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11 Secret Benefits of Dating an Introvert

Your new love happens to be a delightful, intelligent, and unique human being… but an introvert! From the cozy blankets and the quiet Saturday evenings to the wild shopping in the oldest book shop in your town – they’ve got it all.

So, what should you expect then? Should you cancel your plans for the next eternity-time, or should you make sure they never feel left out of your social life? Where is the balance, and is there such thing as a balance when it comes to a hard-wired introvert as the other half of the relationship?

What do you get when an introvert enters your love circle?

Today, we share 11 benefits of dating an introvert. Get ready to be wow-ed!

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Why Dating An Introvert Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You?

1. Get ready to be wooed

couple together kissing

No, seriously!

Introverts can easily start writing personalized Shakespearian sonnets for you, should you become their partner.

These shy individuals have plenty of love they want to share with their special someone, which is why they are likely willing to go above and beyond to make you happy.

Introverts enjoy receiving personalized gifts as well, but nothing warms their heart more than giving rather than getting.

Who says that romance is dead and can only be found in Hallmark holiday movies? Dating an introvert can bring you one step closer to living your very own romantic fairytale. 

2. Introvert loyalty is unmatched

Ever heard of the phrase “Loyal like a dog”? Well, even if you say “Loyal like an introvert”, you would still be on the right track.

Most introverts are unmatched idealists, which is why when they fall, they fall head over heels. They can be so loving and loyal that they are actually prone to neglecting their own needs and wants for the sake of satisfying yours.

So please, don’t take advantage of their devotion. Instead, nurture it and appreciate the introvert’s loving nature – it can only pay you back exponentially.

3. Introverts make the best listeners

couple touching foreheads

And no, it’s not only because of their dislike for conversations (though it also helps make my point).

Most introverts are incredibly empathetic and have no trouble relating to others’ feelings and experiences. They are likely to listen to you hard and remember everything you tell them in vivid details – without even needing to write anything down!

You can expect your introvert partner to be fully present in every conversation and give you the support and advice you need most. Talk about saving money on therapy sessions!

4. Introverts are calmer

Even though they are very sensitive, introverts can often keep their cool when conflict arises.

It’s worth noting that they like to avoid conflict when possible, instead of charging head first into it. However, when put in a dire situation, they have the extraordinary ability to focus and think of ways to resolve the commotion quickly and efficiently.

I am an extreme extrovert that panics super easily when put under pressure. I am incredibly thankful to my calm, introverted partner, who is often responsible for talking sense into my head in situations like this. If it weren’t for him, I would be a much more nervous and stressed-out individual. 

5. Introverts have no problem giving you personal space…

couple smiling at each other

…and would appreciate it if you returned the favor.

Your introvert partner would never be clingy and beg for you to take them everywhere with you. They can understand that some time off is actually a good thing and have no trouble finding something else to entertain themselves with.

For an introvert, it’s much more thrilling to hear everything about this event you went to and how much fun you had there, instead of being dragged to it and having a horrible time. 

6. Conversations are more meaningful when an introvert is involved

Introverts don’t do shallow – be it conversations, relationships, or anything else! They prefer to emphasize quality, rather than quantity – which is why you can trust their relationships are always genuine.

Introverts don’t waste their time maintaining contacts which they feel uncomfortable around or don’t like enough to care.

They are people that take their time to get to know someone and open up only after they have deemed their partner worthy. This by itself is a privilege, and you should be honored – I know I was when my introverted partner chose me. 

7. Introverts know what they want and who they are

couple together looking through the window

Introverts take a loooot of time to reflect on what they said, did, and felt.

This results in them being either completely anxiety-stricken or very well aware of themselves. Often, it’s both.

Despite this, it’s good to know that introverts aren’t the type of people who are looking for someone to “complete” them.

They know what they like, dislike, and where their boundaries lie. This is why it’s often very easy to talk to them and have a harmonious relationship, given you are the type of person that can respect their limitations. 

8. An introvert would never find their phone more interesting than you 

Even if introverts dread small talk more than anything, once you get them involved in the conversation, hardly anything can break their focus.

For me, a notorious extrovert, it isn’t easy to get 100% into any given topic. My mind is racing; I get all fidgety and am ready to jump from subject to subject as soon as it’s brought up.

On the other hand, my partner likes to nitpick and ask engaging questions on topics he finds interesting until he has torn it apart and has learned everything there is to know about it.  

9. Introverts have no issue to just “chill”

two hands touching

In today’s busy and stressful world, introverts are the perfect safe haven where you can relax and unwind. They are people who experience life at a slower pace, which gives them enough time to take in the world more meaningfully. They don’t need to rush – introverts know that time is just a concept and have plenty of it to live the life they wish without being held back by societal norms.

This is something I am very grateful to my boyfriend for teaching me – before meeting him, I could never completely relax and “live in the moment”. Now, it gets easier as the days go by. 

10. Introverts are anything but boring 

It’s a common misconception that introverts are boring and unimaginative.

It isn’t fair to rule them out just because they don’t enjoy social events or extreme activities. The truth is that introverts can often suggest date ideas or activities you never even thought about!

Their pleasant company can make anything fun – be it cloud watching, book store browsing, or playing with a laser pointer and a cat! When dating an introvert, prepare to experience a shift in perspective and learn to appreciate the small, seemingly meaningless moments of life. 

11. Introverts are some of the best people you will ever know 

Calm, quiet, and extremely loyal, extroverts are like the rugged, dreamy main character in a romantic movie.

They have an aura that not everyone understands, but those who do appreciate every little thing they do. Introverts have much love and wise pondering to give to the world.

They use their words sparsely, so listen carefully when they talk – you can often take out a lot of their words. If you are ready for the adventure of dating an introvert, don’t forget to handle them with the same love and care they give you. 

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11 Benefits of Dating an Introvert

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