17 Things To Do At Home When You Are Bored (Without Watching TV)

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If you don’t want to waste your time watching TV these are brilliant things to do at home when you are bored.

What should you do after work when you’re home, and you’re bored?

What if watching TV isn’t as attractive (nor as productive) as you want it to be?

How to spend your evenings doing something relaxing, stress-free and creative?

These are 17 tiny things you could do every single evening when you’re bored, stressed, need something different in your everyday life, and so on. All of them are super easy and don’t require much preparation – only to switch off the TV.

things to do at home when you are home


This is my passion. I don’t journal every single evening, but I try to. When was the last time you journaled? At school? Three years ago? It’s time to grab the pen and do something nice for yourself. There are many ways to journal and to reflect on your day and life. 

Lately, I’m passionate about junk journaling which is a smart way to use all the junk mail that comes daily through the postbox. If sawing and colouring paper isn’t for you, here are some ideas on how to use a normal journal:



In case you haven’t heard it yet – yoga is one of the best things you could do for your mind and body at the end of a day. 

I practise yoga in and out, but its benefits are huge.

  • It helps you maintain your posture (especially if you work on a computer);
  • it relaxes the tension in your mussels;
  • it doesn’t give you sore mussels (most of the time);
  • helps you stay focused throughout the day;
  • helps you be mindful;
  • … and grounded;
  • fights depression and anxiety;
  • and it’s perfect if you’re too lazy to go to the gym but want to be healthy.



meditation as a thing to do when you are bored

Meditation usually comes right after yoga just 5 to 10 minutes of daily meditation could:

  • help you sleep better;
  • relax after a long day at work;
  • help you coop with stress better;
  • reduce anxiety;
  • relax your brain and you don’t feel like your head’s going to explode every minute;
  • create mindfulness;
  • give you time to wind up and have a mini-restart of your brain;
  • help your general health and more


Colouring Books

No, I’m not going crazy! Mindful colouring is a thing for the last few years already.

It’s proven that when we colour a book:

  • our mind gets into a meditative pace which gives us time to process the things from the day;
  • it also gives us a moment of mindfulness;
  • helps us be more focused;
  • reduces stress and anxiety;
  • it’s fun!


Decluttering when you are bored

Ok! It’s obvious why decluttering is good. 

But why would I suggest you do it in the evenings when cleaning the house isn’t “a good thing to do when you’re bored”?

Decluttering a small space in your home will not only help you with the weekly cleaning. It actually has almost nothing to do with it. 

Decluttering helps you at a much higher than that level.

  • It helps your mood as you feel like you’re doing something productive (yes, you do);
  • reduces stress;
  • helps you get rid of things you don’t need and don’t make you happy;
  • it helps the energy flow better in your home – feng shui and so on.


Reading a book 

books to read when you are board

This one is easy. You just take a long bath and tuck yourself in the bed with a good book and a warm cup of camomile tea.

I’ve got a good selection of inspiring books every woman should read in her life if you’re wondering what to read next.

Play a board game

That’s a fun thing to do with your family or loved one. Playing board games brings you together, gives that precious family-time you will appreciate a lot more after a few years.



That’s another passion of mine and can’t skip in this post either.

Scrapbooking is beautifully collecting memories. You get to create your designs, place the photos in the scrapbook and decorate with ephemera in a way that makes you happy. 


Bubble bath

woman in a bathtub

Should I say more about this one?

Having a bubble bath with aromatherapy could release the tension in your body, help you coop with stress, lift your mood and prepare you for a good night of sleep.

Plus it’s so much better thing to do than watching endless TV shows, isn’t it?


Work on your dream board

If you don’t have a dream board, it’s time for creating such. 

It could take you a few days to create the perfect dream board for yourself, and that’s fun. 

The idea of the dream board is to help you visualise the things you want to achieve in your near future – a year from now or a few years. You might need a few magazines, scissors and a corkboard, but they will keep you busy… dreaming.


Self-Develop yourself

Life is a school. And we are its students. Our main goal is to keep study and keep improving ourselves. 

I recently took this productivity bundle (it’s still on offer, by the way) and I am diving in it daily. Managing my time in a good way has helped me work on my blogging business and bring it to a level where my family could live on the income from it. Productivity and time-management is everything if you want to move forward in life.

So, instead of wasting time on pointless TV shows, watching other people do something great with their life, I prefer to use the time and do something great with my life.

Get your bundle now!

Knit and Crochet

That’s not my thing! Honestly, I used to do it when I was a teenager (don’t ask), but it isn’t my thing.

However, it’s a great way to do something productive and relaxing at the same time, and it could be your new passion. Try it.

Create your saving plan

plants representing growing of savings

I know, I totally spoiled the fun on this list.

But hey, having some savings in your account sounds like a fun holiday or a self-care spa day, or less stress around the holidays… Saving money isn’t fun, but having money saved is fun.

Saving money could be easy by exploring your options and sticking to smart saving habits.

Talk to your family

Wow! That’s a fun thing to do at home when you are bored. How many times, in the last week, did you switch off the TV and turned towards your family members to have a good chat with them? 

We tend to ignore the closest people in our lives – the spouse, the parents, the kids. We do the minimum and leave the rest for the weekend. But life happens every day and we should appreciate every moment we have with the people we love. 

Go To Sleep Early

Have you ever thought of going to sleep earlier than usual? 

Of course, you have. It’s just every time you decide to do something else first, to watch something on TV (to get you sleepy) or you make this promise only in the morning (usually a few seconds after the alarm goes off).

Well, if tonight is one of the times you wonder what to do… go to sleep.


Find a side hustle and work from home

It helps you feel productive, it helps your income, and it’s also fun as it’s something you like doing.

Finding a side hustle is so popular nowadays. Half of the bloggers (even more) have started their blogs in their free time, while they were wondering what to do. 

I don’t suggest you start a blog. You could do so many other things from home and make some extra cash. You just have to look for it.

Bake something

baked cakes

You didn’t think I could skip food, did you?

Last night, I was bored at home and baked a cake. It took me less time mixing the ingredients than convincing myself to stop being lazy and bake something sweet. 

How about you?


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17 Things To Do When You Are Bored At Home

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