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12 Signs She Likes You But Is Hiding It

When I was still trying to impress my current boyfriend, Chris, I tried so hard to do it in the most subtle way possible. I really liked him but I didn’t want to seem desperate or obvious. 

When we finally got together (hooray!) I asked him if it was obvious that I was into him. He said, “No matter how hard you tried I could see right through you.”. Luckily, he found those signs cute. 

Being the blogger that I am, I asked Chris to make a list of the 12 obvious signs that I liked him and put them together into this article. So if you’re a guy and you’re unsure if a girl is into you, use this piece as a guide (you can thank me later).

Here are 12 signs she likes you and is hiding it.

Signs She Is Into You But Doesn’t Want To Show It

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1. She Texts You Often

Does she often text you? And is she usually the one to initiate the conversation? Then she probably likes you. This is especially true if you have noticed that she is being playful over the phone. So if she flirts over text she wants to be all over you. 

If she makes effort to keep in touch even if you’re apart for a long time then she probably likes you but she’s hiding it. For example, I texted my college crush, Derek, all the time even when he went to Paris for his semester abroad. It was so obvious that I was into him as much as I tried to hide it.

2. You Make Her Laugh

Let’s be honest – do you have an exceptionally good sense of humor or does she laugh because she likes you? It’s proven that girls can laugh even at dry jokes if they come from her love interest. So think about it – how many times have you slipped a weird stunt and she laughs her butt off.

Also, pay attention to how much she smiles when she’s with you. Laughter isn’t always loud – sometimes she’s just happy to be with you. If that’s the case I think you already know the answer – she likes you but she’s trying to hide it.

3. She Remembers Small Details About You

You only remember seemingly unimportant details about a person if you like them. So pay attention to what she remembers about you. Maybe you told her the name of your childhood dog and she hasn’t forgotten it ever since? Or maybe she always insists on ordering food from your favorite local place after you told her you like their guacamole?

Remembering small things about a person shows to what extent you care about them. So if it seems like she’s always listening to you when you talk about the small things in life, then she likes you but she’s trying not to show it.

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4. She’s Always Up For Meeting You

Regardless of whether she’s at a business lunch or visiting her parents, if she likes you she will always make time to see you. You’re a priority for her and she never makes excuses to ditch your time together. 

One of the signs she is hiding her feelings for you is if she initiates plans with you. For example, Friday drinks, boardgame weeknights, or simply an evening drive around the neighborhood. This is how you know she’s into you.

5. Her Friends Know How She Feels About You

If her friends know about you because she keeps bringing up your name in conversations with them, they know you’re on her mind. They’re also probably sick of hearing about you. But she can’t help it – that’s how girls express their feelings – by constantly talking about you.

Also, if you’re invited to all her friends’ birthdays then she probably can’t even imagine having fun without you. So, how do you know a girl likes you but is hiding it – ask her friends. 

6. She Wants To Know All About You

If it seems easy to engage in long conversations with her where the main topic of discussion is you then she probably likes you. When a woman has feelings for a man she wants to know everything about him. She wants him to tell her about his day, his week, his past, and basically anything that has to do with him.

So if you’re doubting if a girl likes you then pay attention if she’s a good listener. She wants to have more in common with you. So, she’ll want you to see her taking an interest in something you care about.

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7. Her Body Language Tells You She’s Into You

Does she make eye contact when you talk? Does she close herself off by crossing her arms and legs or is her position directed towards you? Does she lean towards you when you’re talking? Take notice of her body language and physical details when you’re together. 

Even something small such as putting her hands on her hips when she talks to you is a sign that she’s into you. Body language cues are signs of attraction. And even when she doesn’t want to express herself in words her body will speak for her.

8. She Lets You See Her Flaws

If a girl is no longer conscious of letting you see her quirky side or flaws, it means her feelings for you are deeper than just a crush or liking. If she likes you she would want to be open and honest about who she is.

When a woman feels an emotional attachment she lets him see her true side. And she expects the same in return. Women like to be vulnerable with those who she cares about. 

9. She Looks After You

Let me guess – she cheers you up when you’re down, she wants to take care of you, cook for you, make sure you’re feeling okay. If that’s the case then she’s really into you. Women are caring beings. Especially when they like someone.

A lot of women unleash their motherly instincts when they meet a guy they like. They want their love interest to feel safe with them and taken care of. So if she likes you she will do everything for you to feel good in her presence.

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10. She Values Your Opinion

If you’re not sure if a woman is into you then pay attention to how she behaves when she’s in sound. Does she ask for your opinion? And when she does, does she take your advice into account, implementing it without a doubt?

If she values your opinion a lot then she probably wants you to be more than friends. So next time she asks you for it, pay attention to if she implements your suggestions. 

11. She Includes You In Her Plans For The Future

When you like someone you imagine your future with them. Now, I’m not saying that if she’s into you she already imagines your wedding and having kids together. But if she includes you in her future plans, let’s say for the next ski vacation then she probably has a crush on you.

So did she invite you for a weekend getaway with her and her friends? Are you invited to her sister’s wedding as her +1? These are all signs that she’s into you but she’s trying to hide it. 

12. She Initiates Physical Touch

If a girl likes you then she probably “touches” you (no, I don’t mean it that way, you dirty bag). She might initiate physical contact. For example, if you make a joke and she gently puts her hand on your shoulder while laughing then that’s a sign. That’s also related to the body language point that we made earlier.

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12 Signs She Likes You But Is Hiding It

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