31 Bad Habits To Give Up | 365 Self-Development Ideas Part 11

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Bad Habits to give up if you want to change your life

We all have bad habits to give up, but are we willing to do it?

How do you give up bad habits and what are the crucial bad habits you need to give up starting today?

I’ve got a list of 31 bad habits that you need to change or remove from your life. This is also part 11 of my 365 Self-development ideas.

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31 Bad habits to give up

list of bad habits to give up

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This month I’ve decided to focus on the things you want to stop doing, the habits that stay on your way to success.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Procrastination.

That’s one of the main reasons most of us fail in success. Procrastination or the willingness not to do something is a huge red flag that something is bothering you. 

Is the project too big, and you feel like there are too many things to do? Break it down to small daily tasks that require less effort. Doing just the minimum for a few days or a week might get you to the momentum you need to attack bigger tasks.

Have you stopped enjoying the process? You might need to modify your goals or the steps to fulfil them.

2. Perfectionism

Perfect doesn’t exist, so don’t strive for it. Yes, things could get improved, but stopping yourself from executing a project because it’s not perfect isn’t right. 

3. Never reflecting on life

How would you know where to go if you don’t understand where you are?

4. Listening to other people more than listening to yourself

how to be happy and successful

Other people might have a different perspective on life than you, but that doesn’t qualify them to tell you how to live it.

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5. Saying Yes to distractions

Every time you say Yes to a distraction you’re actually saying No to your goals, dreams and plans.

6. Not looking after yourself

Self-care is essential as it could only make you calm and focused on making the best decisions for yourself.

7. Ignoring your inner self

You want to nurture that relationship with your inner self as it’s the only thing that actually keeps you a good person.

8. Eating unhealthy

We expect our bodies to serve us well every day, but do we serve them good food? Eating unhealthy is a problem we all struggle with, some more often than others. Make the right choices so your body could be healthy as long as possible. Even just adding a few herbs to your dishes is still a big step ahead.

9. Giving up on your dreams.

Your life ends the moment you stop dreaming. Never stop striving for a better self and better future. Never give up on your dreams.



10. Allowing yourself to get discouraged

The easiest thing we could do is to give up. Therefore, that’s also one of the bad habits to give up. Often, things don’t go as we planned them to, and some days might be more challenging than others. Fighting and working towards a certain goal is hard, but that’s what makes the end result so sweet. If the journey is easy, – enjoy it. But if it’s not – enjoy it anyway as it will lead you to a higher self.

11. Not seeking knowledge

One of the biggest mistakes we do in our lives is to believe we know everything we need to know. Life is a school, and we are entitled to attend it every day. There’s always something to learn. 

12. Being around negative people

There’s nothing more soul-sucking than a chain of negative people around us. If you’re demotivated continuously and feel fatigued or anxious, evaluate the closest to you. Are they affecting your moods?

13. Poor money habits

Learning how to budget properly and how to manage your money smartly is key to your success.

14. Never thinking of the future

This is one of the most important bad habits to give up. I know we should stay focused on the moment, but we should also be aware of where we want this moment to take us. 

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15. You never find a few minutes of peace in the day

bad habits to give up

If you often feel frustrated, stressed and anxious, it might be because you never manage to find a few minutes of peace and quiet in the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s meditation or just breathing exercises for a few times a day – finding peace every day will save your sanity.

16. Thinking about your mistakes for too long

I need you to give up this bad habit as soon as possible. Of course, you’ve made mistakes in the past. But keeping your focus and feelings on these mistakes won’t take you too far. You cannot change the past, but the future is still to be written by you.

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17. Bad health habits

Smoking, drinking too much alcohol too often, not exercising and so on. You know what your bad habits are. Isn’t it time to make a change?

18. Staying in toxic relationships

It doesn’t matter if the toxic relationship is with your partner in life, your mother or your boss. If it’s fixable – fix it. If it’s not – distance yourself as much as possible or even stop any communication with that person. 

19. Not appreciating yourself

Isn’t it time to be a little bit more realistic with yourself? Isn’t it time to admit you’ve done well with certain things in your life? I don’t ask you to be full of yourself, but to simply admit with an open heart that you’ve done well on more than one occasion.

20. Bad habits to give up – always waiting for the last moment

Want to change your lifee and develop good habits? Start by removing these bad habits. This is a comprehensive list of bad habits to give up. Self-development tips/ Personal growth ideas/ Daily habits/ Things to never do/ Be your best self/

Yes, this is a type of procrastination as well. But what I talk about here is waiting for the last moment to make important decisions about your life or take crucial steps. Be brave and go after the things you truly know belong to you.

21. Not having personal goals.

22. Not having professional goals.

23. Not having financial goals.

24. Planning too much.

If you’re anything like me, you love planning and preparing for something. But do you execute enough projects? One of the most attractive things about planning is that it makes you feel in control of the situation. When the execution part comes, the control is slowly slipping out of our hands, and things get scary. But we must take the steps, and we must follow the plan. 

See how to plan your life and projects properly so you could succeed.

25. Not having daily routines

daily routines to follow

Actually, I lied. You already have daily routines. But one of the bad habits to give up is the habit of not having good daily routines. Your daily habits will determine your success and make it easily achievable. See some of the best daily habits to develop.

26. Never supporting people around you

I know self-care and focusing on your plans and goals is important. However, don’t forget to support your loved ones in the process. We often get self-consumed in achieving more and more, and we unknowingly ignore the needs of the people around us. Give up on that habit.

27. Being too self-centred

Yes, your goals are important. But so are the goals of other people. Respect it and don’t demand their attention all the time. We all have our own paths to walk.

28. Ignoring your successes

29. Allowing fear to control you.

30. Comparing yourself to others. 

I truly cannot think of anything more self-destructive than comparing yourself to others. We all have different backgrounds and lessons to learn. Self-comparison won’t give you any real feedback. Instead, stay focused on your own goals.

31. Last one of the bad habits to give up – negative thinking.

Negativity produces bad emotions and negative energy around you. It stops you from attracting good things in life. I know it’s hard to give up on negative thinking, but try to do your best every day. 

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31 Bad Habits To Give Up

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