10 Crucial Tips For The Second Date You Want to Apply Immediately

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These are tips for the second date you have that will save you, I promise!

Are you nervous about the second date tonight?

Are you secretly praying everything goes as smooth as it was on the first date?

Do you dream that this date would be the beginning of a new love story?

You and I both know:

The second date is even more important! We’ve all been fooled at least once to agree on a second date, right? But after that… we didn’t give more chances to prove to us we should go on a third one.

The second date has to go almost effortless, easy, has to be fun and create a connection between you and him. It has to bring sparkles in the eyes, butterflies in the stomach and a kiss…

Sounds too scary?

I understand.

But I got your back!

These ten priceless tips for the second date are your best-friend-checklist for tonight.

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Don’t lose it!

We already went through the best first date tips if you are fed up with the whole dating game here.

Now it’s time to get things going forward.

First of all:

1. “The spark is there” tips for the second date

Ladies, if he asked you to go on a second date, so he likes you. The spark is there so we can tick that off the list.

Therefore, you don’t have to ask yourself what he thinks about you, if he likes you or if he wants to spend time with you. Yes, he does! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be the one asking you for a second date tonight!

You see, there’s one misunderstanding we, women, have regarding men:

We believe they have hidden feelings and they try to clarify the things on the second date.

Nope! That’s not true.

If he asked you out again, he likes you, and that’s it! Don’t overthink it. No man is going to spend their time with you if they don’t fancy you. As simple as that.

However, it is your job to keep him interested in you, involved in the dating process, eager to learn more about you and impatient to spend more and more time with you.

But before I tell you how you could do that, let’s start with the first things first…

2. How should you greet each other? Let the awkwardness begin Now! 

Oh, those first seconds after you see each other…

Should you politely node to each other, shake hands, kiss… blush?

tips for the second date

If you kissed at the end of the first date, you could kiss again when you see each other. But if you haven’t kissed yet, you may just go for a simple hug. It will save you the awkward moment of wondering how to greet the guy and will provide you with the chance to touch your date. After all, the hug is a universal way to show closeness, it “breaks the ice” and always brings nice positive energy in the body.

You want to hug him, so you could give him a chance to feel you close to him. Men’s bodies answer to a physical touch… a lot! You want to give him this physical moment in the beginning so he could focus on only one thing – you!

This is one of my the most sensitive topics we’ll go over in these tips for the second date.

I often get asked if it’s OK when the girl initiates the hug at the beginning of the second date. Yes, absolutely! You shouldn’t initiate it at the end of the first date, but you have green lights for the beginning of the second one.

3. Where and how? What if he asks you where do you want to go for the second date? Perfect opportunity!

It happens, and it’s totally fine. It means he really wants to make you happy and comfortable.

Do you have to choose the place for the second date?

Choose a place that’s different than the one you went to on your first date.

More importantly, you want to go somewhere where you could trigger his Hero Instinct.

Have you heard of man’s Hero Instinct? It’s proven that the woman who triggers it will be the one he will choose to spend his life with. Moreover, she will be the person he will prioritise in his life and the one he will constantly try to make happy, every day.

The Hero Instinct is the very basic instinct in every man to protect and provide for his woman. A man cannot resist a woman who triggered this instinct. You have to be irresistible. While this was easy to see back in ancient times, nowadays it’s a real challenge to achieve. However, not impossible. Every relationship consultant and therapist will tell you about this hero instinct. It’s the secret to the man’s heart.

Let me tell you below how to make the first step towards awakening his hero instinct with s personal story. Keep reading, and you’ll find out how I triggered my fiancee’s hero instinct on our second date (psst, he proposed to me seven months later).

If you need extra ideas, check my post on 30 best-ever date ideas selected by Reddit. They are perfect for a second date too.

4. Tips for the second date on what to talk about


second date tips for women

You could always try with the topics from your first date at first. You couldn’t go wrong with that and will show you listen to each other last time which is noticeable. Another thing you could do is to ask questions you believe will give you a better view of the other’s personality. Try to find out more about his visions of life, the future.

I’ve got an extremely helpful bundle of 18 important questions to ask a guy on the first date, that you could use for the second one as well.

