8 Secrets of Successful Moving On After a Breakup

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Moving on after a breakup requires self-love and strong will

But it’s possible!

Of course, it’s possible!

You know it!

It’s just hard to believe it.

A piece of a personal story on moving on after a breakup

Just a little bit less than two years ago I was crying on my bed, feeling miserable, depressed, lonely, worthless and scared. I thought nothing and no one could make me happy anymore, and even though I was the one that ended the relationship, I thought “I will never love someone that way again.” Today I can say the same, but I would like to add more to it – I’ll never love someone that way again and thank God for that!”

Fast forward, and I am engaged to the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and I know the difference between “love” and “Love”.

love and Love – the real reason moving on after a breakup is hard!

The first type of “love” is when we experience it within ourselves. During that process, we project our hopes, dreams, visions and goals into the other, yet everything happens inside of us.

We love the version of the person we see in our head, not the one that stands in front of us. It’s that type of love when after a while you turn and say “He/she has changed.”

No, no one’s changed, you took your first proper look at the other person, and realised you have only one thing in common – the mutual denial to accept each other the way you ARE.

At the same time “Love” happens not only within us but everywhere around us as well. Suddenly you start finding gentleness, softness, power, strength, connection, kindness, trust, new levels of communication and feelings rising inside of you.

You have the “proofs” how real the things are, and everyone around you starts benefiting from this Love. It’s Love you give and receive with the same intensity. It surprises you, melts you, inspires you, and powers you.

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But not right now.


how-to-move-on-love-breakupRight now you feel scared that another relationship died by your hand. You feel hopeless and believe you won’t find anyone to love you the way you know you should be loved. You are afraid you will never move on.

Surprisingly, if you listen carefully, deep down in you, a small voice tells you everything will come into place one day. Don’t shut this little voice’s mouth. But listen to it and hold on tight to the things it says.

There is no one right way to approach moving on after a breakup. Every time you leave someone behind, in your past, there’s a new, unique way to proceed with your life.

Anyway, there are things you could always do to bring back your inner peaceI’ve got a free e-book for you that could guide you through the whole process of getting over a breakup.

We fight with several demons in ourselves when moving on after a breakup. So my goal is to show you the ways to transform the sorrow into strength using the following simple steps.

Here are the 8 secrets on how to move on after a break up:

  • Let go of your biggest fears – how to move on by releasing our fears
  • Leave your feel of worthlessness in the past
  • Stop asking yourself “Why me?” – how to transform the negative  “Why me?” into the positive “I am grateful it’s me…”
  • Release the guilt – how to move on after a breakup guilt-free
  • Build new You from the ash
  • Create new memories – how to move on after a breakup by celebrating the breakup
  • Find new Love
  • Stay who you are!

1. Let go of your biggest fears

Your fears right now could be:

– You’ll never love the way you did in the last relationship.

– There’s no one for you out there, and your experience proves it.

– You’ll never feel something as strong and amazing as the bond you had with that person.

– The time goes by, and you are still alone.

– The biological clock is ticking its way through your life, and you are incapable to stop it.

Release those fears. They serve you no good. They depress you and take your focus away from the major thing – moving on after a breakup.

How to cure a broken heart by releasing fears…

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Fear’s favourite food is your negative thoughts. Fear loves you when you spend your free time thinking about the past or the future.

There’s a saying that if you feel depressed, you’re stuck in the past, and if you suffer from anxiety, then you overthink about the future.

Which one is yours? Maybe both?

The best way of moving on after a breakup is to realise that there’s nothing wrong with you. Yes, you will never feel that way again, and that’s good because the way you did feel in the last relationship was unhealthy. That same system left you in your current condition.


It doesn’t matter that you gave everything from yourself, you gave it to the wrong person. So be grateful you’ll never have to go through it again. Something much better is on its way to your heart.

2. Leave your feel of worthlessness in the past


moving on after a breakup
Your way of moving on after a breakup goes through releasing the fears first

Along with the fear you’ll never love that way again comes the feeling of worthless. It’s when you think you don’t deserve true love, because of what happened in the past. That same feel hurts your confidence and stops you from moving on after a breakup.

One after another, your relationships failed. Every time you thought you’d learned your lesson, but yet, you proved yourself wrong for the countless time.

But remember this:

You don’t need to win every time. You need to win only once.

And that’s the beauty of Love. I don’t say there’s only one love for everyone on this Earth, but I assume that not every time you thought you love, you actually did.


Self-worth doesn’t come from your past and what you’ve done in it, but it’s what you feel deep down in you – the part you haven’t let go out yet.

The thought you are worthless came long before you two broke up. It appeared when you closed your eyes in front of the first problem you saw. You choose to ignore it because you lacked belief it should be solved. You decide to stay quiet when you had to speak out!

But you are worthy, and the fact you’re free from an unhealthy relationship is your first step of accepting it.

I talk a lot about unhealthy relationships and how to recognise it in my free e-book How to get over a breakup fast. Make sure you take a look at it.

