What Is Speed Dating? Fund Ideas To Speed Date Right Now

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Plus some exciting speed dating ideas you didn’t know about

 What is speed dating? The story…

It’s at the beginning of 1998, Los Angeles. Winter. Rabbi Yaacov Deyo invented the Speed Dating to help the Jewish singles to find each other. I would like to imagine it was a bit chilli evening and in the Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Beverly Hills a dozen of men and women tried to find the perfect match over a big cups of hot chocolate… Can’t help it, I’m too romantic.

From that night onto nowadays speed dating gets more and more popular. What is speed dating though? And does it hurt?

The classic idea of speed dating is this: an equal number of men and women meet each other in a coffee or bar, and spend between three to five minutes in conversation with each one of the opposite gender. After that, if the affection between a man and a woman is mutual the organisers give them their contact details. Easy-peasy.


Why is speed dating fun?

what_is_speed_dating-dating_tipsIt is a new way of expanding your options to find someone new or even The One. Let’s be brave, you never know about these things. It takes you out of your comfort zone or the box you’re hiding in and gives you a new perspective.

It saves you time.

Instead of going on ten different dates ten different days, why not to put all of them together, in the same room so you can choose which one is worth to extend.

Three to eight minutes is the standard slot of time you have got with each one of the people you meet. And to be honest, on most of your first dates, it takes about five minutes to find out if he/she is too weird to you. So – time-saving.

Money – Saving

Well, we all work for the money, isn’t it? For £20-£30 you can meet ten different dates. Should I say more?

The Second part

coffee-speed_dating-dating_tipsAnd even if you don’t find anyone you like, there is always a second part of the Speed Dating – the drinks. Most of the organisers say that is the part when everyone is relaxed, enjoy themselves and the real interaction happens. You already met everyone, now is time to see if they’re as fun as they claim.

It’s safer

You don’t go on your own, in a suspicious dark place in the middle of nowhere to see someone you’ve never met before. You do it with another 19 people as well. Just joking.

The event happens in a nice cafeteria, bar or restaurant with a romantic or thematically arranged atmosphere. You don’t give any personal or contact details. If you like someone just ticks the box on your list and on the next day you will have the other’s details. Still, that happens only if the other ticked your box as well on his list. So, if you don’t like someone he wouldn’t have the chance to play sticky around you.

It’s better than online dating

Who knows – Matt, blond and 26 years old could be Harry, hairy all over his body and 59 years old. There is no guarantee for that when everything is hidden behind the screen.

But with the speed dating, you can be sure that what you see is what you get. On top of that – it’s nice to actually look the other in the eyes when trying to see if you match together. Let’s get out of the online world and try to communicate in the old fashion way. Count on your senses, see him, smell him (it’s more important than you think), touch him (just handshaking).

What could you find out for 5 minutes?

five_minutes-speed_datingI know, it is a bit tricky – only five minutes and you have got three brothers and a sister you have to talk about. What about your ex?

Well, that’s my favourite part. You will have to stick to the most important things. The ones that matter to you the most. That is a challenge for you as well, isn’t it? What could be the most important to ask for five minutes? And you have to answer probably to the other’s questions.

Relax, the five minutes are enough to see a few things:

– if there’s any physical attraction;

– does he/she is in the age group that suits you;

– is it fun to talk to him/her;

– do you have anything in common regarding hobbies and passion

Some examples of questions you could ask

It is a bit hard to find out what is the most important thing for you to know.

So, you may want to stay away from the idea for big questions and life decisions. What could be useful for you is the name, the age and the profession of the other.

  • You could ask if he/she is looking for a serious relationship or is here just for the fun of it. You should match on that part, believe me.
  • Try to make some joke, so you can check if the humour is on the level you like it to be.
  • Ask for hobbies or adventures – if you prefer to read a book in front of the fireplace and he wants to skydive every single day of his life, you may feel a bit lonely at some point.
  • Check how romantic the other is – ask what his idea of a good first date is. You could find out a lot about him by the movie, restaurant, bar or outdoors ideas.
  • Stay away from serious topics. There is no point to ask about religion, exes or sharing too personal information – unless there’s something particular you must know. Serious subjects take time and don’t give a chance to get the most out of the speed dating.

Come with a friend


It is a fun way to spend Friday night with your best friend.