5. Go Deeper… tips for the second date you shouldn’t ignore

This is one of the most important tips for the second date you should pay attention to. It might guarantee you the third one.

Go deeper…

No, not where you think about! (chuckles)

You have the base from the first date. Go a bit deeper into the topics and see if the other would open up for you.

Let me give you a sneak peek in “His Secret Obsession” – a book you want to get familiar with (we’ll get to it later). James Bauer, the author of the book, gives great examples for conversation triggers you could use any time (even on the second date) and create immediate curiosity in him:

  • “I just remembered the first thought I had when I met you.”
  • “There’s something about you that just makes me feel comfortable. I think I might have just figured out what it is.”
  • “I remember the exact moment I realised I was going to go out with you.”

Do you know what happens when you trigger his curiosity?

He cannot resist but focus 100% on you and what you say at that moment.

We are all fascinated by ourselves and cannot help it. So, when someone says they have just figured out something new about us (something we probably don’t know it’s there) they have our undivided attention.

tips for the second date

6. No exes on the table, please!

second date tips his secret obsessionYou’ve heard many tips for the second date, I bet. It’s very important to listen to that one as well – forget about the exes! They are not welcome on your second date. These few hours are for you two and going into a subject that makes you feel emotional pain or could ruin your mood is not very helpful. Besides, talking about your ex could show you’re not ready for the new relationship and could push your date away. Simply avoid it.


7. Read the signs

Does he look into your eyes when you talk? Does he try to touch you if there’s an opportunity to do it? Do you feel comfortable around him?

Read the signs. There are plenty of body-language signs you could find out if he’s into you or you lost his attention. I will get later to the part to have his attention not only on the second date but on the third and every other date after that.

9. Relax and have fun

The simplest one of the tips for the second date you have tonight. Relax and have as much fun as possible. Do not overthink about anything. Just enjoy yourself and see how things are going.

I left the best for the end, so I hope you stuck around long enough to know…

8. How I triggered my fiance’s hero instinct on our second date.

I already promised you these tips for the second date to be unique, and that’s why I want to prove it to you – they work because I used them with my partner. 

Do you know what’s funny?  I had no clue I’m doing it!

Long story short – every little tip on this blog is inspired by my love story with the most amazing man. The one you want to have by your side too. He will respect you, cherish you, support you, listen to you and always be there when you need him. Isn’t it that what you want and need? Well, my friend, it’s possible, and he exists. I have one of these precious men by my side, and I can guarantee you could have such a breathtaking relationship as well. Just trigger his hero instinct.

On our second date, we went to a cave nearby. I am seriously not joking about this. The place was offering a tour with a boat in the cold, the dark and mouldy tunnel where we couldn’t see further than two meters ahead. Accompany this with the fact we were just four people in the boat, and the tour guide was telling one spooky story after another… you get the picture, right?

I sat close to my future fiancee and told him he is not allowed to move even a centimetre away from me (cold and spooky, remember?). He wrapped his hand around me and pulled me even closer to him. That’s how we spend the next 20 minutes of the tour.

I had no idea; I had just triggered his Hero Instinct! The instinct to protect his woman. Seven months later he proposed to me and we are happily making wedding plans for next year.

Do you want your date with your amazing guy to lead you one step closer to such a happy end?

I am far away from suggesting you google “caves around me” right now. However, I do want you to make a mental note that if you see the opportunity, you should use it. In these tips for the second date, you could see a few ways to do so.

If you want to explore more the Hero Instinct before you start your relationship (that’s the best time by the way), there’s an in-depth video by James Bauer, author of “His Secret Obsession”. Click here to see the video how you could be his new secret obsession.

9. Kiss?

tips for the second date be irresistibleOh, yes! If that didn’t happen last time, there’s a big possibility it’s going to happen now. Men would always try their luck to kiss a lady’s soft lips. All you have to do is to smile and relax at the end of the date. This would encourage him to do the step.

10. Relax and have fun

The simplest one of the tips for the second date you have tonight. Relax and have as much fun as possible. Do not overthink about anything. Just enjoy yourself and see how things are going.

I left the best for the end, so I hope you stuck around long enough to know…

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Find Love! Hold Love! Be Love!

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