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25 Self-Care Products To Help You Prioritise Yourself

Self-Care Products To Help You Discover Your Happy Self

Self-care products shouldn’t be just a luxury you reach for when you feel at the bottom of your life. 

They’re the essential products you want to use every day to help you never reach that bottom. 

I’ve got a comprehensive list of self-care products to help you stay focused on yourself, improve your self-love and work on your self-esteem.

Ready to start feeling better?

Self-Care Journals To Get Deeper Into Your Mind

Self-care journaling is something that became more popular in the last few years. More and more people realise that brain-dump, gratitude journaling, bullet journaling, habit tracking and more, are great ways to stay focused on your physical and mental health.

That’s great for all of us who love being surrounded by paper and books. If you’re one of us, I’ve got a magical selection of self-care journals to help you decide where to start from.

1. Zen As F*ck: A Journal for Practicing The Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t

This gorgeous journal will help you create a little bit different outlook to the world around you. As the author says, when quiet meditation and peaceful mantras don’t work, reach out for this little journal. Awesome customers reviews, thousands of copies sold, an absolute bestseller on Amazon, this self-care journal is your simple guide to how to be Zen As F*ck.

See the journal on Amazon

2. Present, Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You Are

Colourful, exciting, thought-provoking and simply gentle self-care journal that will help you focus on yourself for a few minutes every day. Full of different activities, tasks and awesome quotes, this little book is for ladies who just want to combine their creative side with self-care. What I love the most about this journal is that you cannot get bored with it, plus, it’s so pretty that you almost don’t want to start using it. Almost. 

Click here to see what’s inside this self-care journal.

3. Self-Care Playbook from Etsy

I love Etsy’s products, mainly because the creators on the platform put heart and soul into their products. As it is with this self-care playbook. It’s a beautiful mindful journal, self-care planner that taps into your spirituality and intuition and helps you stay focused on looking after yourself.

See the gorgeous pages here.

4. Self-Care Planner by ShineSheets


I follow Amber’s work on ShineSheets for, a while, and I’m stunned by her creativity, sensitivity and quality of the digital products she creates. She has awesome self-development bundles, but the one I’d like to offer you today is her Self-Care Planner. It’s a digital planner, which means you could put your hands on it in a matter of a minute after getting it. With this bundle, you get to organise your self-care routine for mind, body, skin and hair. You also get self-care trackers, to-try list and much more. If you’re looking for quality self-care journal on an affordable price, this is your best choice. 

See what’s in it here.

5. Instant Download Self-Care Planner

This gorgeous downloadable self-care planner is on Etsy. It includes gratitude log, one thing a day for self-care, happy list, sleep tracker, mood tracker, wellbeing tracker and much more. The thing I love the most about this tracker is that it comes in different files so that you could print it A4, A5 or letter size. That’s great as it could fit your needs no matter what they are.

See what else is inside this self-care planner.

Self-care books to discover your soul’s secrets

Self-care books are a fantastic way to help you discover yourself through the eyes and stories of other people. One of the books that helped me the most to find myself and learn to care for myself was actually a novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, but there are many more inspirational books you want to go through this year. 

I’ve selected 5 self-care books to list here, but if you’d prefer novels that touch your soul and change you, head over to this list of inspirational books every woman should read in her life. 

6. The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide To Self-Care: Do Less, Achieve More and Live the Life You Want

This book teaches you how to find the time and the energy to look after yourself. Because if you don’t learn to care for yourself, you cannot fully be there for the people you love. And Suzanne Falter’s book will teach you exactly that. 

See the reviews on Amazon

7. I’ve Been Thinking… : Reflections, Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life

 I actually got this book months ago through Audible. I love listening to audiobooks while I cook, so this was one of the best choices I’ve met since I got my Audible subscription. This short book is packed with small bites of wisdom, advice and reflections on life. Through the power of gratitude and enjoying life when it isn’t enjoyable, Maria Shriver gives us hope and inspiration to keep finding happiness. Every day. I recommend this book. 

You could also have it for free through Audible, click here.

8. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom

This goes on my top5 favourite books of all time. The Four Agreements is a must-read even if you already practice self-care. It’s for everyone who seeks a better understanding of life and the world around us. Four pieces of wisdom that could guide you on your personal growth journey to a better You.

