30 Personal Growth Ideas For November | Part 6 of 365 Self-Development Ideas

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Personal growth, health and self-development tips to end the year properly.

Yes, I am aware that November isn’t the last month of the year.

However, it’s the last month we truly try our best to achieve something this year.

Because, let’s face it – December is the month of Christmas decoration, Christmas market, Christmas parties, Christmas dinners… you know what I mean.

November is often our last chance to really push ourselves and make things happen before we ’tis the season.

By the way, while we are on the subject, did you check my Christmas challenge for couples? If you’re in a relationship, you will want to take a quick look at this Christmas Love Challenge for Couples who love Christmas.

I’m a little bit late

cup of coffee and a notebook for personal development ideas

I’m late with November’s part of 365 Self-Development Ideas. And I apologise for that if you’re one of my gorgeous subscribers.  

I moved out of the UK at the end of October, and it’s been hectic two weeks. The house is a mess, over 15 suitcases are waiting for me to unpack them, and there’s a massive pile of laundry that grows in the corner of our bedroom. 

However, I decided to ignore all that and keep my word – giving you another set of personal growth ideas for your self-development plan. I also think of creating a Facebook group at the beginning of the next year to expand the 365 Self-Development Ideas project. What do you think about that?

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If you’re new here, here’s the deal.

Every month I release 30-31 self-development and personal growth ideas to help you create your perfect personal development plan. Often, we want to do something more with our time, but we simply lack the ideas.

I divided the ideas into 12 small chunks that I publish once a month. You’re looking at Part 6, and I will leave links to the other 5 parts under this post. 

Also, every month, I create a printable with ideas and send them to you. If you’d like to join the family, I will send you all of the parts that have been published so far.

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30 Personal Growth Ideas for You | November

woman stretching herself in the morning

1. Walk every day for half an hour.

2. Stretch every morning to wake up your muscles.

3. Pay a little bit more than required on your credit card.

4. Start meal planning.

5. Learn how to save money.

6. Stop snoozing the alarm.

7. Go meatless for a day every week.

8. For a month, read the labels of every product you buy. Remember this: 1 teaspoon of sugar is 4 grams. The rest is simple math.

9. Stop rushing your kids. Stop rushing your partner. Stop rushing your parents. Stop rushing yourself.

10. Remember the Law of Attraction – What you focus on – grows.

11. Every day try to learn one new interesting fact.

12. Create your happy-memories board. It will remind you of the good thing in life and will inspire you to create more happy memories.

13. Do everything with passion. Love it.

14. Create (or buy) your own self-care kit and keep it where you could see it. In this way, it will remind you to use it more often than you do now.

Download these self-development ideas from here.

15. Try simple living.

woman on the stars

16. Start writing. Start painting. Start crocheting. Start something.

17. Include a cup of green tea in your everyday life. It helps you detox your body.

18. Do some social media decluttering – delete people you don’t know, don’t like, don’t want to follow or arent’s a good fit for you.

19. Create something with your hands. It could be anything from a clay pot to a cake.

20. Have a No-Spend day every week.

21. Sign up for SkillShare – they offer thousands of online courses for a minimal monthly payment. The best part? If you sign up through this link you will get the first two months for FREE. I already signed up and can’t wait to explore the courses SkillShare offers.

22. Choose one of these 5 mindfulness techniques to practice daily. 

23. Try listening to podcasts while cooking in the evening. It adds an extra pinch of productivity to your day.

24. Take yourself out for dinner. There’s nothing scary in eating alone in a restaurant. Go out of your comfort zone. 

25. Find a spot in your town/city that offers a beautiful view and visit it at least once a week.

26. Say “No” when you feel like saying it. It doesn’t mean you’re impolite.  It simply means you practice self-care and self-love.

27. Have a small notebook in your purse or jacket. If a good idea comes up – you could immediately write it down. 

28. See the joy in your sorrow. Understand that whatever you are going through at this stage of your life, it is a preparation for something good. “It’s the great North Wind that made the Vikings.”

29. Start the 60-day Challenge of Gratitude for Transformation.

30. Travel to a new place every year. The world is a beautiful place.

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Personal growth ideas for your self-development plan

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2 thoughts on “30 Personal Growth Ideas For November | Part 6 of 365 Self-Development Ideas”

  1. Hello Rachel,
    Thanks for sharing these 30 Personal growth ideas for november. Even if 2019 is behind us and 2020 is already here, I’m sure that your tips are going to keep on motivating lots of us until the end of this new year.
    Your 30 tips are great and if I had to pick just one, I would pick them all. I found your blog on Pinterest and I’ve just pinned your pin.
    Thanks again…

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