10 Things To Do Every Evening | Evening Routine For Better Sleep

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Evening routine for good sleep and productivity

If you are devoted to self-development and self-improvement habits, then you probably know that your morning habits define your days. 

But your evening routine and bedtime habits could be even more important, and I’ll explain why.

The reality is…

If you feel tired and unmotivated every single morning, the reason could very be the quality of your sleep. Even if you sleep for 8 hours straight, you might still feel stressed and exhausted. That’s because your mind couldn’t relax properly during the night.

Therefore, by improving your sleep, you will improve your overall health and will feel ready to attack your goals.

But how do you develop good sleep habits?

By implementing the right evening routine, of course.

In this post, I will list 10 if the best evening habits you could gift yourself with. 

They are the “old but gold” little things to do at night for better sleep and more productive mornings.

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1. Plan Your Day

plan your days ahead is a great bedttime habit

One of the most important things you want to do every morning is to start working on your goals, right?

How would you do that if you don’t know what step to take next?

Planning in the morning does two things for you:

  • It takes away the precious time of your morning.
  • It creates an unnecessary distraction by focusing on too many things very early. 

Therefore, you want to shift your planning in the evening. 

At that point, you already know what you’ve done during the day and what should be done on the next day.

Also, the brain dump of things that needs to be done will free your mind from the obligation to remember stuff. When your mind is freed from the heavy thoughts and to-do lists, relaxation and good quality sleep come naturally.

And you know what that means, right?

Better sleep.

3 Best Planners to help your evening routine

Here are top 3 planners to help you slay your goals, free your mind and prepare to crush it.

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Printable Planner To Get You Start Right Now

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Now that you’re ready to plan your life properly, let’s priceed with your new evening routine. 

2. A Nice Conversation With A Loved One

Talk To a Loved One Create a Nighttime habit

I think that most evening routines are focused too much on the Self. 

Nothing wrong with it… but to some extend.

This world and our lives shouldn’t circle the idea of “me, me, me”.

That’s the reason to recommend you including a nice conversation with a loved one in your nighttime routine. In fact, these are 50 at-home date ideas to help you start.

Give some of your time to someone you love, tell them you love them, appreciate them and ask them how they feel. 

I can guarantee you that by doing that your mood and the quality of your sleep will improve drastically.

3. Yoga

Stretch or Yoga To Relax Your Body

Yoga or simple stretching in the evening will relax your body and prepare your mind for the night sleep.

If you were in the office all day, ran back home afterwards and rushed through the dinner, your body feels stiff and tensed. 

This 5-minute bedtime yoga will release all that tension and relax your mussels. 

4. Meditate

Evening meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are the new obsession of the modern world.

Or maybe not.

Meditation is 2000 years old practice, and we should be very grateful at some point we allowed it to enter our Western world. 

Mindfulness helps you focus on the important things in life, reduces stress and anxiety, improves the quality of your sleep, calms your mind and simply makes you happier.

Gift your mind with 5 to 10 minutes of deep meditation every evening. Quite your mind and see the positive results in just a few days.

I’ve got a list of gorgeous 5 mindfulness activities you could practice at night or during the day, so go and check them now.

5. Journal

importance of brain dump and journaling in the evening

Journaling is one of the best ways to feel relieved from all the problems. A simple brain dump every evening will do these two things for you:

  • It acts as a mental cleanse of your brain from all the unnecessary junk that piled up during the day. Once it goes on the paper, it will feel like you shared it with a friend.
  • It helps your mind find a solution to problems you struggle with. The writing forces you to word your issues. Once an issue has a specific shape/name/description, your brain could find the solution. And guess what, you will probably wake up with that solution on the next day.

Here’s a simple list of 5 journals to help you on your journey to better You.

6. Bath

Nighttime Bath as a Habit

I am not a bath person (I know, how weird) so a shower does the same thing for me as the bath – for you.

Gentle aromatherapy and warm water could do wonders to your body and mind in the evening. Include some proper skin-care routine, apply moisturizer on your face and body, and you will instantly feel better.

7. Tea Time

Tea to calm you in the evening

A warm drink helps your body relax even more, and a relaxed body sleeps well.

Some of the best types of tea you could have in the evening time are chamomile, valerian root, lavender and more.

To make it even prettier, grab a cute mug like this one, snuggle in the bed and practice this evening habit along with the next one.

8. Read a Book

Bedtime is book time

Reading a book in the evenings is one of my favourite ways to put myself to sleep. It reminds me of the times when I was a child, and my grandmother used to read bedtime stories every evening. 

Get yourself an inspiring book to keep on your bedside table and read it only before you go to sleep. I’ve got a special selection of 5 inspiring books every woman has to read at least once in her life. Which one is yours?

9. Gratitude

gratitude as powerful nighttime habit

I cannot stress enough the importance of everyday gratitude.

Appreciating the life you have will increase the level of happiness and help you find the important things in your life.

Very often, we understand the real value of the people around us or the events in our life after they’re gone. Unfortunately, that’s human nature.

But just because everyone else does that it doesn’t mean you cannot be different. 

How about appreciating things while you have them? What if you could enjoy the presence of the people in your life while they are still around you?

Gratitude is exactly this.

Check these 10 gratitude journals prompts I’ve created for you that will transform your life in 60 days if you decide to stick to them.

Alternatively, you could always simply list 5 to 10 things you are grateful about. They could be things that happened during the day or at any point in your life. It really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you practise gratitude.

10. Dream

dream every evening

It’s so simple.

But we barely do it.

Your goals are leading you to make your dreams come true, right?

Keep dreaming. 

Keep going back to the perfect holiday you want to have one day.

Build the house of your dreams every evening in your mind.

Apply for the perfect job every night.

Dream of creating the perfect relationship with someone who loves you and you love him back.

Relive your dreams every evening, after you switch the lights off. This simple act will raise your vibrational level and help you get where you want to be. 

These were 10 of the best evening habits, part of your ultimate evening routine that will guarantee you quality sleep and help you wake up ready to transform your life.

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10 Things To Do Every Evening | Evening Routine For Better Sleep

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