50 Jaw-Dropping Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend or Wife!

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Does Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend or wife sound like torture you are unable to go through right now?

Do you plan on waiting for the last week before 14th of February to try and scoop something out of her – what would she like, what she expects?

I get it!

You want to make her happy, and you really want your Valentine’s Day gift for her to surprise her, awe her and make her feel special.

Let me help you then!

In this post, I will show you 50 Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend or wife.

But that’s not all!

I will separate them in small categories, so you could actually find out what would fit your girl the best.

Does she cry in romantic movies? I’ve got the perfect romantic gifts for her that will bring tears of joy in her eyes.

Does she love to paint?

Maybe she is into photography?

She probably loves planning and making lists around the house?

Does she always have a book in her purse?

Is she a musician?

Maybe she spends hours on Youtube watching makeup tutorials?

I’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all of these amazing ladies.

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And even more…

Let’s get to work!

valentine's day gift for girlfriend

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend or Wife


Each one of the next gifts for her will melt a woman’s heart, and if your lady loves romantic moments, craves for candles and soft kisses, this is your section.

Beauty and The Beast Enchanted Rose

This one is classic, and every girl will absolutely love it. It’s romantic, has a beautiful meaning and represents your endless love for her. You know, red roses were always a symbol of passion and deep feelings. You could try and find a company around you that sells real roses in a dome. However, if you’d prefer your girl to enjoy the rose and its representation for a long time, here’s a great Enchanted Rose I found on Amazon. High quality and looks magical.


Romantic Explosion Box With Your Memories

If you’ve been together for a while, you probably have hundreds of photos gathering dust on your phones. I bet you forgot most of them already. However, if you go through them, you will very soon start smiling, and in a minute or two, you will realise – you had some fun and amazing moments together. Therefore, my next suggestion for a Valentine’s Day Gift for girlfriend or wife is this Romantic Explosion Box. It looks like a normal box, but one the ribbon is gone it unfolds in tens of layers, full of photos of two of you. How exciting would be to see her face while this happens?

romantic explosion photo box valentines day gift for girfriend

What I Love About You by Me

This is another classic for St. Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Do you know why it’s a classic? Because it actually brings tears into her eyes. Who wouldn’t love to have a full book dedicated o things the other loves about them? We love having something like this around us and going through it when no one’s watching, trust me! On top of that, you will have to spend some time filling the book which will make it so personal and special. Have a look at it!

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Cutest Couple’s Pillow Cases

Next are a few suggestions for pillowcases. Don’t sound romantic enough? Just have a look at them below:


Essential Romance In a Box – 14 Pieces

If you plan a romantic Valentine’s Day evening, set the mood on a special level and awe your lady, then this essential box is made for you. It comes with everything you need to romance your lady – candles, silk rose petals (reusable), tea light holders, bubble bath bombs, rose soaps and many more things. The product has awesome reviews on Amazon, and I believe it’s all you need to make your evening unforgettable.

Personalised Canvas Form Your Wedding Day

Looking for a Valentines Day gift for your wife? Celebrate your wedding, create another memory related to it by printing your wedding photo on a high-quality canvas?

shop on Amazon

Romantic Spa Set


The last one of my romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend or wife is this romantic Home Spa Set. You know how girls are dying for some spa procedure bubble baths and soaking moments, right? This little box will give her the exact experience at home. And who knows… you might be a major part of the experience too… 😉

Extra Secret Tip: If you are ever unsure what type of fragrances your girl loves, just have a look at the bathroom and check the fragrances of the most used products. She loves them not only because they do the job, but because of their aroma.

spa set valentines day gift for girlfriend


 see this product on Amazon

Essential Oil Diffuser

You can’t go wrong with this Valentine’s Day Gift for your girlfriend. She will love this essential oil diffuser.

 see the item on Amazon

shop on Amazon 

Did you have enough roses, petals and romantic stuff? How about getting more intimate with the gifts?

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend or Wife


Kinky Coupons For Her

Twenty-four love coupons will be more than enough to make both of you naughty and happy. Spicing up your love life is something to look forward to in the cold night of February, don’t you think? They are small, fun and full of ideas on how to spend the evenings, keeping you busy all the time.

kinky sex coupons valentines day gifts for her

Exclusive Grown Up Game for Couples


This could be the perfect gift for you two on this Valentine’s Day, especially if you are still in the phase of getting to know each other. The game contains 300 cards with different questions and challenges, some of them – naughty. Click to see it.



