11 Toxic Men You Usually Date And You Shouldn’t

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Run as fast as you can if he is one of these toxic men

Mind-blowing emotions are bursting through your body…

Romantic whisper in your ear at the middle of the night…

Cute puppy-eyes that convince you to do… whatever you’re asked to do…

Hot and cold moments you hate but you’re addicted to.

You never know what’s next and that freaks you out.

You feel loved and ignored on the same day.

You feel used and cherished at the same time.

You want to run and yet you crave to come back.

You are going crazy and hate yourself for staying in this situation. With this person. Day after day.

Do you need more?

Did you see yourself somewhere in these situations?

Toxic men!

They always put you on the edge of your life, unsure where to go next and how to proceed.

Love hurts they say, but is it supposed to be so confusing? So crazy? Like in the movies? But… more depressing… and the happy end doesn’t seem so obvious as it is on the screen.

Toxic men could make you feel happy and devastated at the same time with one sentence. Toxic men could lift you up and bring you down so hard that when you hit the ground, you find out parts of you still hang in the air…

It hurts, and you love it. You love it, but it hurts.

“Should I stay or should I go?” is not just a song anymore but your daily mantra.

Up until the sign “He is not the right guy for me!” hits you in the head for a few times, you deny the obvious and stick with each one of the toxic men you have in your life.

Here are the types of men you should avoid dating as they will bring nothing more but confusion and eventually will break your heart.

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11. The Bad Boy – The most toxic of the toxic men

The Bad Boy You Shouldn't Date


He will bring lots of adrenaline in your life.

He will fill your nights with dirty, head-spinning sex and emotions you haven’t imagine you could experience.

The passion will blow your mind and body, and you will be under his spell for a long time.

But he will skip your dates and forget his promises almost every time. He will get into stupid fights and will do illegal things you prefer not to know about. Moreover, he will tell you how sorry he is, blowing the smoke of his cigarette in your face, and you will forgive him. He will promise to change! Because of you! Just give him one more chance!

Please don’t!

10. The Job-free Man

The Job-Free Guy

You know he wants a decent job, right?

And do you think he deserves to work something he doesn’t love?

The best job in this world will come to him one day. And until that day comes, he shouldn’t do something below his level.

He will take loans from his friends, and when they refuse to sponsor him anymore, he will ask you for some cash. You will invest in his future, and he will pay back everything.. one day. You’re just not sure if that day will come in this life or the next one.

9. The Dream-chaser 

The Dream Chaser Guy


We all have dreams, and I believe we all should do our best to achieve them.

But this guy has too many dreams.

Unrealistic goals.

He is 40-something years old but believes he has the undiscovered talent to sing, dance or balances an apple on his nose. 

He hasn’t achieved anything yet, but with you by his side, the world will be amazed by him.

No, the world will be amazed by how blind you are not to see that if he is going to make his dreams come true, he would be already on the halfway there. He would have realistic goals and a decent plan for them.

Leave his dream-land and never look back.

8. The Workaholic

The Workaholic Guy To Avoid

Number 8 of my “toxic men” chart works 15 hours every day, and the weekend is another opportunity to show how much he likes his office, his boss and the papers on his desk.

Of course, you will go on that holiday you talked about weeks ago. But this could happen only after that critical project at work has finished.

Sure, you will go to the cinema, but some other day – today he’s going to work till late.

Dinner together? Not a problem… but let’s do it next week as now he’s under pressure in the office.

Can you imagine your future together? He will probably need a photo of his kids so he could recognise them in front of the school.

7. The Alcoholic

The Alcoholic Guy To Avoid Dating

No, he doesn’t have drinking problems. Just everybody around him is jealous he can drink so much.

The weekends for him will start on Friday afternoon in front of a huge pack of beer and will finish on Sunday evening in front of empty bottles of vodka and whisky.

By the way, he does need these shots of tequila before work so he could properly wake up. Coffee is for kids!

6. Mommy’s Boy

Mommy's Boy You should't Date

He calls her every day and shares his thoughts and emotions.

He already showed her a photo of you.

No, it doesn’t matter you’re on your second date. She will be so happy to meet you. She always cooks for him roasted chicken with potatoes, and probably he will ask you if you can cook it as well.  Well, mommy’s dishes are always better than yours, but I bet you’ll learn how to do things like Mommy one day.

No, he doesn’t look for a relationship. He needs someone to babysit him. Preferably, his Mom!

5. All-night-out Toxic Guy

All Night Out Man

It doesn’t matter what day it is today. If the club is open, you will see him there – as well as many other toxic men around him.

This guy will go to the club even if it’s just for an hour or two. The club is his second home; he knows everyone, and everyone knows him.

Can you imagine yourself home alone while he’s checking if the songs are still the same as last night?

By the way, I dated this type of toxic men once. He was waiting for me to fall asleep and after that, he was going out to the club without letting me know. I would wake up in the morning and he would still be somewhere with friends or sleeping on the sofa because it was too hard to get to the bed.


4. The Cheater

The Cheater Guys To Avoid Dating

Everyone would agree he deserves a place on the list of toxic men to avoid.

It’s hard to recognise the Cheater at the beginning. Usually, we find it out the truth when it’s too late.

But if you caught him once, then you should be aware that there will be the second time as well.

To forgive and move on after being cheated on requires strength and strong will. To build the trust back takes time. If he does it again – you better run. A successful relationship is always based on trust, commitment and respect. If he cannot appreciate you, don’t waste your time with him.

3. The Control-freak Guy

The Control Freak Guy

He has his way to live this life.

And has a vision of how you should live yours as well.

Moreover, he doesn’t stop telling you that. He has to be informed where you are, what you’re doing. He has to approve everything you do before you do it. Why would you trouble your beautiful head to think when he’s always around to tell you exactly what to do? 

If there’s crazy personality among all these toxic men – that’s him! Run! ASAP!


2. Never-keeps-his-promises Guy

He Never Keeps His Promisses
The only certain thing about him is that he’ll not do as he says he will. | Toxic guys

He was going to stop smoking last Monday, but you know how hard that is.

He was going to pick you up at 22:00 but so what if you had to wait another 20 minutes…

You were going to have kids, but now when the time has come for you, he’s backing off and looks stressed!

You can never guess if he will do what he says. If you think a little bit more, the chance is – he won’t.

Would you give your time and feelings to someone who doesn’t respect himself enough to keep his word?

You will always need someone who will stay behind his word and will keep his promises.

But he’s not that man.

1. The Golden Boy

The Golden Boy

He has all the money in the world, and that makes him so cool.

He likes to spend as much as he can. His parents will earn more for him.

Money makes him the best walking man on that Earth.

Everyone around him lives to serve him. Including you, even if he doesn’t act like that.

This one of “the toxic men to avoid” gains popularity lately, so be careful, he might be around you already.

Did I miss someone? Add another one to the list of toxic men you had to run away from, or you had some unique combination of a few different types?

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11 Toxic Types of Guys You Should Avoid Dating

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2 thoughts on “11 Toxic Men You Usually Date And You Shouldn’t”

  1. Jennifer Maxwell

    I feel as though my man isn’t right for me I told someone this morning I wanted to kill myself and my partner said let me help you. And when I lost control of myself He ignored me and didn’t even calm me down. If I’m nice to him he will do for me but when I have my bad moments it’s like fuck you attitude or actions.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with your partner. It truly sounds like he’s been very rude and his reaction – extremely inappropriate. Please, be sure you are with a person who cares about you and wants to see you happy. I would suggest thinking about yourself first and evaluating if he is the right choice of a man for you.

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