The Man You Look For… Monday Motivation

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the man you look for

The man you look for…


He will take your hand gently and hold it through every little bump on the road.

He will smile when you smile and kiss your forehead every day.

He is strong not so much on the outside, but on the inside. And you realise this slowly… That’s why it’s hard to see he’s the man you look for.

The man you look for will be there for you from the moment he realises you are the woman he looks for. Not a day before that.

But the man you look for is a gentleman in his emotions. He respects you and cherishes you. He makes you feel more woman than any dress or high heels.

But the man you look for…


He won’t heal your wounds…

Yet, he will never cause you new ones. He will love you and help you heal these old wounds by yourself. Because he sees you as strong as you could be not as strong as you think you are.

The man you look for is not your saviour or a prince on a white horse. He is a hard worker and provider for his family. He is a strong shoulder, reality check and motivational whisperer.

The man you look for is always there and yet, never pushy. He will soothe you, giving you support and asking for nothing. And again you give everything to him.

He is…


He is the one from the dreams you don’t remember. They are written in the stars and wait for you to find them…

The man you look for is supportive and yet – never does the things instead of you. 

He will never make you doubt in his intentions towards you. He will not answer every single one of the 30 texts you sent him today… and at the same time, he will answer every important call of your heart and soul.

The man you look for will not be around you 24-7 … and yet he will be there for you 24-7.

The man you look for will not make you go through wild passion and will never promise you the stars. Yet, he will touch you in the most respectful, pleasing and admiring way, and he will turn you into a star.

The man you are looking for exists. And yet, he probably waits for you to become the woman he is looking for…

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