123 Frisky Fantasies and Foreplay Ideas

Great way to cross many limits in your relationship have some handy ideas and spice up your love life. If you’ve talked about trying new things in the bed, then this book could help her be more confident in it by simply choosing what she wants to try. Make sure you check it on Amazon.


Well, it’s exactly what it says.  These playful checks are fun and easy to use. It comes with different options to chose from, keeps you excited all the time and makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for your lady.

Gorgeous Lingerie for Her

If you are confident enough about her size, you could always get her lingerie. A woman will always appreciate it and enjoy it. Why not go the extra mile and chose a roleplay uniform of your choice (like this one). Once she sees the gift, it will be easy to realise what to do with it.

Silk Pijama

I promise, you will like this one when you see it. And your lady will love it – it’s so soft…

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Hobby Related Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend or Wife


If you want your Valentine’s Day gift for her to be something more useful and personal, something that will wow her, keep it related to her hobby. Her hobby is the one thing you can’t go wrong with because she will love everything related to it. So, what’s her hobby? Let’s point out some of the most popular ones with ideas on what to get her.

When Doing Her Make Up and Buying Jewelry is Her Hobby

Yes, it happens. If your girl loves doing her makeup, watches Youtube makeup tutorials every day and has tonnes of little accessories, necklaces and earrings… check out the next few suggestions for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Jewellery/Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organiser or Jewelry Organiser, it’s up to her how to use this box. It’s big, has three drawers which mean lots of space for all of her little pieces laying around the room. The packaging is transparent, so it’s easy to see if what she needs is inside.


makeup jewelry organiser valentines day gift

More Jewelry Organisers

I wouldn’t recommend you getting her any makeup products, but even if I did, you wouldn’t do it. However, a jewellery box is a product almost every girl out there needs and will love, even if she has two bracelets. Therefore, I will link below all of the beautiful jewellery or makeup boxes I  found on Etsy or Amazon. Make your choice.
see the product on Amazon



makeup organiser valentines day gift

see the product on Etsy

 makeup organiser gift

see this product on Etsy

 see it on Amazon


Book Lovers deserve a Valentine’s Day gift as well

If your lady is a book lover, then my next seven suggestions will make her happy. The books I will list below are love novels, classics she will enjoy reading and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The History of Love

A great love novel, heart-melting and romantic story. Worth the reading. I’ve got a huge paragraph quoted on one of my Monday Motivation posts you could see here.

see on Amazon 

40 Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

This book is one of my favourite books ever. I’ve read it so many times; I lost the count. Always could find something new and something different. A classic, sold in millions of copies worldwide. An amazing gift for every romantic soul.

 Shop on Amazon


Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks

If you haven’t heard of Nicholas Sparks, then you’ve probably heard about The Notebook and Last Song? Well, that’s the same author who makes every woman cry when reading his love stories. His books melt our hearts and make us dream and love even more.

see it on Amazon 


shop on Amazon 

see on Amazon 

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And Then You Loved Me by Inglath Cooper

Unlike the rest of the book I recommend, I haven’t read this one. However, it sounds intriguing, and it’s on my “to-read” list. Has great reviews on Amazon and could be your perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lady.


check on Amazon


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Another classic you need to pay attention to if your partner is a book lover. A great love story has a movie adaptation and unforgettable.

shop on Amazon 


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Gift Ideas For Music Lovers – A Cute Mug

 This cute coffee mug will make her smile and will brighten her day for months ahead. I am not a musician, but obviously, This Is A Sharp, Not A Hashtag…#

Ceramic Coffee/Tea Mug

This mug is truly adorable and will be her favourite one, I know it. It’s handmade which makes it even more special and unique, keeps the beverage hot, and it’s so stylish. It’s the best Valentine’s Day gift for her if she’s a music lover. Plus, the lid could convert into a coaster, which is like 2 in 1, right?


 Music Box Valentine’s Day Gift

This gorgeous Crystal Music Box plays “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, and it’s one of the most popular gifts for a wife on Amazon. It comes in a beautiful gift box, it’s engraved with the word Love, and it plays up to three minutes.


