77 Simple Tips on How To Love Your Husband Intentionally

Does this sound familiar?

You love your husband, but you feel guilty you don’t show him how much you love him. At least not as much as when you were dating.

It’s hard to focus on him only as it used to be before. Now you have to think about all things related to kids, food, work and laundry.

It’s draining almost all of your energy, and even if you wanted, you still can’t find the right way to love him intentionally.

But worry no more.

These 77 simple ways to love your husband will inspire you to find new ways to show appreciation and bring the sparkles back.

Let’s dive in.

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77 Simple Tips on How To Love Your Husband

1. Kiss him often.

2. Hug him every day.

3. Cook his favourite meal.

4. Get dressed especially for him.

5. Tell him you love him.

6. Get him his favourite beer.

7. Send him a sweet text message.

8. Prepare his lunch for work.

9. Hide a love note in his pocket.

10. Send him a love song.

Show care for your spouse

11. Great him warmly after work.

12. Make him a cup of coffee.

13. Take a bath together.

14. Ask him about his day.

15. Send him out with the guys.

16. Go on a walk together.

17. Show interest in his hobby.

18. Share a secret with him.

19. Dream together.

20. Surprise him with a romantic weekend away.

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Be thoughtful in your love for him

21. Buy him a book.

22. Write him a love letter.

23. Make a romantic fantasy come true.

24. Go with him to watch a movie of his choice.

25. Get him a ticket for his favourite team’s game.

26. Send him a cute short video with love message.

27. Call him just to tell him you love him.

28. Gift him love coupons.

29. Prepare breakfast in bed for him.

30. Take a shower together.

More ideas to love your man

31. Wake up in the middle of the night and make love.

32. Prepare a cake for him for no reason.

33. Hide a love note in his lunch box.

34. Tell him how much you appreciate him.

35. Tell him you are proud of him.

36. Get him a video game.

37. Allow him to devote a full day to his hobby, no matter what it is.

38. Do a chore he usually does.

39. Clean his car.

40. Go on a date together.

Show appreciation

41.  Encourage him in a difficult time.

42. Tell him he is the strongest man you know.

43. Hold his hand often.

44. Give him a back massage.

45. Create a photo collage of your favourite photos together.

46. Be happy around him.

47. Ask him about his dreams and goals.

48. Ask him if he needs your help for something.

49. Get him a cute new coffee/tea mug.

50. Put on some nice lingerie.

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Ideas to love your hubby

51. Play Kisses 4 Us

52. Learn his love language.

53. Compliment him.

54. Surprise him in his lunch break.

55. Organise a romantic dinner for two at home.

56. Send him encouraging quotes every day for a week.

57. Make him laugh.

58. Gift him a romantic songs playlist.

59. Exercise with him.

60. Visit his family earlier than planned.

More ways to show love

61. Allow him to have a day for himself only.

62. Tell him he’s handsome.

63. Play a board game together.

64. Ask him how to love him better.

65. Get him “Why I Love You” book.

66. Get him a small but thoughtful gift.

67. Often touch him when you pass by him.

68. Support him in the decisions he takes.

69. Show respect daily.

70. Do striptease for him.

Last suggestions to show love

71. Trust him more.

72. Stay up late talking about him.

73. Ask him about his childhood.

74. Dance with him in the living room.

75. Organise a party with his friends and send him an invitation.

76. Turn off your phone and spend time with him.

77. Truly show love in everything you do for him.


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What to do next?

If you liked these 77 ideas to love your husband today, please share in the comments how you show love to your hubby. I’d be happy to know.


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4 thoughts on “77 Simple Tips on How To Love Your Husband Intentionally”

  1. Prem Sequeira

    Hi Rachel,
    This list is great and it can help a lot of women to appreciate the men in their life. Your articles about healthy relationships are worth a great deal.
    I would like you to list “101 ways to love your wife intentionally” for all husbands who love their wives but have no idea how to show.

    1. I’m happy you like this list of ways to show love for our husbands, Prem. And… Wow, that’s such a great idea, thank you. I will create a “how to love your wife intentionally” list for the next week’s Monday Motivation 🙂

  2. Hi Rachel, thank you for this post! I must admit, sometimes I get too busy with so much stuff to do in life and I forget to show some love with my hubby. Especially now being pregnant with having emotional roller coaster and I could only think about myself and my emotions. However, I felt bad for being that way, and I’m so blessed for having a very understanding husband. And this post have reminded me how lucky I am to have a hero and a real man in my life, and I should be more appreciative with all his efforts and love for me.
    This is awesome 77 Simple Tips On How To Love Your Husband Intentionally. And, I would definitely remind myself and save this on my list. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Rosanna. I’m happy you liked this list. To be honest, being pregnant is one of the moments when you really aren’t in control of your emotions, and that’s expected and totally fine 🙂 Don’t feel bad about it. Actually, “not feeling normal” is “normal” when you are expecting. I believe your hubby knows you love and appreciate him even if you don’t feel 100% yourself all the time. He is blessed if you think about him and his feelings. Just look after yourself, and that’s enough for him 🙂

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