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A Harsh Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Review

Why doing Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus review?

Women like to talk, men love solving puzzles. Women are sensitive, men too, but don’t show it. These aren’t boxes to fit in, but just the way we function and it’s simple biology.

My partner struggles with expressing frustration and never admits he’s stressed unless I ask him directly. I always push him away when my hormones hit me, but if he goes over the spikes I l melt in his arms and I’m happy again. It’s just who we are. If you recognise yourself or your partner, you will need to read Men Are From Mars, Women From Venus.


Isn’t this book already too outdated and lacking the flexibility of our modern times?

Why should you bother to read old stuff if Youtube could give you answers to everything you will ever want to know?

Where do you think the answers come from?…

Written in 1993 by John Gray Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus is one of the most famous and most castigated relationship books ever.

People love it and people deny its powerful messages.

It’s criticized, often bashed and torn into pieces by many couples’ counsellors and relationship bloggers. It’s praised and put on a pedestal by others.

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Even better question…

Is it possible to help you?

Would you benefit in any way by it or will just waste your time?

Is it going to fix your problems?

Will it give you any clarity?

I quarantee you that this Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus review will give you the answers to that.

Since I started this blog I have many people around who feel like they could trust me with their stories. And I’m happy they do.

Sharing your story with me gives you the chance to feel heard, understood and appreciated. But it also gives something to me. I finally built a pile of stories to allow me to have the perspective of how relationships work or don’t work. I see the similarities in the situations, I see the model of behaving and the lack of help in this direction.

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To understand Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus as well as any other self-help book, you need to know that your story is unique and yet, you will recognise yourself in countless situations in these books.


It’s not about stereotypes and it’s not about putting you into a box.

It’s about how different we are, yet we are similar.

Need Some Relationship Motivation? I’ve Got Plenty…

men are from mars women are from venus review

Book Overview: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus attempts to show us why men and women are different and why we often can’t understand each other. The concept of the book – to explain why men retrieve to their caves, and why women have ups and downs more often then they want to. The reason? Different worlds! Once our worlds crash into each other, the mess causes more problems than we are capable of comprehending. However, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus offers explanation and solution to almost every real-life situation you’ve ever had.

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Pros and Cons of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus /review/


  • I agree that men and women are different and equality has nothing to do with it. A wife could make more money than her husband. However, at the end of the day, she will be the one that needs to talk, talk and talk for the sake of talking. Also, he will be the one who tries to find the solution in the first five minutes and just wouldn’t get it why she keeps complaining about the same thing!
  • Full of helpful techniques to comprehend and see the reasons behind yours and your partner’s behaviour. 
  • Efficient action steps (or “non-action” steps) on how to deal with specific situations such as when men pull away and go to their cave as well as how to deal with woman’s moods.
  • Answers tens of question you must have had all of your life about the opposite gender (see the questions below)
  • Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus goes into the psychology of each one of us, has an excellent concept and it is engaging.
  • It’s highly descriptive and informative, changes the viewpoints frequently, and if there were a problem you have in your relationship, you’d find at least one way to approach it today.
  • It’s easy to follow the concept of the book and offers understanding and clarity.

See the book on Amazon!

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  • In some places could sound outdated, but it’s been 20 years, and with the generation of the millennials, it’s easy to understand some points are not applicable and easy acceptable for everyone.
  • I don’t accept the part “keeping scores” in the relationship as beneficial. It could turn the relationship into a competition and end up with feelings of misunderstanding, underrating and ignoring of the big picture.

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Women’s Questions That The Book Answers:

  1. Why at the beginning of our relationship he was listening to me, but then he stopped?
  2. Why he becomes so angry and frustrated when I want to discuss a specific problem with him?
  3. Why every time I try to approach him about something he reacts offensive?
  4. What should I do when he pulls away? How can I stop him from pulling away?
  5. Why does he make me feel guilty when I feel depressed? Doesn’t he know that this doesn’t help me?
  6. What are the things I could tell him to make him open up to me?
  7. We argue in a horrid way. How could I change that without even telling him?
  8. Why at the beginning of our relationship he was doing small things for me but then he suddenly stopped? Does he think that his “job” in the relationship is done?
  9. I do thousands of things for him every day. However, it looks like he doesn’t appreciate them. How could I make him see them without getting into a fight?
  10. I thought men love to be asked for help. However, when I ask my man for help, he doesn’t even react or gets frustrated. What’s wrong with him?

