Why He Disappeared Review – Is It Useful To You? Book Review

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Men sometimes (more often than you would want to admit) disappear from your life!

They simply ghost you after the first date your two and don’t even bother to let you know what’s the problem!

It’s so frustrating!  

Men are men, and God knows, nowadays it’s harder to understand a man than to understand a woman!

How to know when the guy you like is worth it? How to make him realise you are not just a doll to play with?

How to make him stay?

Well, every problem has a solution, right? So, I’m on the hunt to help you find a solution to your problem – more specifically, to keep the guys around you long enough to get to know them!

I came across Why He Disappeared by Evan Marc Katz accidentally as I was offered to review it. My mission was to make sure it could actually help the majority of my readers.

Challenge accepted! Ready to dive into it?

What does Why He Disappeared promise to deliver?


What is important to men when they are dating you and what is it exactly they look for when they see you.


To make sure you no longer push men away from your life.

Men's point of view

Why men chose to leave your life no matter if you went on a single date or you've been "hanging out" for months


How to make the man you like feel you are different than the others and you are the love of his life


Simply said, Why He Disappeared promises to help you be yourself in your relationships with men and help them see as you are.

Pros and Cons of Why He Disappeared


  • I felt like Evan was talking personally to me.That made me  relaxed while reading. It’s always a good sign when you can feel the connection with the writer.
  • I agree with his main concept behind Why He Disappeared.After finally having a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a man, it’s very easy for me to understand why Evan is right about making the first connection with a man by simply focusing more on the moment and less on the future.
  • He gives  tons of examples which helped me recognise myself in at least few of the situations from my past. Therefore, if you had an awkward experience with a guy you liked, you will probably find a close example in the book with a proper explanation.
  • Evan is definitely honest about men.  So, he  doesn’t hide the fact that many men are just “unworthy” to think and worry about.  I didn’t have the feeling he defends men and claims women as the wrong ones, which surprised me.
  • He focuses on what is “efficient or inefficient” instead of “right and wrong”.That shows maturity and professionalism – both essential to write a book like Why He Disappeared.
  • I like that  he insists on the fact that women should act a little bit more feminine in a relationship if they want the man to hold on to his masculinity.And that has nothing to do with discrimination or weakness of the females.
  • I am a strong supporter of the idea that neither I cannot change anyone, even the man I love. What I can change is myself, but in a comfortable and desired way that leads me to a better version of myself.  Why He Disappeared gives a clear path to how to make slight changes in yourself to feel better with a man and make him feel better around you.
  • There were more than just a few “Aha” – moments of enlightenment  for me. Well, that was a pleasant surprise.


  • The introduction of the book is a little bit longer than needed, and I felt like I had to go through loads of pages before getting to the main point. The main body text starts on page 23.
  • I probably  needed information on how to see the early signs of a “disappearing”man– he provided some, but a few more wouldn’t hurt
  • The last part of the book(Why He Disappeared During Your Relationship)is as important as the first one  (Why He Disappeared After Your Date)but  was shorter. Full of useful information, but would love to read a bit more on the subject.
  • His vision of when it’s ok to start having sex is a little bit arguable. He agrees the first intercourse has to be at a point when the woman feels comfortable and sure about the guy’s intentions  (only after he ticked the boxes from the boyfriend behaviour’s checklist). However, after that, he says it’s not ok to ask for a man to wait too long  (so which pace should I follow – mine or his?).

What questions you will definitely get answers to:

What questions will Not get answers:


Evan Marc Katz writes in an informal language – you can almost hear him in your head. He does it intentionally because he wants to create a personal relationship with you. While scrolling the pages, you don’t feel like reading a book, but taking a written course, that’s specialised for you.

Although,  Why He Disappeared is focused on the women in a dating phase, he is very strict about the profile of the reader.

Who is Why He Disappeard for? A profile of the ideal reader

Don't buy if you don't fit here!
You are the ideal reader of Why He Disappeared if:

Level of Uniqueness of Why He Disappeared – Review


The main reason you read this Book Review is to find out if the information in Why He Disappeared is helpful, useful and unique. No one would like to spend their money on something they can get for free.

Level of uniqueness of the book:

0 %
Percent of uniqueness

Yes, I must admit Why He Disappeared has very useful and helpful information as well as high level of profesionalism. 

You will no be able to find for free on the most of the ideas, the actions steps and the simple psychology explanations.

The book summurises everythng you need to know in a surprisiingly small number of pages – you don’t get bored of reading it. 

It offers a different perspective of  why you could end up as a victim of a “disappearing” type of guys. Also, are you a victim at all or it’s something you have full responsibility for? Moreover, how to change it in a painless and easy way, so it doesn’t feel like a change at all.

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