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How To Keep Your Man Happy and Interested in You All The Time (20 Ways)

What keeps a man in a relationship with you? What would encourage him to gift you his heart, ask you to be his wife, and press the start button to your “happily ever after”?

I used to think that searching for ways to make a man interested in staying in a relationship with me would be weird and “not my job”. If he wants to be with me, he would, right? Why should I search for ways to please him and convince him he wants to spend his life with me?

And then I realized that’s a bit selfish. While I enjoy all the attention from my man’s side, and I love it when he does his best with me, I must also be aware that a relationship is receiving and giving.

Finding the right way to express love for a man, to make him feel appreciated, cherished, and see his own value is what every woman in love would do.

How to keep your man happy? I’ve got some very useful ideas for you to try, and also, stick around as I will give you a free mini e-book on how men evaluate women.

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How to keep your man in love with you?

happy couple sitting on the ground outdoors

While a few ideas always pop in our heads speaking of man’s simple sources of joy and satisfaction, things could be a little bit more complex than that.

If you ever wondered:

  • What’s going on in his head when you say or do something…
  • What actually keeps him by your side for now, and how to produce more of it…
  • What are the secret ways to keep him in love and happy with you without manipulative moves…

If you ever had any of those thoughts in your head, I must tell you that you aren’t alone. Most women struggle with going out of their comfort zone and being an active part of making their men happy. And if they don’t struggle with this part, they are seriously confused about what ACTUALLY the best way to keep a man happy is.

See below 20 suggestions that in fact work.

How to Make a Man Happy? 20 Ways To Start

1. Open Communication

It isn’t a secret that men aren’t too comfortable with having long conversations (at least most of them). Yet, a three-hour-long talk with him (or TO him) isn’t what I mean when I say “open communication”.

Your man loves it when you are honest about whatever troubles you. He also enjoys having conversations on subjects that interest both of you. But the thing he craves the most about is actually speaking your mind.

You see, no good man wants you to spend hours of your day decoding his words and struggling to understand him. Simplicity and a few extra questions should be enough to put a smile on your face, and if he doesn’t see that smile, he will leave you to deal with it on your own. Sounds harsh, but if you wish to make him feel comfortable around you, honesty and expressing your true thoughts, emotions and feelings is the way.

2. Praise Him Often, Especially When…

The longer a man spend doing something the higher the praise should be. There I said it!

Men evaluate how difficult a task is by measuring the time they spend on it. The longer your guy spends working around the yard, on your car, or fixing something inside the house, the most excited and appreciative you want to be.

Of course, I’m not saying you should fake it. Quite the opposite, see things from his end. He spent a long time focusing on fixing your car, just as you do when preparing his favorite meal or cleaning the house. He might not always praise you for it, but you don’t want to skip an opportunity to praise him. He will return the gesture in his own way, trust me.

Appreciation is one of the love languages Gary Chapman talks about in his bestseller. Too often, men leave a woman simply because they feel she doesn’t appreciate ANYTHING he does for her. Men are providers, fixers of everything broken, and the strong physical power in the house. Praise him for the things he did and see how his eyes sparkle with joy.

3. Learn His Love Language

a woman is hugging a man from behind

I already mentioned this in the point above, but it needs it’s own place this list of ways to make a man happy.

The love language is what makes him feel loved, noticed, and cherished. Appreciation isn’t the only love language, though. There’s also quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch.

Learning what your man’s love language is will solve half of your issues. How?

Have you ever wondered why both partners are usually crazy in love with each other at the beginning of the relationship, but a few months or a year later, they say, “You’ve changed!” It’s too common that partners want to be treated just like they were at the beginning of the relationship, and they think love is gone if they aren’t.

The beginning of every relationship is called “the honeymoon phase”. That’s when the man would buy flowers and gifts, get interested in everything she has to say, and shower him with attention and love. The woman, on the other hand, would be so impressed by that new guy in her life that she can’t stop herself from touching him, telling him how different he is from everyone else she’d dated so far and made the impossible to see a smile on his face.

The Honeymoon Phase is The Five Love Languages

Yes, both partners act in a way that touches all five love languages, and they unknowingly satisfy their partner’s needs for love.