Get Your Questions Answered Now

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Men’s Questions The Book Answers:

  1. Why do women like to talk so much? about the same damn stuff?
  2. When she feels depressed, I think I should do something about that. How to make her happy again?
  3. I get frustrated when we already went through a specific problem, but after a while, she still has it. I already told her not to worry, but she gets mad at me for that. Why?
  4. Why do women stress so much about everything? How could I make her see that she shouldn’t worry about everything so much?
  5. Sometimes I need time alone, by myself. I often try to explain she has no fault about it. However, she feels offended, and I don’t understand why.
  6. When I try to be alone and take a few moments of silence, she comes after me and asks me what’s wrong. How to make it stop?
  7. When I offer a solution to a problem, she reacts irrational and gets angry. Why?
  8. She has regular ups and downs. Lately, they get even worse. Why do they occur? How can I make her go through them faster and will they ever stop? (Psst, yes, they will, but she needs your support for that too.)
  9. I can easily see that what I give her is not enough sometimes. I feel bad about it and don’t know what she actually wants. I need an explanation!
  10. When I solve a problem by myself and share it with her, she gets angry… but she agrees with the solution anyway. Why does that happen? Is there something I’m missing? (Yep!)
  11. I do so much for the family – I work extra hours and try to bring as much money as I can. Anyway, she is not happy with me. Why doesn’t she see that I put in the relationship as much as she does?
  12. After a long day at work, all I need is a few moments alone to relax. How could I make her understand this?

Find The Answers Here

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My Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Review

My first question before even start reading the book was:

Why would a relationships-self-help book written in 1993 be on a list for best relationship and love books article more than 20 years later? Is it possible to be still relevant?



Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is one of the best relationship self-help books I’ve read so far.

First of all, we live in a world that tells us all the time man and women are not so different from one another. We hear so much about rights and equality that we forget that we could be equal and different at the same time. The fact I express my emotions more often and loud than my partner doesn’t make me weak and him – strong. If he cannot coop with stress as good as I am it doesn’t make him look insecure and difficult in my eyes. We are different and we should respect and acknowledge that.

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So I’m pleased there’s at least one book out there about how different men and women are. It’s such a relief..!

And that’s what this book is about – the differencessaying them out loud, exposing them and embracing them.

Even though the book has 10 chapters, it actually takes the reader through five stages in each chapter:

1. Different. We are as different as two planets (Mars and Venus), and that’s the only way that could make it clear how big the contrast is. I liked the analogy as it reflects how I sometimes feel when communicating with a person from the opposite gender.

2. Understanding the difference. Once you learn how different men and women are, it’s time to understand this difference deeply. The perfect story of two nations united because they are in a deep contrast and complete each other is the best way to get inside of the psychology of … well, us.

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3. Accepting the difference, embracing it and loving it. Learning how to enjoy the uniqueness is so new to each one of us, but so important. Isn’t it true that we reject the different? That is why we step aside and get offended when we are called different. But it is precisely that uniqueness that makes us who we are – as people, as women, as men. Accepting that I am a woman and I am different from men makes it very easy to “excuse” myself, but at the same time I think “Phew, that explains a lot!”. A relief in finding out that I don’t have to fight myself because I am different, but I have to accept it, embrace it and love it.

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4. Respect it. I am unique, and even though it’s hard to comprehend it, I could say that the hardest part is accepting and respecting the other’s difference. Even though we get to the point when we are happy with our differences, it is still “unacceptable” someone else to be different than us. It’s a paradox, isn’t it?

Ok, I am the woman, I act like this because of specific reasons. But why don’t you understand me? Why don’t you accept it? And why do you behave differently than me? This is what we fight with, every day!

5. Acting according to that difference.  The action part – putting together everything you learnt, embraced, respected… the action part is the real test. Will you take the risk Not to change and to change at the same time? Can you find the precious balance?

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It takes strong writing skills to be able to build each chapter in five stages, but John Grey does it brilliantly.


I recommend this book to open-minded people who will look for the good in it, leave the criticising aside and make the most of what the book offers.

If you decide to trust me and my Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus review, and you’d like to purchase the book you could do it through this link.

More Books by John Grey:

Mars and Venus On A Date,

Mars And Venus In The Bedroom,

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