3. Stop asking yourself “Why me?”

While moving on after a breakup, you should avoid the “Why me?” mood. Asking yourself why bad things always happen to you is pointless.

“Why me?” exaggerates your situation and instead of focusing on the real size of the problem it takes your focus away and creates a drama.

One of the most technique to fight is by transforming the negative question into a positive affirmation by changing the “Why me?” to “I am grateful it’s me.”

“Why I always have to be alone” could become “I am grateful I am alone instead of being with someone who doesn’t appreciate me/respect me/love me for who I am.”

“Why am I the only one that didn’t see what’s going on?” sounds much better if it’s “I am grateful I realised we are not good together after a long time because Now I am sure I took the right decision”

“Why should I always struggle with finding true love?” is actually “I am grateful I learn a lot during this process. Now I am aware I should offer and look for appreciation, understanding and mutual respect.”

Moving on after a breakup is a long, painful process. A devastated and broken heart could need years to recover. But accepting what happened is your first step to mend it.

4. Release the guilt

“Well, maybe if I didn’t do that, then this wouldn’t happen…” is your favourite game right now, isn’t it?

Years ago I visited a psychologist (you can read more about it in my post – Law of attraction and Love), and the best thing I learned from my sessions with her was that:

“We did what we did because at that moment we thought it was the best thing we could do.”

As simple as that!

This affirmation is not an excuse for the mistakes we’ve done. Neither it takes the responsibility out of the equation!

However, it does give you the understanding that you did your best at the time and accepting it is part of the lesson.

Forgive yourself for what you did!

Forgive yourself for what you didn’t do!

Forgive yourself for what happened!

And move on!

Guilt is like a disease. It eats you alive, destroys your dreams, stops you from reaching happiness. The feel of guilt could chase you long after the relationship ended. There’s always something small you know you did wrong. But you are a human. And even though that’s not an excuse, it is a starting point for something bigger.

You live to learn! ⇒You learn from experience! ⇒Experience never comes without mistakes!

So learn from your mistakes and release the guilt.

Forgive yourself.

5. Build new You from the ash

Once you let go of the fears, hug your self-worth and release the guilt, the real moving on after a breakup starts. The worst is behind you, but the hardest is yet to come.

The New You has to be born/created. And it has nothing to do with a drastic change. No!

It’s about sticking with the person you really are. The person you ignored in your unhealthy relationship. The person you have the potential and most of all – deserve to be.

Wise people say that to love the others; you should love yourself first. And I can tell you it’s true. It took me almost 30 years to be the person I am happy with. Probably it will take another 30 to evolve into what my heart tells me I could be. But I took the first step, and it’s… awesome!

Take your time. Listen to yourself. Don’t get distracted by what others tell you to be. Everyone speaks to you with love, but they see the world through their eyes. It’s time for you to start using yours as well.

How to move on after a breakup if you don’t actually move on with Yourself? Change your mind state to something better. That is going to be your secret recipe for a successful love life.

6. Create new memories

moving on after a breakup fastYou will enjoy this one. Moving on after a breakup takes time. And while everyone knows that, nobody actually tells you what to do in that time, am I right?

I talk a lot about what to do while getting over a breakup in my free e-book but let me scratch the surface here as well.

Create new moments. With yourself. With your friends. With your family. Watch movies you’ve always loved, no matter if it’s going to be your 345th time. Go to places you’ve never been before but always wanted to visit. Throw a party and call it “The celebration of The End”.

Years ago, a month after someone broke up with me and I had spent that month drowning myself in tears, sorrow and “why me?” moments drama hours (daily!), I decided to put an end to it. So I bought a chocolate box, and on my next day at work I asked my colleagues to enjoy them and celebrate with me “one month of freedom from someone who didn’t appreciate me”. Believe it or not, it worked, and I still remember that chocolate box, even almost seven years later.


You could go higher than that and throw a party honouring your new state in life. Make new memories. Enjoy them!

7. Find new Love

The best part of the “moving on” process is this one.

But don’t misunderstand me. I don’t ask you to start a new relationship with someone else.

I encourage you to fall in Love again.

With yourself.

Somewhere there, between the party-celebration of the New You… Somewhere there, between the prays for forgiveness and the days full of trust for a future you create for yourself… Somewhere there, in one of these moments, you will fall in love.

You will fall in love with your new life, your newly discovered strength and your potential.

And that’s the best part of the moving on.

Because once you experience this Love, you will know precisely how to recognise the other Love. There’s an amazing collaboration I and a few other bloggers did on How to recognise if someone is a boyfriend material you could check out here.

You will feel the difference between the person who sees just a fraction of you, and the one who tries to unleash the power in you.

8. Stay who you are

Now you know how to move on after a breakup.

Just stay who you are – the only person who could make you happy is you, no matter if that sounds like an old cliché.

And then, you could share your happiness with someone else. But you cannot create their happiness. We always design it by ourselves. And that’s what makes it so unique, so rare and so true.

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