To The Cheating Husband Who Doesn’t Know What To Do

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This post won’t be easy to read and won’t be polite. It’s an emotional appeal to someone I know and who is cheating on his wife.

Unfortunately, it is not my job to make things right or to interfere in the situation.

But it disturbs me and I hope by expressing my emotions here I can just let go after that. That’s the best I could do.

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Dear Cheating Husband,


Leave them!

I know you aren’t happy in your marriage. That’s why you cheat.

I know you feel disconnected from your wife. That’s why you connect with the other woman.

I know you feel less of a man when you are in your home. That’s why you search for a woman who embraces the man in you.

I know that everyone says it’s your wife’s fault too. She pushed you away so many times that you stopped trying and found another woman. One who will never push you away. And then you found another one. And then another.

You do it for years.

I want to say you are a bad person, but you aren’t.

I want to say you are confused, but you aren’t.

I want to say you live in a lie… and you do.

You lie to your wife, that you are faithful and every time you lay down next to her, you stab in the back the woman you swore to protect from pain.

Your lover thinks you like her, but you only use her… in every way.

Yet, the biggest lie is the one you tell yourself.

You lie that what you do is necessary. You tell yourself, that’s how you keep your marriage going. You insist you are just a weak man and cannot resist. But I can see that you are powerful enough to make it happen. And I believe you are powerful enough to make it stop.

And you hurt.

Your heart is bleeding and you live in torture. Your conscience screams at you in the middle of the night. You look in your child’s eyes and you know you cheat on her as well.

And it will never end.

Every time you step into the other woman’s home another unforgivable sin drops like a stone on your back. Every time you touch your wife with the same hands you touched the other woman, a scar of shame appears on your soul.

Dear Cheating Husband,

Leave them!

It might be your wife’s fault she doesn’t want you in her bed, but it’s your fault you accept it.

Finish destroying what’s already broken.

Give her a chance to find someone who will know how to make her want him.

Let her find her happiness even though you will never find yours.

Show your child she shouldn’t look for a guy like you…

But I guess if you have to be an example, you chose to be a bad one…

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