Getting Over Getting Mad: How To Deal With Anger | Book Review

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Would you agree if I tell you that almost half of our relationship problems usually come from our inability to deal with anger?
Getting Over Getting Mad Book Review
Stress could cause so many troubles in our lives and relationships, but anger is the way we express this stress.
We shout, slam doors, snap at each other, cry and blame in the urge to prove ourselves right.
We hold onto old arguments, old feelings and old bitterness and don’t know how to break the circle.
Can we break it?

I believe we can deal with our anger and we can strive for a better love life anger-free.


And I believe we should seek help when we need it.

Book Overview

Getting Over Getting Mad is a book by Judy Ford, a family counsellor bestselling author and inspirational speaker.
Getting Over Getting Mad helps you find peace within your anger, learning to let it go, sustain a better relationship with yourself, your partner, children and co-workers. Divided into four sections Getting Over Getting Mad focuses on each one of these relationships bit by bit, offering simple techniques you could use every day.

Pros – Why I Loved This Book

  • Fast but not necessary easy read – Each chapter will make you question yourself and explore the ways you express your anger. The way you do this is the going to determinate the end of any argument more than the reason for the argument itself. Therefore, it’s not easy to read this book as it will challenge you to think and be criticise yourself. Can you do it with an open heart?
  • Vivid, rich language – I read all of the 10 books I review in this post and let me be honest – Judy Ford has the richest vocabulary and describes vivid pictures that stick with you. It makes reading such a pleasure.
  • Short chapters
  • Helpful because it shows you many different techniques and ways to approach every matter.
  • If you struggle with the most popular techniques on how to deal with anger, let me tell you – none of them is here. Such a relief!

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Cons – Room for Improvement

  • Although there were many real-life stories in the book, almost none of them had full closure.  (I guess I just like happy endings)

I enjoy reading real-life stories when going through a self-help book. It helps me picture the situation better. However, none of the stories went beyond the problem-description-point. I felt like the ending (happy or not) would be much more beneficial as it helps the technique to stick in my mind.



  • “Anger can be a positive force to change – not for changing others, but for changing yourself.” p. 14
  • At the bottom of anger are two big fears – the fear of living and the fear of dying.” p. 28
  • “The very moment you acknowledge your anger to another person, you are spiritually set free.” p.31
  • We learn most about ourselves from the hardest teachers, who often are the people with whom we’ve chosen to share our lives.” p.59
  • Make love a self-transformation, and your life will be enriched.” p. 63

Would I Recommend You To Read It?


Getting Over Getting Mad is one of those simple books that cost you almost nothing but you refer to them often. It’s a small treasure you must put your hands on and put it into practice. Saving your most important relationships in life is worth more than anything else, and I know that the investment is minimal.

So, go ahead and purchase the book on Amazon and make the first step to being the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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