77 Simple Tips on How To Love Your Husband Intentionally

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How To Love Your Husband in a Way He Actually Feels It

Why would a random post teach you how to love your husband? 

You’ve been together long enough and you know how to handle your marriage, right?


And no!

I’ve come to the conclusion that to love your partner is very easy at the beginning of your relationship. 

Afterwards, as your relationship deepens it’s getting harder to keep reminding yourself that you need to keep that fire burning between you two. 

Once married, kids, mortgage, new car, taxes and loans take over your everyday life and you end up having more serious conversations and less fun. You think with time you’ll manage to get things right, but nobody tells you how long it’s going to take. 

Meanwhile, you still love each other. 

It’s just harder to express it? Who has time to sit down and plan the ways to love a husband intentionally, romance the marriage and plan evenings with candles?

Yet, your marriage needs you and your husband need to know you love him

So, let me ask you this:

Do you love your husband, but feel guilty you don’t show it to him as often as you’d like?

Do you struggle to find time and ways to nourish your marriage?

I hear you.

In this post, I will give you a comprehensive list of 77 simple ways to love your husband. They will inspire you to find new ways to show appreciation and bring the sparkles back.

Let’s dive in.

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77 Simple Tips on How To Love Your Husband

1. Kiss him often and longer. Try holding the kiss for 15 seconds. It makes it so much more romantic.

2. Hug him every day.

3. Cook his favourite meal. Even if you already do it often enough.

4. Get dressed especially for him. How long has it been since the last time you actually dressed especially for him?

5. Tell him you love him.  Over and over again. Look him in the eyes.

6. Get him his favourite beer. Maybe add some nuts with it?

7. Send him a sweet text message. (see 50 of them here)

8. Prepare his lunch for work.

9. Hide a love note in his pocket or in his wallet.

10. Send him a love song. It might sound a bit cheesy, but will make him smile and think of you, trust me.

Show love for your spouse

Ways to show love for your spouse

11. Great him warmly after work. Actually be happy he’s home.

12. Make him a cup of coffee. Give it to him with a kiss.

13. Take a bath together.

14. Ask him about his day and then listen to him as he tells you about it.

15. Send him out with the guys.

16. Go on a walk together.

17. Show interest in his hobby.

18. Share a secret with him. You know you have a few secrets from him. Share one.

19. Dream together. Never stop dreaming together.

20. Surprise him with a romantic weekend away.

Healthy Relationship Action Plan

Be thoughtful in your love for him

21. Buy him a book.

22. Write him a love letter.

23. Make a romantic fantasy come true. (This here is a bestseller that will help you)

24. Go with him to watch a movie of his choice.

25. Get him a ticket for his favourite team’s game. I promise all of his friends will know you bought him the ticket.

26. Send him a cute short video with a love message.

27. Call him just to tell him you love him.

28. Gift him love coupons.

29. Prepare breakfast in bed for him. 

30. Take a shower together. 

More ideas to love your man

How to romance your husband and love him

31. Wake up in the middle of the night and make love.

32. Prepare a cake for him for no reason.

33. Hide a love note in his lunch box.

34. Tell him how much you appreciate him.

35. Tell him you are proud of him.

36. Get him a video game.

37. Allow him to devote a full day to his hobby, no matter what it is.

38. Do a chore he usually does.

39. Clean his car. Or gift him this kit that will make him clean his car on the minute.

40. Go on a date together.

Show appreciation

How to love your husband more

41.  Encourage him in a difficult time.

42. Tell him he is the strongest man you know.

43. Hold his hand often.

44. Give him a back massage. Alternatively, get him this back massager and he will totally adore you for it.

45. Create a photo collage of your favourite photos together.

46. Be happy around him.

47. Ask him about his dreams and goals.

48. Ask him if he needs your help for something. You will be surprised how important this one is. He would probably never ask you or help, so be the first to break the ice.

