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10 Things You Do That Hurt Her Regardless You Know It Or Not

Have you ever caught your girlfriend overthinking about something silly, allowing it to get to her and ruining her mood? If the answer is “yes”, then you’re dealing with an emotional and sensitive girl

Let’s get one thing straight. Men and women are built differently. And the biggest difference is that usually, women are way more sensitive than their partners. Their boyfriends might hurt them without even realizing it. 

Okay, we got it. Women are emotional. But guys don’t make it easy on them either. There are a lot of things they do that hurt their women. And if you’re one of them and can’t seem to grasp why she is always so mad at you, keep reading. 

In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore some things you do that hurt her. Because relationships are about going out of your way in order to make your partner feel safe, and you want to be willing to adjust.

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1. Lying

things you do that hurt her

Sometimes it’s better to slip a little white lie every now and then in order to avoid conflict. A recent study shows that guys lie to their girlfriends to avoid punishment, preserve the relationship, and bypass separation triggers

However, relationships should be based on common trust. And when it comes to love, lies are never the way to go. If you’re lying to her to protect your image, she can see right through that. And she will most definitely get hurt.

Unfortunately, lies are one of the main reasons for separation and divorce. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t find out your secret immediately, you can be sure that she’ll eventually dig out the truth. So if you want to preserve your relationship, you want to stop lying. Simple as that.

2. Ignoring Her Success

When we go into a relationship, we expect our partner to be supportive of our goals. A boyfriend should be a girl’s biggest fan. If you ignore her successes, she will start feeling undermined, which could lead to frequent fights.

If she succeeds in something, don’t be afraid to make a big deal about it. Hype her up. Celebrate her wins with her. Remember that her successes don’t demean yours. Don’t stay completely indifferent to them. This will hurt her.

And let’s not mention the times when she shares a tiny success she can’t even pinpoint as success. Trust me on this – when you support your woman, she will give back all the love multiplied. She will be forever yours.

3. Texting Other Girls

man texting other girls

You’re the only girl I talk to!” basically means I’m texting other girls, and I don’t want you to find out.

Girls might be sensitive, but they’re not stupid. If you have a side piece, we’ll know. How?

Well, if you’re always leaving your phone face down, receiving calls from “Pizza Hut” (obviously a code name) twice a day, and never giving your phone to your girlfriend to check the time, then you’re probably texting others.

If you’re doing this, then you’re setting yourself up for a breakup. How would you feel if your girl was talking to other guys? And I don’t want to hear all the “there’s nothing to worry about, we’re just talking” BS. Stop texting other girls, or you’ll hurt your girlfriend badly. 

4. Showing Up Late

Being a boyfriend is like having a full-time job. If you’re showing up late for work, you’ll eventually get fired. And if you’re late for your dates with your girl, you’ll quickly find out what it’s like to be single. You shouldn’t treat her like an option, and she must be your priority. 

If she told you to be there at 7 pm, you should be on your way much earlier. And before you ask, no, being “fashionably late” doesn’t make you seem interesting. Exactly the opposite; it’s rather repulsive. 

5. Taking Her For Granted

woman with hurt feelings in the bed

They’re just a few things that could hurt a woman as much as knowing that her man is taking her for granted.

When was the last time you bought her flowers? Or made her breakfast? Or essentially take an interest in her life? If you do those things frequently, then you can skip to the next point. But if you can’t recall the last time you’ve done them, then read this one carefully. 

Repeat after me, “If I don’t appreciate my girl, someone else will”. Do you want to lose her, or do you want her to be your boo forever? Then get your butt off the couch and get her some flowers. You can thank me later.

6. Making Her Look Bad In Front Of Your Friends 

You might be insecure. And you might be jealous. But you’re not stupid. You know perfectly well that you shouldn’t make her look bad in front of your friends. So why do you keep doing it? Do you realize the effect that has on her self-confidence? Get over yourself and stop insulting her when you’re around other people.

Okay, maybe I went too far. I’m not saying you’re a bad person. And I’m sure you don’t want to hurt her. But as a grown man, you should notice your negative behavioral patterns and strive to eliminate them. And if it takes a couple of passive-aggressive sentences from my side to open your eyes, then I regret nothing.

7. Not Fighting For Her

couple staying back to back

It’s absolutely normal for partners to have arguments every once in a while. Some scientists even argue that it’s healthy to fight. The road is sometimes bumpy, but that doesn’t mean you should stop driving. But remember that what you do after the fight speaks more of what kind of person you are than during the fight.

So consider it a test. Are you the first one to go to her and apologize to her even if you know that you’ve done nothing wrong? Or are you waiting for her to make the first step? Sometimes it’s best to ignore the ego to keep the relationship peaceful. So fight for her. 

8. Forgetting Important Days

I don’t think I have to say that you need to remember her birthday and your anniversary. Because that’s basically the bare minimum, so try to remember the little things as well. When was your first kiss? When was the first time you said “I love you” to each other? 

Women are very sentimental. So make sure to celebrate the small things because they’re not that small to her. Failing to appreciate the small moments together might hurt her. And hey, I am not saying you should absolutely memorize everything, but having a separate note on your phone with the important dates listed could be a relationship savior.

9. Asking Other People For Relationship Advice

man chatting with others

If you’re going through tough times, keep it between you two. Don’t tell your mom. Don’t tell your buddies. Discuss the matter only when it’s just the two of you. The minute you start to talk to someone outside of the relationship, you are betraying the trust that you have. You wouldn’t want her to tell her girlfriends about the issues you have, do you? So don’t do the same. 

10. Keeping Your Feelings To Yourself

I know that it’s hard to open up even if you like her. And you’re not alone. A lot of men find it challenging to express their feelings and prefer to keep them to themselves. But just like she’s being completely honest with you, you should stop being afraid of being vulnerable in front of her. That will create trust in the relationship and will ultimately help you to last forever. 

Final Words

Keep in mind that this post on things you do that hurt her isn’t meant to make you feel like the worst boyfriend ever. More likely, it’s designed to show you the type of behavior that hurts the woman you’ve chosen to have by your side.

If there is true love and thoughtfulness in the ways you communicate with your girlfriend, you are most likely not doing these things. Keep up the good work and see some more ways to love her here.

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10 Things You Do That Hurt Her Regardless You Know It Or Not

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.