paused and Hope sighed. Both of them were laying on the soft ground. It was night. The stars were so many that they looked like thousands of candles spread on the sky. The crickets were singing very quietly, trying not to disturb the thoughts in The Dream’s head.

– And I’ve spent my life exploring, searching, knowing that sooner or later I should find what I look for – Hope whispered – But while I was doing that, I forgot to actually enjoy the road. The waterfall is there, but it’s like the more I crave to reach it, the further I am from it.

– I guess it’s never easy to find the right recipe… – The Dream said

Minutes later both of them were sleeping, the crickets stop their songs, the stars kept smiling on the dark sky, and just a slight wind was moving the air. The change was about to happen.


– Hey, wake up! – Hope touched The Dream’s shoulder and she opened her eyes. – There’s someone coming towards us.

– Who? – The Dream yawned and lifted herself to look around.

Both of them had spent the night next to a small lake. There was no one around last night, but now there was someone or something in the lake. Swimming. Towards them.

– I don’t know who that is. – said, Hope

– But this is… – The Dream went toward the lake and tried to see better. The water was reflecting the bright sunbeams, and it was almost impossible to have a proper look at what was coming. – It’s something very small, though… Oh, it’s … it’s a dog! – The Dream laughed surprised.

– Really?! Oh, yes! – Hope smiled and like a child jumped into the water to help the small animal to go out. – Well, hello, little dog.

I was a small, brown spaniel – wet and funny, with big black eyes. When Hope took him out of the water, the small dog shook the water away, and the flying drops made Hope and The Dream laugh and screamed. The dog started jumping around and playing with them.

Suddenly, they heard a whistling. The dog froze for a second while locating the direction the whistle came from and then barked, started waving its tail and ran away from The Dream and Hope.

– Hey! – Hope shouted – Wait, little friend.

The dog stopped, looked at them and barked again like it was calling for them to join it.

Hope and The Dream didn’t hesitate even for a second and both ran after the small dog. It was waving so hard with its tail, that it looked like the tail is going to fly away.

Just a minute later The Dream and Hope saw an old man, sitting on a bench. The dog got to the old man and started barking while joyfully jumping around him. The old man murmured something, scratched its head and looked at Hope and The Dream.

– I see, my friend found you. – he said

– What’s its name? – Hope pointed to the dog

– His name is Patience – said the old man and both Hope and The Dream laughed

– But he’s anything but patient. – The-Dream said

– Well, he’s still learning – the old man smiled too – I was wondering when you two will find us.

– Were you waiting for us? – Hope sat next to the bench – I’ve only heard of you, but I’ve never seen you before

– Who are you? – The Dream interrupted Hope

– He is Wisdom! – almost whispered Hope

– I am Wisdom – laughed the old man and kept scratching his little friend’s head and ears.

– He knows the road to the waterfall. – Hope proceeded – He will tell us the right direction.

– Really?!! – The Dream came closer to the bench and sat next to Hope – Where should we go then? And if you know the road why aren’t you there yourself?

– Good question – Wisdom laughed – You see, Dream, every one of us has his own path on this place, his own destiny and purpose. Mine is to help others to find the waterfall.

– But I still don’t understand… – Hope said

Well, if I am at the waterfall right now, how will I be able to tell you how to find it? – Wisdom raised his eyebrows and looked The Dream in the eyes.

The old man’s eyes made The Dream gasp. She couldn’t understand why but there was something unusual in his eyes.

– Wow, so that’s why they call you Wisdom –  she smiled – If you are not here, who is going to tell us where to go? Your purpose is to show the right way, not to go on it.

The old man nodded, closed his eyes and lifted his face toward the sun. He was enjoying the warmth of the day with such a pleasure, that Hope and The Dream didn’t want to break the silence. They lifted their faces as well, and the sunbeams gently touched them, warm energy entered their bodies. Even Patience was quiet, laying next to the bench.

The time was passing, and Hope and The Dream felt like Wisdom is never going to speak up, but they felt they should wait.

Finally, Patience impatiently jumped and touched Wisdom’s hand. The old man nodded and said:

– You have to find The Heart.

– Excuse me? – Hope was shocked

– No one can find The Heart! – The Dream almost shouted from the surprise.

– Why do you think that if you didn’t find The Heart, no one else didn’t find it either?

Hope wanted to say something, but The Dream spoke first:

– Because that’s what everyone else says.

– So you don’t look for The Heart because everyone else told you could not find it?

– Exactly!

– Why do you believe other people about what You can or cannot do?

Both Hope and The Dream opened their mouths to say something, but they didn’t know what. He was right, The Dream thought. She, herself, believed that something is impossible just because someone told her they couldn’t do it. Just because her sisters couldn’t find the waterfall or The Heart, it didn’t mean she cannot find them as well.

– Ok – she took a deep breath – How do we find The Heart?

– Come here, child! – the old man got up the bench and put his hands on The Dream’s shoulder.

She looked him in the eyes and finally realised why they were so weird. They were blue like the sky but yellow like the sun; they were full with millions, millions of stars, light and dark; and all that was mixed together as a door to The Universe.

– You will find The Heart by letting The Heart find you. – Wisdom said, fixing his eyes on hers.

After just a few seconds, the old man released her shoulders and sat back on the bench. He started scratching Patience ears again and didn’t look anymore toward Hope and The Dream

They walked away, without saying a word, each one of them was sinking in her own thoughts like Wisdom’s words hypnotised them.

– We will find The Heart by letting The Heart find us… – The Dream whispered before both of them to lift their heads towards the sky.

The first stars started their night show, and the crickets woke up for another song…

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