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5 Best First Time Vacation Destinations For Couples

5 Amazing Places to visit for your first-time vacation 

You two have been dating for a while, and now things are getting serious.

There has even been talk about marriage in the future. Though you’re still getting to know each other, you’re ready to begin traveling with the one you love.

There is nothing better than traveling the world and seeing new places while meeting new people. For some, it is an escape from their everyday responsibility, while others travel to get closer to their loved ones.

The first-time vacation as a couple is significant and can be beneficial to a relationship’s progression. If you two aren’t already living together, it’ll be a change waking up to each other, experiencing daily routines, and learning to compromise on your differences of opinions.

With that being said, the first-time vacation destination should be the perfect fit for you two, a place you’ll both enjoy.

Below we have listed five destinations we journeyed to early in our relationship, and we loved every one of them. All of the destinations may not fit your relationship, but if you can consider at least one or two of these as a first-time vacation destination, you won’t be disappointed. These destinations, in particular, taught us a lot about each other’s interests and dislikes. Maybe they can do the same for you. 

1. Washington D.C

landscape of Washington Dc

Does an average date between you two involve discussing American history or politics? 

Do you both have a love for visiting your local museums?  Maybe you guys love to just eat dinner over an episode of something that’s on the history channel.

If so, Washington D.C is an excellent choice for your first-time vacation together.

Even if you two have already been separately, open your mind to new experiences and opportunities with your guy or gal. Not to mention it is affordable, seeing how many of the attractions there are free to experience.

Take a romantic walk along the Tidal Basin and view some of the best sites Washington D.C has to offer. After, enjoy a nice dinner at one of their great restaurant choices such as The Capital Grill right on Pennsylvania Ave. Make the most out of this trip as your first-time vacation together, and it will be one for the books.

 2. Las Vegas 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas may not seem like the ideal first-time vacation destination, given the stigma that surrounds it.

Partying, drinking, and gambling is usually what most people think about this desert-centered city, but it has much more to offer.

If you two arent big gamblers or drinkers have no worries, the romantic experiences that can be found on the strip of lights are astounding. Take a walk and enjoy the water fountain show the Bellagio casino does throughout the day in different time increments. Enjoy a nice romantic dinner in the Eiffel Tower. Yes, we said it, The Eiffel tower. It is located right outside the Paris casino/hotel.

Las Vegas is keen on replicating some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Feeling like traveling to Vence? Head over to the Venetian hotel and take a ride on the gondola. How cool is that? Look at it as a vacation inside of a vacation. How many couples can say they’ve been to several cities for there first-time vacation? You two will be able to if this is your choice. 

3. Disney World / Universal Studios 


If the love for Marvel movies, Star Wars, and Harry Potter is what brought you two together, Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, is the place for your first-time vacation.

Don’t get it confused; these places are just as much fun for kids at heart as they are for actual kids. Take a trip down memory lane, with your prince or princess, and learn about each other’s childhood in this innocent yet romantic destination choice.

Discover who’s the real thrill-seeker in the relationship by riding the many different rides and rollercoasters at all of the parks. Share a cotton candy while you two watch the fireworks at the magic kingdom.

Discover each other in your purest forms, and you won’t feel any remorse about this being your first-time vacation choice.  

4. Puerto Rico

Peurto Rico

Sunsets and beaches.

Need we say more?

This first-time vacation destination can provide you two with much needed alone time in paradise.

Enjoy breakfast on your balcony at one of their many oceanfront hotels. For lunch, why not take a boat ride to one of there many surrounding islands and have a picnic on the beach.

Take a swim in their clear blue waters, and snorkel with some of the most beautiful fish in the world.

If you two are an adventurous couple, they offer many different hikes through the forest and horseback riding on the beach. A destination like this doesn’t get any more personal, just you two and mother nature.

Take this time to express feelings and discuss the future of your relationship. If you two aim for peace and quiet for your first-time vacation, this is the choice for you.

BONUS: Puerto Rico is an American territory, so if you are an American citizen and don’t have a passport yet, no worries! You won’t need it. 

5. Chicago


Do you two love the fast pace that comes along with city life?

If so, the Windy City may be an excellent choice for your first-time vacation.

While New York City is another great choice, we chose Chicago early on in our relationship because of the affordability. They offer many great restaurants and tourist attractions.

Up for shopping, take a walk down Michigan Ave, and buy something nice for each other.

After enjoying downtown, relish in the beautiful city skyline while enjoying a meal on the Odyssey cruise ship.

Take on the “Chicago Style” food journey during your stay and discover the many specialties Chicago has to offer, such as their famous hot dogs and pizza!

In the evening, have a romantic stroll down their beautiful riverwalk with a glass of wine. Yes, you can drink on their riverwalk. Don’t forget to check out the Field Museum to learn about the world’s many historical events, and marvel at the dinosaur exhibits. 

These are only five of the beautiful places you can go for your first-time vacation. Where ever you and your significant other decide to go, make sure it is discussed. The best way to enjoy a vacation together is if it is a destination that is in the best interest of you both.

Traveling can bring a relationship closer and be an intriguing way of continuing to get to know each other. Let your relationship be filled with many beautiful destinations worldwide, and be sure to make your first one a place you’ll never forget through your relationship longevity.  

About The Authors - Joseph and Mariah

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5 First Time Vacation Destinations for Couples

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