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11 Early Signs Of A Good Relationship

Is he the right guy for you? How many times in the last few weeks have you asked yourself if this is real? Is it possible for a relationship to be so good, healthy, and fulfilling as is yours?

If your previous relationships were toxic or simply unhealthy, you might be feeling a bit weird having a partner who communicates his feelings, trusts you, and respects you. Therefore, you want to be sure this isn’t just a dream, and your relationship has the potential to be a long-term thing.

Today, I share 11 early signs of a good relationship that will convince you that you and he are great together. Relax, love him and nurture what you two have.

1. You can spend time apart

In many cases, when people get too consumed in the relationship, they lose their sense of self-identity. Their whole personality becomes a relationship, and they feel like they’re no one without their partner. But that isn’t necessarily healthy. In fact, it’s most definitely a toxic behavior. 

If you’re able to spend time apart and be totally fine with it, then you’re in it for the long run. You need to remember that spending time on your hobbies or going out with your own friends without your partner is actually crucial for the relationship. 

Also, if you notice that he’s not spending enough time without you, push him to do so. It might seem unnatural, but trust me, it’s the right move. He’ll thank you later.

2. You sometimes argue

There’s a myth going around that happy couples don’t argue. And while you may not like to argue with your significant other, it probably happens sometimes. But did you know that arguing may be good for the relationship? In fact, having small fights every once in a while will create a positive environment to communicate your needs.

Couples that argue sometimes experience growth easily. It also creates a positive environment for them to learn about each other’s motives. Often it also saves the relationship instead of destroying it. 

So how do you know if your relationship is going well? You have healthy arguments every once in a while. And how do you know if your arguments are healthy? Well, that depends entirely on your ability to solve the conflict. This brings us to our next point. 

3. You resolve conflicts 

When you’re arguing, it’s important to pay attention to how you resolve your conflicts. You should be able to work it through together. If you both take accountability for your own actions, then you’re dealing with it the right way. There should be no name-calling and disrespectful behavior when you’re fighting. 

And the most crucial aspect of resolving conflicts is forgiveness. If you’re able to forgive each other and yourselves for making mistakes, then your relationship is likely to last. 

4. You have healthy communication

When the relationship is still fresh you should pay extra attention to the way you communicate. Having healthy communication is one of the most significant qualities of a good relationship. Clear and direct connection is a sign of a solid relationship, and it’s the building block for the ones that last. If you can be honest with your partner from the very beginning, this means that he’s receptive to your words.

It’s also common that people have different communication styles. Some are good at expressing themselves verbally, while others find it challenging to speak up. So if your communication manners match from the very beginning, then you’re likely to last.

5. You’re physically intimate

There’s usually a lot of passion early in the relationship. It almost seems like you can’t keep your hand off each other. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes you like the person, but it just doesn’t seem to work when it comes to getting intimate with each other. There’s not always chemistry, and it appears that staying just friends makes more sense. 

So you usually find out if you’re compatible at the beginning of the relationship. If you kick it off right away, then that’s an early sign of a good relationship. And if not, you should think twice before you move on with the person.

6. You talk about your future together

The conversation of “Where is this going?” is always tricky. If you pop the question too early then you might scare the person. But if he’s the right one for you it should come quite naturally. Being able to talk about your future together is one of the most apparent signs of a healthy relationship. 

Now, I’m not saying that you should discuss marriage and kids from the very beginning. I’m simply suggesting that knowing what your partner’s intentions with you are is important. Even if it’s about the near future, like your next trip, you should be able to communicate that early on.

Guys that avoid conversations about the future are usually scared of commitment. We have a whole article on the topic, so if you want to know more about it, you might want to check it out.

7. He’s not afraid to commit

How do you know if your relationship is off to a good start? Well, one of the earliest signs is the ability to commit. For a relationship to flourish, it’s important that both you and your partner want to stay together long-term. In fact, the number one factor in relationship satisfaction is that your partner is committed to the relationship.

If your partner puts effort into meeting your needs, notices when you need to talk, and essentially wants to commit as much as you, then he’s a keeper. But if he prefers to spend time alone or with friends, doesn’t respond to your calls and texts, or doesn’t want to open up to you, then he’s scared of commitment. If that’s the case, then I’m sorry to break it to you, but your relationship probably won’t last.

8. You’re both emotionally available 

Being emotionally unavailable is common among men. However, that doesn’t mean that all women are ready to open up from the very beginning. We have all been through heartbreak which made us more careful when we meet someone new. It takes time to be vulnerable again, and when it happens, it should be with the right person. 

And when you meet the right person opening up should come quite naturally for both of you. Well, fear of rejection is usually still there. Nevertheless, being genuine with your feelings is important. So even if you still find it challenging you should make effort into being emotionally available. And you should receive the same in return.

9. You trust each other

Needless to say, trust is essentially what makes the relationship move forward. Without trust, you create a blockage, and you’ll find it hard to build a healthy relationship. You should be able to trust each other from the very beginning of the relationship. 

Many people say that trust is something that you gain with time. But in a good relationship partners trust each other without having to prove themselves. 

10. You can be yourself around him

Being in love with a person means that you like them for them. Partners in a good relationship should feel confident to be their true selves when they’re together. So what does the beginning of a healthy relationship look like? Being genuine and authentic around each other.

If you’re in a relationship, but he’s trying to change you, or he dislikes many aspects of your character, then he probably doesn’t like you for you. Maybe he’s in love with the idea of the relationship but not with the person.

11. Your intuition tells you he’s the one

I’ve always believed that women have an incredibly strong intuition. If your gut feeling is telling you that there’s something wrong, you should probably trust it. Actually, some scientists say that when you have “butterflies in your stomach,” it’s a sign that you feel anxious when you’re with the person. 

Personally, I think it means that you simply like the person a lot. However, if you feel like you should stay away from the person regardless of how things are going with them, you should listen to your intuition.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.