Most of all – you’ll have a topic to talk for the next few months and to keep remembering as the years pass. Share the experience. It will make you feel more comfortable than if you were alone. And the jokes before the event will help you relax.

You’re all in the same boat

If you think you’re the only nervous person in that place – almost 20 other people will argue that. Everyone is worried, and half of them are beating themselves they came – just because they’re shaking.

But that is so normal. You’re doing something new and exciting, and the levels of adrenalin are high. That’s totally alright and would be weird if it was not happening. Go out of your comfort zone, try new things – it’s safe, it’s fun, it’s a chance you should take.

Fun Speed Dating Ideas

speed_dating_tips-datingWhat is speed dating nowadays? Many companies evolved the idea in different ways to speed date. The world is changing, our interests too. The more different options to date and to have fun at the same time – the better. With the all that speedy, blind and not so blind thing, the organisers are looking for new ways to keep the singles interacted and help them relax.

If you imagine a dark, dusty cafeteria with scratched wooden roundtables and suspicious people sitting in front of you – couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some of the best funny speed dating ideas that could get you out of your shell.

Speed Dating in silence


party-speed_dating_tips-datingThat was one of the weirdest types of speed dating I found online. The idea is the date to be in silence. The eyes are the window to the soul, and that is the base of the concept. Spending the first few minutes from a date in pure silence and looking into the other’s eyes is an interesting way of trying to see what the other is. And all that happens before he/she gets the chance to speak up and mess the things up. It is an opportunity to connect with people unusually. The party goes on with fun games, drinks and it does involve talking as well.

Quiz Speed Dating

An innovative way to check how smart you are and how bright the person that couth your eye is. Usually, the organisers split you into small groups, and then the quiz starts. The topics are everything you can think of – history, sport, movies, travel. After every topic, the guys change the table. There is no one-on-one time, but the opportunities are still there. After the quiz, there’s a time for drinks and chat as well. And prizes of course. It’s fun; it’s smart.

Pet Lovers Speed Dating



For everyone who has a pet and considers their little friend as an essential part of the relationship, there is Pet Lovers Speed Dating.

You can bring your pet with you (unless it’s a snake!) and mix and match with the others. Who knows, your chihuahua could be able to sniff you around with a big bulldog.

Speed Dating For Chefs

It’s a fun and delicious way to learn how to cook something simple and fancy. The package comes with the opportunities to meet and interact with new people. What can we say – Mm, Yummy?

Vegan/vegetarian Speed Dating

food-speed_dating_tips-datingAre you fed up with going out with people that don’t respect your different choice of diet? Do you feel tired of the weird looks when you ask for meat-free options? Well, that is your way to Speed Dating then. Even if you’re absolutely alright with everything above, it is a refreshing way to talk about your way of living with someone that could understand you. Of course, all that happens over some nice veggie salad and drink of your choice.

Tantric Speed Dating

One of the craziest and fun speed dating ideas. The first part of the Tantric Speed Dating is just talking to the other for three to five minutes. Nothing unusual. The second part though involves some simple touching.. not so intimate as you think. Just hand touching and probably a hug but it only depends on you and your wish. It’s different and a bit adventurous.

Lock and Key Speed Dating

key-speed_dating-how_toYou are the lock, he’s the key, and you have to find each other in the sweaty crowd… not so dirty, please.

Well, Lock and Key Speed Dating is an interactive way to meet more and more people on that different type of event. What is Speed Dating?

At the beginning of the evening, you’re given a key or a lock. Your goal is to find the other person that has the lock for your key or the key for your lock. You get the idea, right? Meanwhile, you will meet and talk to many other people searching for the other half. If you manage to find each other, you win prizes and if you like each other is a bonus. Sounds fun and there’s no way to feel bored or awkward.

Books Lovers Speed Dating



That sounds like my type of dating.

The different companies offer a different kind of Books Lovers Speed Dating, but it’s all about… well, books. Some of the events are strictly thematically and are with fans of one particular book or genre. For example, you could be one of the biggest supporters of Game of Throne  – well, you will find at least another ten people from the other gender that are dying to talk about that as well. Have fun!

Friendly Speed Dating

A bit different type of Speed Dating – it’s all about making friends. Nothing is promising for a romantic way out of the night, but there’s a lot of jokes, drinks and talks. And the idea is just to meet new people and to find new friends.

Please, do share your experience with Speed Dating with us and let us know if it was worth it.

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