8 Obvious Signs He Definitely Wants To Marry You Someday

The most clear sings he wants to marry you someday


Are you looking for clear signs he wants to marry you someday?


Somehow women nowadays get scared to find out directly if the man they spend the nights with, is serious enough to be a husband one day. Not today. Not even this year. Someday.


So this article is for you, girls. For those of you who love the person, you’re with and want to know if he feels the same. Even in nowadays, more than 80% of the women want to get married and have a stable family. And that’s not only normal but magical as well.




The first one of the signs he wants to marry you someday


He cares about you. You know the warmth you feel in your heart when you see someone really cares about you. Someone you love. That is it. The fact he’s checking your tires before a long trip or just before the winter season is care. He asks you how your day was every single day? That’s care. He makes you sure he’s around if you need something and he proves it every time. That’s care.


marry_you-marriage_goalsIf a man shows the care that is a sign he is committed to you and probably considers you as a future wife. In a casual relationship, you cannot see that.


You met his family


That’s a huge sign as well. If you’re just someone he sees not to feel lonely; you will never reach his closest people. It’s not only because they’re too special for him but because they’ll question him about you long after you two break up.


But if he considers as you are staying in his life for longer and why not for life, he will introduce you to his family. Going as a couple to a family event is almost the same as going as a family. So if you’ve met his parents, aunts and uncles, congratulations – he thinks of your future together.


He talks about having a family – now tell me that’s not a clear sign he wants you to be his wife


That’s the easiest one. Not every man does it, especially if he’s not sure about having a serious committed relationship with the woman next to him.


If your loved one doesn’t feel shy to talk about having a family one day, then in his mind half of the work is done. He’s found the person to create it with. He may be just checking if you’re on the same page as him. A man that doesn’t have you as his wife on his mind would never risk giving you false hopes in that direction. He would just play it dump, and that’s it.


He talks about future


Slightly different than talking about his plans for the workplace, talking about your future is a key to finding out if he wants to marry you someday. If it’s the middle of May and he’s asking you about making Christmas plans, then he doesn’t have any doubts you’ll be together by that time.



I had a boyfriend I thought was a potential partner for life. But when I wanted to book flight tickets for a holiday after four months, he told me not to include him because he doesn’t know if everything will be alright with his job. Only one month later he broke up with me. Back then I didn’t doubt his answer even for a second, but after that I realised it. I was not in his plans, or he was not sure if we’ll be together by that time.


So… are you planning a holiday together?


As I gave my example above – planning things ahead is essential for a serious relationship. A holiday is the best opportunity to see if in your loved one’s head your relationship may grow into something more significant.


For example, if you want to go to Italy for your holiday, but he wants to visit Spain, the sentence – Ok, this year Italy and next one – Spain, will give you the best confirmation. You’ve got the future planned. Together!


You feel you’re his priority


When you want to have a family with someone he becomes your priority. You care about their plans, feelings and wellbeing. Do you feel you’re your loved one’s priority? Is he your priority as well? If he makes you feel vital for him, that is because he wants you to an essential part of his life. That is a perfect sign that he wants to marry you one day.


He asks for your opinion


The fact he asks for your opinion is one of the signs he wants to marry you someday

When your opinion is crucial for the other person, it is a sign he wants you in his life. For example, he needs to know you’re alright with his choices for furniture because he sees you living with him one day.  If you know you want to spend your life with someone, his opinion should be important to you.


You live together


Living together with your partner is almost the same as being married to him. It is the best practice ever before the wedding. It all depends on the reasons to live together though.


If he purposed you to come to live in his place because it’s financially better for both of you and anyway you love each other, I have a surprise for you – he’s not so sure if he will marry you. The only reason to live together should be because you feel the need to take that step. You love each other and feel you need the other presence all the time in your life. In that case – congratulations, he wants to marry you!


Do you know more signs if he wants to marry you someday? What were the signs your partner gave you before his proposal? Share with us.


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