Stop Procrastinating! Monday Motivation to Start Today

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Stop procrastinating!


stop-procrastinating-motivation-inspiration-2We procrastinate everything.

We choose to start things tomorrow, not today.

We choose to say I love you later, not now.

We choose to believe in the future more than we believe in the present.

But the present creates our future.

By delaying the start today, we delay the future tomorrow.

Day after day. 

So, my Monday Motivation for this week is to stop delaying.

Stop procrastinating!

Do you have to go to the doctor? Make the call now!

Do you have to start doing some sports? Start tonight!

You have to tell your partner you love them? Send the text or call them now! 

Do you have to visit your parents? Choose a day!

Tomorrow is going to be just another today! And if you delay today, you delay tomorrow!

Do it now!

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