31 Self-Love and Nourishment Ideas | 365 Self-Development Ideas Part 9

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Self-love ideas and nourishment in the month of the Woman

Where I come from, we grow up with stories that March is named after a woman – Marta, and she holds power over the weather.

She is picky and moody so the days in March are always unpredictable.

She wakes up happy and with a smile on her face, but in the afternoon, she’s tired and cranky. That’s why some days in March start with sun and warmth and end up with windy storms and rain pouring for hours. Or the opposite.

I don’t know how much of that is true, but all over the world people associate March with The International Women’s Day – 8th of March.

So, this month I’ve decided to dedicate the self-development ideas to every woman out there. 

And truly by chance, this is the 9th month of the self-development series, which I cannot help but associate with the unique ability to give birth and start a new life.

Therefore, we will talk a lot about self-love, nourishment, and self-care. Of course, all men are invited on this journey as well; after all, self-nourishment is important for everyone. But it’s inspired by women’s power, gentleness, daily sacrifice, and joyfulness.

Self-love and self-nourishment ideas

What are the 365 Self-Development Ideas

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For 12 months, I release self-development ideas, personal growth tips and much more. I talk about self-love, setting goals, developing habits and daily routines, self-care, improving yourself and your life, and more, much more.

You catch us at month number 9.

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31 Ways to love and nourish yourself this month

self-development ideas for you

This edition is even more special.

Yesterday I had an email from a lovely lady – Tabitha, asking if I was going to release the ideas for March. I said yes and asked her if she had any suggestions or ideas of her own to add to the edition.

She sent me some awesome ideas, and with her permission, I list them below as the first 7 self-care and self-nourishment tips.

Thank you, Tabitha! You are truly a blessing!

Here’s what she suggests we do:

1. Me time – Finding time to dedicate to yourself is crucial.

2. Soaking your feet after a long day.

3. Buy yourself roses (or any flowers) – you’re worth it and you deserve it.

4. Make a list of what you deserve in life. Honestly, I think this one is my favourite of Tabitha’s ideas. It’s so important to know exactly what we deserve. It will not only keep us away from what hurts us but will help us recognize the good in life once it’s on the horizon.

5. Set goals and be specific. Set immediate/monthly/yearly goals. Under them, write down what it takes you to achieve them.

6. Affirmations and positive attitudes lead to a powerful, fierce mindset, so do them daily. 

Here are 50 affirmations to invite more love and self-love into your life and another 77 affirmations for happiness and inner peace.

7. Write 10 gratitudes daily and on your tough days – 100 as it will guide you how and what you are thankful for, and will put you in the right mindset. See a list of 100 things you could be grateful for.

Thanks, Tabitha!

Here are the rest of the self-love and self-nourishment ideas

8. Allow yourself to be silly – dance in the middle of the day on your favorite song, laugh loud, play with your children like you’re on their age.

9. Understand that life isn’t a competition, so stop looking at how far others have come. 

10. Instead, see life as a journey and treat it as such. Stay present and soak into the good around you.

11. It’s not you, it’s… PMS. Try massaging yourself with evening primrose oil to soothe your nerves on the days when nothing else could.

12. If you love chocolate, choose only dark one with as much cocoa in it as possible. 

13. Describe your perfect day. If today was your perfect day, what would it feel and look like? How would it start, and what would you do? Who would you see, and where would you go?

14. It’s time for you to make that evergreen Spotify playlist with songs that make you feel happy no matter how many times you’ve listened to them.

15. Start a decision journal. This is an idea given by Daniel Kahneman – a psychologist and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences winner. He suggests that we all have a decision journal where we jot down our decisions, our motives and expectations, and how we feel about these decisions. 

16. Do you have a dream board? You should. Pinterest boards are a great option, but a real dream board helps you work physically and mentally on expressing your visions as accurately as possible.

17. DIY your home cleaning products. It helps you eliminate allergens and it’s more eco-friendly.


18. Often reward yourself for the good job you do on your self-development journey.

19. Try coloring books for mindfulness and stress-relief.


20. Reduce the clothes in your wardrobe. They are just pieces of fabric, treat them as a tool, not a source of happiness.

21. Have a day of the week to watch TED talks. There’s always something useful to learn.

22. Start a bullet journal if you feel that your life gets hectic, and a normal planner never does the job. See ways to organise yourself from Sunday.

23. Just drop everything and do something nice for yourself. I mean it.

24. How many bubble baths could you squeeze in one month?

25. When you don’t know what to do, just do the next right thing – Yes, that’s a line from Frozen, and it’s a good one.

26. Call the girls and organise a girls’ night out.

27. People will always judge you, no matter what you do. That doesn’t mean you should stop doing it.

28. Eliminate self-judgment as it’s one of the most self-destructive things you could practice.

29. Learn the power of daily reflection and use your evenings wisely

30. Write down a huge list of self-care ideas, and every time you have some free time, pick an idea, and make it happen.

31. If you feel like some people abandon you on your personal growth journey – let them go.

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Self-Love and Nourishment ideas for you

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