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Let me tell you something about fairy tales.

Just like every other girl, I’ve always wanted to meet my prince, get married and live happily ever after.

But life doesn’t always give us what we truly want…

Or does it?

Here’s some food for thought.

What if life gives us not what we truly want, but what we believe we deserve?

What if… meeting the Prince Charming never happens unless we believe he exists?

What if… while scrolling Facebook and “thumbs-up”-ing every single bitter love quote we see, we secretly signalise the Universe that we don’t believe in love, in meeting The One and we doubt living happily ever after?

What if… we unknowingly sabotage our own happiness and swiping left or right on our phones, we never give ourselves a chance to … create love?

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What if we stop.


I could tell you to look around, but that’s all we do lately, don’t we?

Instead… Look inside. 

Close your eyes and stare at your own darkness, sadness and anxiety for a while. Don’t be afraid to face them all at once. Don’t fight them to come out. Give them the freedom to make you angry. Cry if you want to. There’s no shame in that. Experience what you fear the most – yourself. 

Let. It. All. Out.

Write Your Fairy Tale Love Happiness

Go over the edge. Jump into the pool of bitter emotions and instead of seeing yourself in every little sarcastic quote… create your own words.

Name your sadness.

Hold your fear.

Hug your depression.

Embrace your pain.

And then… let them go away.

The greatest truth of why we feel anxious and fear to express our emotions is that we don’t know what we are capable of. 

Half of the world tells us to be ourselves, and then the other half advises us to man-up and be strong.

We believe we should choose one of these two paths and impatiently wait for our hearth to tell us which one is going to be.

And we wait.

While waiting, we never realise that our heart wants just one thing and that’s the third path we refuse to take: The loving path of accepting ourselves as strong as we are and continuously expressing this love in every single decision we make.


Let me break it to you…

There is no darkness, only absence of light. 

There is no weakness, only refusing to see the strengths.

There is no fear of something, only lack of belief we could do it.

There is no sadness, only looking away from what could make us happy.

There is no pain, only a choice to hold onto things, people and memories that embrace… darkness, weakness, fear and sadness.


So what about the fairy tale? What about Prince Charming?

Someone told me that if you want to find the person you want to be with, you should look for him on the places that person would live.

If you want to meet someone who holds your back, respects you, accepts you, supports you and loves you unconditionally… why do you refuse to create this place for yourself?

Build it. All you have to do after that is invite that person in and write your story. 

They say it’s stupid to believe in fairy tales. Yet, a fairy tale doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems. Instead, it means there is enough love to see them and put the work to overcome them. 

I believe in fairy tales. Because I live in one. And I want to help you create your own fairy tale and live happily ever after in it.

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