Improving Yourself At Home | 365 Self-Development Tips Part 10

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30 Ways to improve yourself at home

Improving yourself in the times of uncertainty and fear for the future is probably one of the last things you worry about lately. 

Yet, it should be first.

At the time I write this post, we are in the middle of lockdown, and whatever you live, you’re most likely experiencing the same.

Mass panic and fear for the future, people get laid off of their work, trapped in their homes and showered with information that only stresses us more and more.

I went through a major panic attack just two weeks ago because of the situation right now. I haven’t been out of my house for the last three week,s and I guess I won’t be out for at least another three weeks.

So, this part of the 365 self-development tips will be dedicated to two things:

  • personal growth ideas when you’re at home;
  • self-care tips to help keep you sane.

Improving yourself at home when you are bored

What are the 365 self-development ideas?

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This is Part 10 of 365 self-development ideas – a 12 series – one each month, of ideas, habits and ways to change your life, be your best self and create your happiness.

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30 Ways to improve yourself at home

As I already mentioned, all of the tips below are closely related to things to do at home when you’re bored.

Many of you are probably stuck at home and wonder what to do. Here are 30 good ideas to consider.

1. Start a home garden

Garden on the balcony

It really doesn’t matter if you live in a house or a flat – starting a garden is easy, and lately, it’s kind of the smartest thing to do. Many people have gardens on their balcony – you could do it too. 

My fiance and I live in a house, and a few weeks ago, we planted some salats and herbs. I can’t wait for them to grow. This week we’d like to plant some onion and carrots. What would you plant?

2. Learn a new skill

Now is the time to learn a new skill. Is it going to be work-related or a hobby? Maybe it’s something that will help you make extra money someday?

3. Listen to podcasts

Listen To Podcasts when bored at home

It’s easy to spend your days in front of the TV. It feels like the days are miles long, and you’ve done nothing worth mentioning. Well, listening to podcasts will distract you from the grey reality and help stimulate your brain.

4. Have a TED Talk marathon

If you have a favourite topic, I can bet there are at least 5 TED talks on it. Dive in.

5. Mandala colouring books

It’s a type of meditation, but without the closed eyes and deep breathing. However, these colouring books help you de-stress, relax your brain and boost your creativity.

6. Bucket list for the next five years

Creating a bucket list for the next five years

By having so much time on your hands, sit down and create a bucket list for the next five years. You’re probably full of ideas on what you wish you’re doing right now instead of staying home and waiting for yet another day to come and go by. List these ideas and see what it would take you to make them a reality.

7. Create a No-Time List

We all have things that just pile up around us, but we never seem to find time for them. Create a list of these things and start ticking them off. 

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8. Things To Do When I’m Bore List

You know better than me what are the best things to do when you’re bored. You might come up with ideas no one else has thought. What would you write on that list? What are your best things to do when you’re bored at home?

9. Learn to draw

Besides that it’s fun; drawing is a way to redirect your negative thoughts and energy and healthily express them. A drawing might represent the world around you or the world within you. Try some of the free courses on Skillshare to teach you how to draw.

10. Learn how to be productive

Yet another thing to learn, you’ll say.

That’s correct, but now you have the time to do it without sacrificing your job, your time with family or your busy schedule out of the house. 

Learn how to increase your productivity and organise your life. Learn how to prioritise in a way that will allow you to fit all important things in your life finally and keeping you mentally healthy. Check this excellent resource for more information.

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 

11. Go to sleep

Yes, finally go and catch up with your rest. Sleep as often and as much as you need. It helps you reduce stress, it stimulates the production of dopamine (the happy hormone), and it’s simply the thing you’re deprived yourself of for too long.

12. Try new things in the kitchen

Trying new things in the kitchen

Find your inner chef and let him thrive in the kitchen. Your meals are going to be healthier, your family – happier, and you will do something that truly matters.

13. Help someone in need

Someone out there needs you. Right now too many people who struggle to have a normal life. Help people.

14. Reduce the news

That’s one of the most important things you could do for yourself. I already mentioned that I had a major panic attack that lasted for a full day, and it wasn’t fun at all. Just before that, I was spending hours watching news or reading news online. After the panic attack was gone, I decided it’s time for a change. 

I rarely watch any news now. I get the basic information I need, and I change the channel afterwards. I suggest you do the same.

15. Switch off your phone for a day

Away from any phones and enjoying life while at home

Try to distance yourself from your phone for a full day. See what else you could do. Just 20 years ago we were living our lives just fine without any phones. Now, we cannot imagine an hour without these little machines. We became too dependant on them. See what other options life offers if you didn’t have a phone.

16. Fix something around the house

17. Find a new project around your house

Paint a room, move furniture around, change the decoration. It’s always nice to create a change in your home.

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18. Deep clean your home

19. Call your friends and ask them how they feel

Be thoughtful with your friends. They might feel as stressed as you. Just call them. Improving yourself means also improving your relationships with your closest people.

20. Focus on the positive

Find the positive in every situation and smile

List all the benefits of you staying at home. There are good things in staying home for so long. What are they?

21. Play Sudoku

It’s a problem-solving game you want to get used playing. I start my days with Sudoku, and it helps me wake up my brain. 

22. Practice self-care daily

Practice self-care even if it’s just doing your nails at home or drinking a cup of tea without any distractions.

23. Create a happiness journal

Create your happiness journal

Collect quotes that make you feel good, motivated and help you grow and think more positive. Write them down in a journal.

24. Reflect on your life

Now is the time to reflect on your life, find your new purpose, explore options and opportunities, make plans.

25. Create a morning routine that works for you

Maybe you didn’t have time to think of the best things to do in the morning so far. You have that time now. Style your new morning routine and start practising it. 

26. Prioritise smart

It’s easy to get lazy and distract yourself with thousands of other stuff. Prioritise smart.

27. Work on your personal relationships

Work on your relationships with your loved ones

Talk more with your family, spend quality time with your partner; find new ways to be romantic together

28. Spend quality time with your children

Let’s stop complaining about how awful it is that we’re trapped with our kids in the same place for longer than two days. Appreciate what you have and enjoy it as the reality you’re upset with is someone else’s dream.

29. Stay healthy and positive while improving yourself

30. Now is the time for everything

Now is the time to sleep, learn, pray, talk, dream, rest, cook, read, write, create, play, fix, sing, hold hands, give kisses, open your heart, live and love.

It’s now.

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Improving Yourself While at Home | Self-Development Tips

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