 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Photography Lovers


Adorable Keyring I Shoot People

This little keyring is fun and beautiful. “I Shoot People” is stamped on top of it and makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her if she… well, shoots people, right? Plus, it’s cheap and could be as combined with something romantic.

photography lovers valentines day gift idea

Click, Flash, Edit, Repeat T-Shirt For Her

Alright, this t-shirt is perfect for absolutely every travel-lover, but every photography addict will turn it into their uniform when out for a shooting session. The great thing about it? It’s handmade, and that’s always a better option. If you are unsure about your girl’s size, have a look at two or three of her t-shirt to be sure you chose the right one. If you have to decide between a smaller or bigger size, always chose the bigger one. The shop owner of this Etsy Store offers plenty of different designs if you don’t like this one.

click flash edit repeat tshirt valentines day gift for girlfriend wifevalentines day gift for girlfriend wife shootingt shirt valentines day gift ideas


Inspirational Camera Necklace For Her

A beautiful and hand stamped necklace with an inspirational message “Capture Life” will be the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift for your girlfriend or wife. It contains so much beauty and love that it will bring tears in her eyes. Plus, it comes in a gift box, so you don’t have to worry about the packaging at all.

photograph hobby valentines day gift for herVintage Camera Print

Have you thought about giving your lady a beautiful painting with the thing she’s most passionate about? Like this watercolour print for example? It’s so feminine and gentle, just like your girl, right?

watercolour print camera gift for her

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Girl Who Loves Planning Stuff


If your lady walks around with a pen and a notebook half of the time, if she works in an office or spends hours on Youtube watching Plan With Me videos, then the next few suggestions could be your perfect Valentine’s Day gift choice.

Personalised Leather Organiser Agenda

This amazing soft leather organiser is a perfect choice for your Valentine’s Day gift. It could be customised, it’s handmade, and you could choose out of 18 different colours. Your lady’s favourite colour is there, I bet. It also has a big pocket for notes, a pen holder, a big back pocket and 100 pages (200 sides). Could it get any better than that?


leather organiser agenda planner valentines day gift for girlfriend

Refillable Leather Journal

If your girlfriend or wife loves writing, this refillable leather journal will be the perfect thing she will receive this year. It comes in the two most popular colours – black or brown and comes with 100 or 200 lined pages. Did I mention it’s free shipping in the US?


refilable planner gift for her


Me & My Big Ideas Planner

This happy planner has an expandable system and works great for everyday use. It comes with monthly and weekly pages – something every fan of planning loves. The bright colours set up the mood and bring smiles. Is that your Valentine’s Day gift for your planning girl?


Fitness Goal Journal

Is your girlfriend into fitness and weight loss? Maybe she follows certain fitness program and diet? In this case, the fitness planner will be a great helper in tracking her progress. Give her the extra motivation she needs at the beginning of every year, and she will fee supported and stronger than ever. It’s specially designed for ladies and could be personalised.

fitness planner valentines day gift

Appointment Planner

A beautiful and very girly appointment planner for her. Your lady will carry it with her all the time from the moment you give it to her. It’s a small size, so it will be easy to fit in her bag.

pink planner

Gifts for Gamers


Fun Underwear for Gamers

These fun undies ill make your girl happy. First of all, a girl always needs extra underwear. Second of all, it’s game related; it’s kind of naughty and it’s something only you could give her. Are you in?


gamers gift valentines day

Candy Crush Socks For Her

These fun socks are a great addition to your Valentine’s Day gift for your games-loving girlfriend. She will laugh and you will receive a kiss… and Do Not Disturb hint very soon. 😉


candy crush socks gift

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Hikers


Our Adventure Book

Have you seen Pixar’s movie Up? Of course, you have. So, you remember the lovely Adventure Book from the beginning of it? How about getting it as Valentine’s Day gift for your girl? It’s romantic, and if she’s a fan of travelling and hiking, then this would be a great way to keep the memories. It comes in a gift box also, so don’t miss out on something so thoughtful.

 Hike More, Worry Less Mug

I love the design and the idea behind this mug. Made of stainless steel and packed with love, this could be your best choice for a Valentine’s Day gift for your lady. The seller has more design which could please you even more, so make sure you check the store.


mug hiking adventure valentine's day gift for girlfriend


Personalised Mountain and Compass Charm for Her

If you are looking for a more romantic gift but connected to your partner’s hobby, this little charm is a great option. You could even add her birthstone as an extra charm. Don’t raise your eyebrows, girls love things like charms and birthstones, even though you have no clue what’s all the fuss about.

necklace hiking love valentines day gift

Hiking For Her Necklace

Another feminine and beautiful necklace is this one. “Not all who wander are lost” is a great way to support your girlfriend’s hobby and give it a different meaning. It’s romantic and thoughtful.


wonder hiking gift for her valentines day


Share which one of these Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend or wife you chose your lady. Check our shop for more ideas.

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