Why He Disappeared Review – Is It Useful To You? Book Review

Why He Disappeared Review. Is this book going to help you find the love of your life or maybe even get your ex back?


Why He Disappeared Review Book Review FreeThis Why He Disappeared review will give you detailed answers to every question you might have regarding Evan Marc Katz’s book.

To make it easier for you to find the answers, I will divide the review into a few sections. Feel free to jump to the Review part you prefer by clicking one of the links in the Review Plan below.


1. About the Author – Evan Marc Katz – personal and professional life


2. About the book – Why He Disappearedpages, price, bonuses


3. Detailed Why He Disappeared Review, following the list below


  • Author’s style of writing – what you might like/don’t like about it
  • What does it promise to deliver?
  • Who is Why He Disappeared for? – a profile of the ideal reader – don’t buy it if you don’t fit here
  • Sneak peak of the things that are helpful to you.
  • Things I cannot agree with
  • Aha!” moments in the book
  • Level of Uniqueness – With all free information on the web, is there anything in the book that you cannot find for free?
  • Favourite quotes –perfect for your Facebook page

1. About the Author of Why He Disappeared – Evan Marc Katz – personal and professional life


  • Claimed as a “serial cheater” by CNN, the author of Why He Disappeared – Evan Marc Katz has more than 300 dates behind his back.
  • He started his career on the coaching field by answering phone calls at an online dating site.
  • His unhappy love life and the lack of success in finding true love (his words) are his inspiration to help other people get better in dating. As you might guess – when someone knows their stuff, success is just a natural flow.
  • Some of his books are: “I can’t believe I’m buying this book. A commonsense guide to successful internet dating”, “Why you’re single”, “Believe in Love” and “Why He Disappeared” (of course!).
  • He’s happily married now and has two children.
  • On his blog, he shares that his wife is his muse and he teaches women how to connect with men by simply describing the things she does, because “whatever she does, it works.”

2. About the book – Why He Disappeared


The book was written in 2010.

It’s in a PDF format – 133 pages.

Price – $37 (current promotion – May 2018)

Money Back GuaranteeAvailable

Average time to read – 2 hours (if you don’t take breaks for water) and 3 and a half if you actually want to learn how to do the whole “dating thing” in the described way.

Package: The book itself is not the only thing you get when making the purchase.

It comes in a PDF format. However, you also get the Audio version with the voices of Evan Marc Katz and his wife.

An Audio Classes

  • What you should look for in a man – 60 minutes long
  • How to empathize with men – 60 minutes long
  • Understanding Men and Commitment – 60 minutes long
  • How to be the woman of his dreams – 75 minutes long
  • Overcoming Negativity – Focus coaching – 70 minutes long

This Review is on the book “Why He Disappeared” ONLY and does not include a review of the other products. 

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3. Detailed Why He Disappeared Review


Author’s style of writing – what you might like/don’t like about it

Evan Marc Katz writes in an informal language – you can almost hear him in your head. He does it intentionally because he wants to create a personal relationship with you. While scrolling the pages, you don’t feel like reading a book, but taking a written course, that’s specialised for you.

Although, Why He Disappeared is focused on the women in a dating phase, he is very strict about the profile of the reader.


Who is Why He Disappeared for? A profile of the ideal reader


Don’t buy if you don’t fit here!

If you are the ideal reader of this book, you are:

  • A woman in their 30s, 40s or 50s.
  • You have a successful career
  • You have a strong personality and are independent
  • You might have a divorce behind your back and/or children to look after.
  • You are happy with being single but still looking for love
  • You’ve got high values in life and sometimes feel like people around you struggle keeping up with your pace in life
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, the more you try to pick the right guy and make him value you the way you are, the earlier he disappears.


The Book is Divided into Three Main Sections:

  • Why He Disappeared After Your Date
  • Why He Disappeared During Your Courtship
  • Why He Disappeared From Your Relationship


Why He Disappeared Review book review
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What does Why He Disappeared promise to deliver?


“Why He Disappeared” sounds like a place you will find out why your ex-boyfriend disappeared. While in some ways you might find the answer to that question, the book doesn’t go over past relationships and understanding them.

Instead, Evan offers you to rethink them, take mental notes and then forget about them. The focus of the book is on your future dates – from how to get to the point to be invited on a date to how to seal the deal and create a relationship with the man you date.

As per his words, Why He Disappeared should give a perspective of the way men think and act. Following the purposes of this Why He Disappeared Book Review, I cannot tell you the secrets from it.

