Should You Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man To Find True Love? Book Review

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Should you act like a lady but think like a man? Will you find love if you listen to Steve Harvey? #loveadvice #relationshipadvice #reltionshipbooks

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man Overview

Written in: 2009

Author: Steve Harvey

The book in one sentence: Give him boundaries, and he will respect them, look after yourself and he will look after you too, make him work hard to get you and he will do it.

Book Overview: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey is a Guide for women to help them realise their worth and never back off of it. The book goes through the main points: what men’s love looks like, what men want in a relationship and how women could create long term relationship (and even marriage) by simply setting up their price early enough and never backing off of it.

act like a woman think like a man book review

Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man is written for women only.

Your perfect profile as a reader of Steve Harvey’s love and relationship book would be one or more of the following:

– single lady who is struggling to recognise a decent guy

– a single mother who doesn’t know how to balance between dating a man and chasing children around the house.

– a woman in a relationship who is confused if he’s serious enough about their relationship.

– every woman who doesn’t know how to find out if he loves her.

– any woman who doesn’t understand men and the way they function…


  • Meant for women, the book is full not only packed with witty humour but has a realistic point of view on how a healthy relationship should be. Moreover, I felt like I was reading a massive checklist of qualities I want my man to have, as well as how to find out if he’s as serious as he claims.

  • It’s so easy to read. Having watched Harvey’s shows many times, it was even easier to imagine his deep voice and half-joke half-serious intonation while reading. It took me around five hours to go through the book (with the breaks).
  • When you need the information to identify and fix a problem – fast delivery is a pleasing bonus. You got it!
  • Steve doesn’t spear anything away. He tells the truth as it is. And that’s how the book captivated me.
  • Men and women love in different ways. The whole hustle around finding and keeping The One is caused by the constant refusal of the women to admit that men will never love them the way they “think they should be loved”. At the same time us, women, often close our eyes in front of men’s acts of appreciation and love.
  • Act Like a Woman Think Like a Man will explain to you exactly why a man’s love for you will never be like your love for him… but that doesn’t make it less love.
  • He will show you where to look for that love; how to identify it as love and what to do to keep receiving it.
  • Another pain in most women’s souls is that they never seem to start a relationship with the right guy. Or in the right way. When you think he’s into you, but he’s actually into your body, the truth sooner or later hits you, and it hurts. The worst or the best in that situation is – the signs were there from the very beginning, but you didn’t see them. This book will get you through them and much more.
  • The most charming point for me was the fact that Steve talks about the kind of men that actually you and I both, want. The gentleman who will respect you and look after you. He will provide you with everything you need, and he will protect you from everything that might hurt you.

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  • The 90 days rule!

Harvey advises you to wait around 90 days before you give your new man the most precious bonus he’s looking for – a.k.a. intercourse.

Probably I am not the only one to disagree with that statement. However, I disagree only with the amount of time – it is a bit too much to date a guy for three months without having intercourse with him. It could be done, but I doubt the percentage of people is significant.

At the same time, as I’ve stated in many of my articles – I support to wait for the sex with your new partner at least a few weeks. It’s worth to see if he’s really around because you are the fascinating person he’s ever met or it’s just for fun. In both ways – you win.

So, 90 days could be alright only if you met online and spent at least a month and a half chatting through the phones before shaking hands in person. Other than that – keep a distance but don’t miss on your own fun if you feel ready for it.

My Review


Helpful, smart, well-written in a chatty tone, not too much humour but it is present, clear sentences with a firm viewpoint, convincing and engaging. I didn’t feel like he left something out or unfinished.

Would I recommend it to my blog readers?

Yes, ladies, go for it!

Would I reread it someday?

Actually, it was so entertaining and fun, that I would love to go through it again soon.

Questions This Book Will Answer

  • How does a man that loves me act like?
  • Why do most men refuse to settle for a family before they find success in their career?
  • How does a man act when he dates a woman he doesn’t want a future with?
  • How would he act if he wants a future with me?
  • When is ok to ask some serious questions?
  • Mommy’s boys..! I need a manual and a bottle of wine… How to deal with them?
  • Is it my fault he doesn’t respect me?
  • I’m afraid he’ll run away if I put too many boundaries and conditions for him to enter my life… What should I do instead?
  • Why men cheat?
  • How to share my values with him in a respectful but firm way? (Helpful examples included)
  • I’m a single mother, and this makes everything about meeting someone harder and challenging. How to do it right?
  • Strong and Independent women are usually lonely… Could I avoid that?
  • We are together for ages… How to get the ring?
  • He loves me but doesn’t want to marry me. It’s ridiculous! What should I do?

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Will you find love if you follow relationship books advice? Should you act like a lady and think like a man? Read this review and healthy relationship tips. #relationshipbooks #relationship #books #selfhelp

A Few Quotes

“…if you’ve been dating a guy for at least ninety days, and you’ve never met his mother, you don’t go to church together, you haven’t been around his family or his friends, and he took you to a networking/job/social function and introduced you by your name, then you’re not in his plans—he doesn’t see you in his future.”

“The Three Ps of Love (men’s love)—Profess, Provide, and Protect.”

“…you have to stop heaping your own definition of love on men and recognise that men love differently.”

“We men are very simple people: if we like what we see, we’re coming over there. If we don’t want anything from you, we’re not coming over there. Period.”

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