Once hormones are back at their normal levels, both lovers go back to who they actually are most of the time. The guy forgets to buy a flower or a gift; the woman doesn’t mention how different he is from everyone else… The hype is gone.

With time, he starts feeling unappreciated, and she wonders why he never brought those flowers again. Of course, this is just one example, but it can be seen in most relationships. Both partners believe the other doesn’t love them as much as they did before, and the relationship slowly goes downhill. Yet, love is present.

If this sounds familiar, your hidden answer is in the love languages. Learning your man’s love language will narrow down your ideas on how to show him your love and make him happy and interested in staying with you. It will make him crave more of you day after day.

Get Gary Chapman’s book from Amazon or see my review on it here.

4. Learn How Men Evaluate Women

Men evaluate women, and they do it all the time. Don’t panic! Women do the same. We look at the man we date, and we imagine how things would be if we were married. Would the way he treats us now be the same as how he would treat us 10 years from now? Is he going to grow over his obsession with video games? Will he always be so fit and gorgeous?…

Men do something similar. James Bauer, a relationship coach, talks about how men evaluate women in a mini e-book and allowed me to share it with you for free. You could click here to download it immediately.

5. Honesty

Such a simple word, yet honesty is so overlooked by women. We hide things that put us in a bad light because we feel unsure of his feelings. We strive for being perfect when all he needs from us is to be ourselves.

Men are impressed by perfect women just for a few minutes. That awesome image of a woman with no flaws exists in your mind only. Your man needs you to be honest with everything that concerns you, him, or your relationship. He needs the clarity to start loving you for who you are and never blame you for changing later on.

6. Spicy Love Coupons

a man is kissing a womanon her cheek

A little bit of fun could never hurt. Physical attraction and intimacy are so crucial to men, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the same with you or not. Men will always crave that extra naughty idea in your head.

Why not 18 of them? Get your free love coupons for him and spice up the romance in your relationship. You will find everything here: ideas for tonight, fun ways to spend time together hone you are bored, cute new ways to explore each other, and more. Click here to download them.

7. Ask Him This Question

Simply ask him what happiness means to him and work together on it. One of the ways to make a man see your value is to provide value in his life.

Every man has dreams and goals. Do you know what your boyfriend craves? Where does he want to go? Is his career going according to his plan? Does he plan on having a different lifestyle? Support him in achieving his dreams. No man would ignore you if you help him climb to the top of the mountain and conquer it together.

8. Give Him Freedom

We get obsessed with every man in our life. We believe that not seeing him for a day or two means he doesn’t care about us because that is what it would mean if we ignored him for a day or two.

Yet, men function differently. He could go to play a football game with his friends, stay at home and scroll on his phone for hours or just watch TV for three days in a row, and he will still love you.

When your guy needs some alone time, don’t hesitate to offer it to him. He will come back ready to love you even more.

A tiny disclaimer: Be mindful of how often he needs his alone time and how long he disappears. You don’t want him to completely ignore your relationship, as that goes in a different category. Also, be sure he is needing mancave time and isn’t actually pulling away.

9. Be Happy On Your Own

How to make your man happy? Be happy yourself.

Independency is so important in a relationship. Being happy on your own takes away the mental responsibility of your man to make you smile.

Most men feel that it’s their fault if their woman isn’t happy. In some cases, that might be true. In reality, happiness is something that comes from the inside and cannot be forced on the outside. At least, not for too long.

Does he have plans with the guys? Awesome! You get your spa day sorted. He wants to visit distant relatives, and you are still not ready to meet them? Great, now would be a great time to go out with your friends. Why not plan your own self-care day and let him know he could do whatever he pleases? Independency in the relationship is key to its longevity.

10. Trust Him

man carries woman on his back

I know you were hurt in previous relationship. But why making this guy pay for the previous guy’s mistakes?

I see this all the time. When a woman’s being hurt by a man in her life, she starts a relationship with excuses and warnings. She stays away from trusting the new man; she tests him and literally makes him feel sorry he started dating her.

The walls you built because of your ex-boyfriend shouldn’t be impossible to take down by the man you see now. Learn your love lessons, be careful, yet, don’t blame and make him pay for what he didn’t do to you.