However, I can tell you which ones of your questions will definitely get answers:


  • What is the most important thing for men on a first date?
  • How to create a first impression that could lead to a second date?
  • What is the checklist to avoiding the type of guys who usually disappear?
  • What is your mistake to push men away? Is it your mistake at all?
  • What is the real reason men avoid successful and independent women?
  • Is there a checklist to follow when you want to make a man feel special? And why would I need it?
  • How to recognise boyfriend material vs playboy?
  • What is a Type A male, do you want/need him and how to attract him?
  • What to do when you don’t know where you stand in his world?
  • What to do with the bill on the first dates? – a few action steps that actually surprised me with their simplicity
  • What is “unacceptable” and what is “accepting the unacceptable”? How to make a difference when to send a guy on his way home or to accept him the way he is?
  • Is there such thing as double standards in the relationship between a man and a woman, and what to do about it?


answers why he disappeared review


Questions you will not get answers to:


  • How to get my ex back?
  • Why my ex-boyfriend disappeared? In fact, why all of my exes disappeared?
  • How to change a man and make him like it? – I know many women want answers to that questions, you will not find it this book


What I agree/disagree with in Why He Disappeared


I agree – Pros of the book

  • I felt like Evan was talking personally to me. That made me relaxed while reading. It’s always a good sign when you can feel the connection with the writer.
  • I agree with his main concept behind Why He Disappeared. After finally having a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a man, it’s very easy for me to understand why Evan is right about making the first connection with a man by simply focusing more on the moment and less on the future.
  • He gives tons of examples which helped me recognise myself in at least few of the situations from my past. Therefore, if you had an awkward experience with a guy you liked, you will probably find a close example in the book with a proper explanation.
  • Evan is definitely honest about men. So, he doesn’t hide the fact that many men are just “unworthy” to think and worry about. I didn’t have the feeling he defends men and claims women as the wrong ones, which surprised me.
  • He focuses on what is “efficient or inefficient” instead of “right and wrong”. That shows maturity and professionalism – both essential to write a book like Why He Disappeared.
  • I like that he insists on the fact that women should act a little bit more feminine in a relationship if they want the man to hold on to his masculinity. And that has nothing to do with discrimination or weakness of the females.
  • I am a strong supporter of the idea that neither I cannot change anyone, even the man I love. What I can change is myself, but in a comfortable and desired way that leads me to a better version of myself. Why He Disappeared gives a clear path to how to make slight changes in yourself to feel better with a man and make him feel better around you.
  • There were more than just a few “Aha” – moments of enlightenment for me. Well, that was a pleasant surprise.


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I disagree – Cons of the book


  • The introduction of the book is a little bit longer than needed, and I felt like I had to go through loads of pages before getting to the main point. The main body text starts at page 23.
  • I probably needed information on how to see the early signs of a “disappearing” man – he provided some, but a few more wouldn’t hurt
  • The last part of the book (Why He Disappeared During Your Relationship) is as important as the first one (Why He Disappeared After Your Date) but was shorter. Full of useful information, but would love to read a bit more on the subject.
  • His vision of when it’s ok to start having sex with the man is a little bit arguable. He agrees the first intercourse has to be at a point when the woman feels comfortable and sure about the guy’s intentions (only after he ticked the boxes from the boyfriend behaviour’s checklist). However, after that, he says it’s not ok to ask for a man to wait too long (so which pace should I follow – mine or his?).


Level of Uniqueness of Why He Disappeared – Review


The main reason you read this Book Review is to find out if the information in Why He Disappeared is helpful, useful and unique. No one would like to spend their money on something they can get for free.

Level of uniqueness in the book – 80%

Yes, the book has very useful and helpful information. In conclusion, most of the ideas, the actions steps and the simple psychology explanations you will not be able to find them for free on the web. It offers a different perspective of why you could end up as a victim of a “disappearing” type of guys. Also, are you a victim at all or it’s something you have full responsibility for?

Favourite Quotes from Why He Disappeared – Perfect for Facebook

“Men change because they want to change, not because you want them to change.” Page 19, chapter: Change: Why Can’t Everybody Else Do It Instead?
“The traits you value most in men are probably not the same traits a man values in you.” Page 26, chapter: Perception Is Reality
“By letting go of control of the small things you get to win the big ones…” Page 32, chapter” If You Can Tell a Man What To Do, He’s Not Really a Man.
“Make a man feel good about taking you out once, and he’ll probably want to take you out again and again.” Page 57 chapter: Forgive the Ignorance
“There is utterly no correlation between what a man says on a date and what he feels in his heart.” Page 65, chapter: Okay, Okay, I Get IT. But Then Why Was He So Nice To Me?

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