49. Get him a cute new coffee/tea mug. I love this one, honestly. See my top 5 favourite funny mugs for him:

50. Put on some nice lingerie.

Healthy Relationship Action Plan

Ideas to love your husband intentionally

51. Play Kisses 4 Us

52. Learn his love language.

53. Compliment him.

54. Surprise him in his lunch break.

55. Organise a romantic dinner for two at home.

56. Send him encouraging quotes every day for a week.

57. Make him laugh.

58. Gift him a romantic songs playlist.

59. Exercise with him. Couples who sweat together stay together, right?

60. Visit his family earlier than planned.

More ways to show love

61. Allow him to have a day for himself only.

62. Tell him he’s handsome.

63. Play a board game together. Check this naughty game for couples for some ideas.

64. Ask him how to love him better.

65. Get him “Why I Love You” book.

66. Get him a small but thoughtful gift.

67. Often touch him when you pass by him.

68. Support him in the decisions he makes.

69. Show respect daily.

70. Do striptease for him. You know he’ll love it.

Last suggestions to show love for your husband

71. Trust him more.

72. Stay up late talking about him.

73. Ask him about his childhood.

74. Dance with him in the living room.

75. Organise a party with his friends and send him an invitation.

76. Turn off your phone and spend time with him.

77. Truly show love in everything you do for him.

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What to do next?

If you liked these 77 ways to love your husband today, please share in the comments how you show love to your hubby. I’d be happy to know.

Healthy Relationship Action Plan

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77 Ways To Love Your Husband More

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11 thoughts on “77 Simple Tips on How To Love Your Husband Intentionally”

  1. We’re 86 & 70 pensioners but we don’t do exactly ALL that is suggested, like she does all the total food garden & lawns, buys most food, showers me as it is a little difficult, puts on my socks. does ALL the paperwork & appointments, drives us in her car – else I have a micro electric scooter, a wizard at self-sufficiency, keeps an incredible home all over, fixes mechanical things even though I’m an engineer, invents & makes ingenious things for the home & garden, buys clever & ultra cheap by intense bargaining, seldom stops me laughing & gives superb kisses & cuddles.-.-.-. Well, in 84 countries I’ve lived with 220 de-factos but she is #1.

    1. I love those wonderful idea how to love your husband. I like to wash his feet and do his nails and massage his feet with relaxing cream.

  2. … but what to do on the 2nd day ?? I’m a man, 68 years old, and I will say that this list is good, and on the right track. Something as simple as a surprise kiss or loving touch from your gal costs nothing, and takes a second, but it reverberates for hours. Romantic love is like a fire that two people tend together. Those loving actions they do are like adding wood to the fire – by sharing the effort they can both warm their hearts forever.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words, Joe! You are right – the simplicity in our everyday actions is what keeps the fire burning.

  3. Prem Sequeira

    Hi Rachel,
    This list is great and it can help a lot of women to appreciate the men in their life. Your articles about healthy relationships are worth a great deal.
    I would like you to list “101 ways to love your wife intentionally” for all husbands who love their wives but have no idea how to show.

    1. I’m happy you like this list of ways to show love for our husbands, Prem. And… Wow, that’s such a great idea, thank you. I will create a “how to love your wife intentionally” list for the next week’s Monday Motivation ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Rachel, thank you for this post! I must admit, sometimes I get too busy with so much stuff to do in life and I forget to show some love with my hubby. Especially now being pregnant with having emotional roller coaster and I could only think about myself and my emotions. However, I felt bad for being that way, and I’m so blessed for having a very understanding husband. And this post have reminded me how lucky I am to have a hero and a real man in my life, and I should be more appreciative with all his efforts and love for me.
    This is awesome 77 Simple Tips On How To Love Your Husband Intentionally. And, I would definitely remind myself and save this on my list. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Rosanna. I’m happy you liked this list. To be honest, being pregnant is one of the moments when you really aren’t in control of your emotions, and that’s expected and totally fine ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t feel bad about it. Actually, “not feeling normal” is “normal” when you are expecting. I believe your hubby knows you love and appreciate him even if you don’t feel 100% yourself all the time. He is blessed if you think about him and his feelings. Just look after yourself, and that’s enough for him ๐Ÿ™‚

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