3 Action Steps to Take When Your Husband Ignores You

Action plan 101 when your husband ignores you


Your situation: 

  • Your spouse intentionally ignores you; you know that.
  • He works too much, hides behind his meetings and friends, or claims he needs time to relax and kills the next four hours in front of the computer or TV.
  • On top of that, when you ask him why he ignores you, he doesn’t even want to admit the situation.
  • As a result, you get angrier and angrier, start thinking of ultimatums and huge arguments where you explain to him exactly how much he doesn’t appreciate you and doesn’t love you.
  • After you create your action plan, you attack. You start the conversation in a calm pace, but very fast realise that you just want to shake your spouse very hard and make him see what you see – you love him and want to spend time with him.

But he still ignores you!

Am I right? Does all that “my husband ignores me” situation sound familiar?

Well, high five, you’re in the right place then!

In this article, I will explain to you not only Why this happens but What To Do when your husband ignores you, TODAY!

The simple truth behind why your husband ignores you.

couple-marriage-problem-husband-ignoresI will say it straight away as I know how much you aim to understand the real reason:

He ignores you because he feels You ignore Him!

No, I’m not joking, and I will prove why you ignore Him, while you run after him every day asking for a piece of his attention.

The magic is hiding in those exact words: “you ask him to give you his attention”.


Your man, his love language and why he ignores you

Have you heard of The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman? It’s one of the most helpful books, that tells how to find out why you feel unloved even if he loves you and vice versa. It will teach you how to make your partner feel your love in a way he will understand it. And this will make it clearer to you why your husband ignores you.

So, following that, let’s admit men love to feel appreciated. And believe me, your man is not an exception. He likes to be appreciated more than you do. And then is admiration.

I really like Alan Parker’s idea of men’s love languages. He says that one of the most important love languages for men is admiration. He says “This indicates respect for who we are and what we have accomplished. “. Well, this is right on the spot, and half of the things you need to know how to love a man.

Pin for later:

Our sacrifices and our love for the man in our life

Us, women, tend to get self-consumed into our own “sacrifices” we do every day.

And because there was a time when your man was showing appreciation, but then he stopped, you decided to do the same. Or was it you who stopped pointing out his achievements and then he stopped doing the same for you?

One of you was the first, but it does NOT matter who.

The simple truth is that he doesn’t feel appreciated. He doesn’t sense your admiration of him, and he feels ignored because of all that.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. Just because he feels that way, it doesn’t mean you actually don’t appreciate him or admire him. He just doesn’t see it!

It’s not like you woke up one day and decided to keep it quiet when he does something nice. When we are in a long-term relationship, such as marriage, we forgot these things. But don’t worry, everything is fixable, including the fact that your husband ignores you.


Thus, you have to show it, especially when your husband ignores you.

I can hear you right now:

“Wait a minute, He is the one that ignores me and acts irrationally. Why should I change the behaviour, HE has to change, NOT ME!”

Dear loving wife, you know you cannot change anyone. But you can change yourself and show him the way. He will choose for himself either to take it or not.

If you two love each other, and this is just a short moment of your relationship, there’s nothing to worry about. What I will tell you to do will fix your situation almost instantly.

When your husband ignores you always try to talk first

And by “talk” I certainly mean both of you to talk, not just one of you. Open communication and honesty is the base of a healthy marriage. They come along with understanding and effort to fix the problems. Remember, you shouldn’t fight one against the other – you are on the same team.

But let’s assume “a talk” didn’t work and he still acts like you’re not around. What to do next then?

Is there a secret way to fix the things if you’re the only one that seeks a solution?

Yes, there is!

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6 thoughts on “3 Action Steps to Take When Your Husband Ignores You”

  1. Ok. Why always put the mans feelings first? Walking on eggshells until THEY are ready to speak and grace women with their attention ? This is crazy for every day life and not sustainable as wives DO become resentful.

    1. Hi Marylee K. Thank you for your comment. I see your point and I agree that you shouldn’t walk on eggshells until he decides to speak to you. If a man ignores you so you could beg for his attention – that’s unhealthy marriage. What I suggest is simply to tick off all the necessities in a marriage. A relationship (any kind of relationship) is a partnership and each partner has 50% responsibility to make it work. Therefore, by making sure we do part: we show love and appreciation, make sure they feel admired and we notice they do their best… that’s just answering to a problem with pure love in our hearts.

  2. A great way not to demand too much attention from your husband if he’s not feeling it is to make sure you’re constantly keeping up with your own self care. When you fill up and recharge on your own time, you need less from your husband and then the two of you can spend more time just hanging out and having fun!

    1. Absolutely! MAke your own personal life interesting, full of self-care and happiness, and he will be more than happy to join you at some point. It’s easy to ignore someone when he/she is moody, nervous and unhappy. However, it’s very hard to stay away from a cheerful and smiling person in your own home. Thank you for your comment, Lana 🙂

  3. Give first, then receive. Yes, that is the mentality. When us guys finish a long day, we are NOT in the mood to chatter. A simple kiss on the cheek and cute comment with invitation to talk later, “Oh, sweetie, you look so tired. Get some rest, I picked up your favorite (beer, wine, snack, etc). Maybe later we can relax, unwind and you can tell me about your day, sound alright?” This is not pushy, but yet a subtle way to say, “I treated you with respect and compassion. Your turn now, when you’re ready”. Later after he tells you a story about his day, comment on what he said, then you can ask if you can share with him something you’d like to say and how important it would mean to you if he listened. “I have something cool to share with you. Would you mind if I did? It would make me happy.”

    1. Exactly! Gentle soul-touch, attention and most of all – love – that is the way to a man’s heart. It has nothing to do with going against ourselves, but it has to do with simple care for the other. Thank you for your comment, Orlando!

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