See The Four Agreements on Amazon

9. The Art of Extreme Self-Care: 12 Practical and Inspiring Ways To Love Yourself More

A bestselling book by Cheryl Richardson, this is another reminder to look for ourselves first, so we’re able to look after our loved ones. 

See Amazon readers’ reviews here

10. Self-care for you according to your zodiac

Instead of placing a link to a book, I would like to list books with self-care tips according to your zodiacal sign. Just click on your signs to see the book: Self-care for Aquarius; Pisces; Aries; Taurus; Gemini; Cancer; Leo; Virgo; Libra; Scorpio; Sagittarius; Capricorn.

Self-care products to keep you relaxed and stress-free

11. Belmont Shiatsu Foot Massager

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

This foot massager with heat rotating heads is a life-saver for you on the evenings. Great way to relieve pain and add some self-care at the same time.

12. 7-Piece Yoga Set

An awesome yoga set to help you get into practising yoga more often. Find your peace and tranquillity and do it with this gorgeous set. It includes a yoga mat, two yoga blocks (for when you can’t reach your toes, even though you really want to),  yoga mat towel, yoga hand towel, yoga strap and knee pad. See the full set on Amazon.



13. Bubble Tea Kit

A cup of bubble tea is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a stressful day. And this gorgeous kit is going to help you do that. You get everything you need: boba, straws, tea, tapioca, tapioca pearls and more. 

See the product on Etsy.

14. Bath Robe

15. Anxiety Management Self-Care Kit

If you need to completely detach yourself from the world around you and dive deeper into relaxation and stress-relief, this self-care kit must be your best choice.

16. Air Purifier

Nothing else speaks self-care better than making sure you breathe freely purified air. This air purifier eliminates germs and mould, comes with a deodorizer for odour from pets or cooking (or any other odour). It’s an excellent room refresher and honestly, you know you should have this in your house, so go ahead and take a good look at it here.

17. Essential Oil Diffuser

Another self-care necessity is this beautiful essential oil diffuser that helps you practice aromatherapy even while you do the laundry. It’s one of those things that you don’t think make a difference until you try them. The best part is that it already comes with 6 diffuser essential oils ready for you to enjoy them.  See it on Amazon

 18. Stress Less Cards

This is an awesome pack of 50 cards that help you manage stress in a better way… because you know there’s a better way to deal with it. The cars help you relax and have a different look at things by following simple instructions. See the deck here.

19 Colourful Bath Bombs That Make You Smile

What’s the first thing that comes on your mind when thinking of relaxing at the end of a stressful day? It’s a warm bath and sweet aromas, isn’t it? Well, these colourful bath bombs will be your sweet escape from the outer world in the evenings. Choose your scent here.

20. Bath Bomb Making Kit

If you’re artsy and have the time to create your own bath bombs you will need your own bath bomb making kit and this one is perfect. It comes with everything you’d need to make an aroma explosion of relaxation. See it on Etsy.

21. Peace and Tranquility Candle by Chesapeake

This Chesapeake candle will be a great addition to your me-time no matter if you’re reading a book, meditating or journaling. See the awesome over 5000 reviews on Amazon.

22. New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Face Mask 

This awesome face mask must go on your to-try list. It spreads easily on the face and after 10 minutes you get to enjoy smoother and softer skin. People on Amazon are going crazy over it. Check it out here.

23. Green Tea Matcha Facial Mud Mask

While we’re on the face masks, this matcha mud mask by Once Upon A Tea is an amazing option if you’re treating acne and need an antioxidant for your face. It contains mud vitamins that will nourish your face and make it smoother and cleaner than ever before. Try it here.


24. Scalp Massager by Maxsoft

An absolute bestseller on Amazon with over 8000 positive reviews, this scalp massager is a self-care product you want to try. It improves blood circulation and that, my dear friend, releases stress, helps the growth of your hair, relaxes scalp mussels and strengthens the roots. Plus, it’s so comfy to hold that you’ll forget you’ve ever used just your hands to wash your hair. See it on Amazon now. 

25. Ultra Soft Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

Want to snuggle yourself under a soft blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands? This cosy throw blanket will do the perfect job for this. It’s extremely affordable but pretty and soft. See it on Amazon.

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This was the full list of 25 self-care products you want to have around when practising self-care, which should be daily by the way.

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25 Self-care products to help you stay focused on You

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