A woman’s trust in a man is so crucial as it speaks to his masculinity. He wants to be that trustable and stable guy in your life. Allow him to try at least to prove you no all men are the same.

11. Show Honest Enthusiasm

I already touched on that at the beginning of this list. But again, It deserves to be pointed out. Energy is what attracts or pushes away men.

Your guy wants to see you happy and excited for being with him, for doing stuff together, for enjoying life together. Be honest with your emotions, and if you are happy, just let him know.

12. Romance Him

a woman is gently hugging a man who is cooking

Simply love him and show it to him. Romance him every time you get the chance, and don’t question it if he will like it. With time you will realize that no human being ignores consistent acts of love from the people by their side.

You both might stay away from being overly romantic, yet romance isn’t just about the gifts and the candles on the floor. Romance is in the little gestures of care and attention. It’s in the gentle random touch while passing next to him. It’s in the “How was your day?” question on Thursday evening. It’s in the warm meal and the hug in the morning.

If you are curious to see some ways to bring the romance back, go ahead and check this 14-day relationship challenge I’ve created for couples like you. The challenge presents you with 14 different ways to romance each other for five minutes every morning. It’s so simple, and everyone loves it.

13. Compliment Him

Men will never admit it, yet, compliments go a long way with them. Focus on the things he does well and always be honest when complimenting him. Look him in the eyes and tell him how amazing he was at that family gathering you went on earlier this week. Let him know you are proud walking by his side and mean it.

Did you get your free report on how men evaluate women by James Bauer?

14. Little Gestures Go Further…

Remember how I mentioned random touch and simple care and kindness?

Little gestures done consistently go further than one big thing every month. We, women, get impressed with big gestures and often ignore the little everyday stuff a man does for us.

With men, things are exactly the opposite. He will ignore the huge fight you had last week if you are kind and gentle every day. Yet, cooking his favorite meal and “allowing” him to go out with friends once a month won’t take you far if you treat him poorly and disrespectfully the rest of the time.

15. Be on His Side

man carries woman on his back

Men just adore about the woman next to them when she is on his side no matter what. Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you are out with friends and there’s an interesting discussion happening. You want to be on your man’s side no matter if you agree or not. You could let him know how you feel about the topic later on when it’s just you two.

Yet, when you are out together he sees you as a team and needs you to act as part of a team. And team members support and defend each other no matter what.

16. Back Massage

Who doesn’t enjoy some gentle shoulder rub or back massage? Your man will feel pampered and it requires just a few minutes of your day.

17. Surprise Notes With Messages

In a technology world where chances are you actually met online, a romantic text message could take you long way.

I’ve prepared 50 romantic messages for you, and they are for married couples but easily fit for you too. The only condition is to actually love your man and find the perfect message to speak of that love.

Click here to get your copy of these romantic messages for him.

18. Be Kind and Gentle

happy couple sitting on a bench

There’s one thing that never goes out of trend and always triggers man’s interest towards you – kindness and gentleness.

One of the biggest advantages you have as a woman is the gentle touch, the kind words, the bright smile, and the care in your eyes. It’s just something women rule better than men, no matter what. We are the gender that gives life, and we have a softness that is a huge advantage in the rural man’s mind.

Be kind and be gentle with him.

19. Unknown Destination

I saw this idea on Reddit; I can’t remember where exactly, but it’s so awesome. Have a day of the week (or the month) where you take your man out, and he doesn’t know where or why. It’s called “Unknown destination”, and it’s all about the cement of surprise and excitement from the unknown.

You could get tickets for a favorite show, go to a restaurant, invite friends for a beer on the beach, and so on. The only condition is to plan it by yourself and surprise him with it.

20. More ways to make him happy with you

Do you think these are the only ways to make him happy with you? Of course, there are more. A lot more. A while ago, I wrote these 77 ways to love a husband, and honestly, most of them fit perfectly for your situation too. What’s the situation? Love!

Conclusion on how to make him happy

These were 20 (and even more) ways to keep a man happy and interested in you. Being yourself, relaxing and allowing him to love you, showing appreciation and attention to his needs are just a few to name.

Don’t forget to grab your free report from James Bauer on How Man Evaluate Women and dive into the pool of love and affection with your guy.

How To Keep Your Man Happy and Interest In You All The Time

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.