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Most Common Relationship Mistakes That Will Fail You

What are the most common relationship mistakes?

What is the reason some couples just can’t make things work?

What is it that fails you as a couple, and could you do something about it?

If you are unhappy with your relationship, the chances are you are making one of these eight relationship mistakes below. 

With everyday fights, sometimes you may feel like there are not many things in life to make you happy.

Being in a relationship gives you the positive emotion you need, and you want this to last as long as possible.

Yeah, but it doesn’t, does it?

You feel something’s wrong and you wonder if it’s your fault.

You probably made one or two relationship mistakes and regretted them. 

Is it OK to make mistakes in your relationships?

You might say it’s not, but I’ll stop you right there.

Is it OK to make mistakes?

We are all humans, and none of us is perfect. We shouldn’t be perfect. 

If your partner expects you to be perfect and get cranky if you aren’t, this might be the beginning of a toxic relationship.

However, you will never be a part of a perfect relationship, and that’s ok. 

You are meant to grow together, to learn and flourish side by side. That’s what will make your relationship strong and long-lasting.

With that said, there are eight things you want to avoid doing in your relationship, so you could give both of you chance to build that strong connection

Let’s see them below. 

8 Most common relationship mistakes

1. Not appreciating your partner

Not appreciating your partner is a mistake

After a while, in every relationship comes a time when we start thinking that our loved one belongs to us.

He or she does some things for you, and, in the beginning, you were so excited about each one of them.

But in 2 or 3 years, you’re not so surprised at every gesture you receive. It’s like the other person has to do it.

No, he doesn’t have to do it!

He does it because he wants to; because he loves you and tries to show his love for you.

Taking his actions for granted is a common relationship mistake, and I don’t talk about the big things.

I mean the small everyday gestures that you truly appreciated at the beginning: he holds your hand while walking, he kisses your neck, he asks how you feel and so on. 

In fact, if your guy is keen on doing small things for you all the time, this might be his love language. If that’s correct, then appreciating his efforts will drastically improve your relationship and make it stronger than ever.


2. Hiding emotions

Hiding emotions is one of the most common relationship mistakes

Why do so many people love to keep things low when they shouldn’t?

Are you trying to avoid an argument with him?

Do you think your feelings don’t matter and you’ll have to deal with this on your own?

Hiding your feelings and disagreements from the other is a mistake and a perfect recipe “how to end a relationship”.

And can you guess who will end this relationship? It’s you!

Let’s play a game: Imagine that you are like a glass, and every emotion is a small drop. In the beginning, you won’t even notice that something is wrong. But with the time, every drop will make the glass fuller, and one day the glass will overflow. No matter how small the drops are, they will go out like a storm. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. That is the way you express yourself and show your partner what matters to you.

So, are you hiding your emotions?

3. Talking too much with others about your relationship

Talking to others abut your relationship

Sharing with friends on a glass of wine or cup of tea is amazing.

Asking for advice once in a while is a little bit dangerous, but acceptable.

Talking all the time about the things he or she does wrong – now that is insane!

Your relationship is private and telling your friends about the problems you’ve got with your partner is like an invitation to judge a criminal.

First of all, you may love your partner, but your friends love you, and if they hear that you’re not happy with your love life they will stop respecting your partner. And the fault would be yours.

Second: they will advise you, because… well, that’s what they think you want. They might tell what they would do in this situation. But you’re different and have different values and goals in life. In the same situation, five people would react in five different ways. Probably every one of them will be the right.

Learn to make important decisions by yourself, so you don’t have to blame the others if the things don’t go in the way you want.

And most importantly, don’t do that relationship mistake. Don’t share your relationship problems with your friends. Clear the things in your head first before you put them out in the world. The Universe is listening. 

4. Giving Up On Your Relationship

Giving up on your relationship

One of the most important relationship mistakes? 

Giving up on you two too early.

We live in a world where we’re thought that everything should be how we want it and we deserve nothing less. 

Yes, I agree with that.

However, a relationship isn’t a perfect partnership that just happens at once. It’s constant work and daily effort to make things happen.

If you both respect each other, have the same values in life, and there’s passion … why giving up easily on something so rare?

As long as you have love in between, there’s future.

If you’d like to know how to keep your man with you forever, you need to know what his needs are. Click here for a short video to show you exactly what a man needs from you, so he stays with you forever.

5. Trying to change your partner

Changing your partner

Old but gold.

We don’t want to change.

In fact – we can’t be changed.

We could change some of our habits, the style we have or improve our personality, but we cannot fully change. If you want to change the person you love, he will stop being the person you love. It’s as simple as that. If you feel the need to change him then he probably isn’t the right person for you.

6. Most common relationship mistakes – small fights

Couples arguing

I mean really small fights.

Are you fighting for every meaningless thing around you? Do you get annoyed by the way his toothbrush touches yours? Do you blame him he doesn’t love you because he doesn’t hug you all night?

You know, all these little things that annoy you are your problem, not his and they also tell you the problem is somewhere else.

You might be ignoring something bigger in your life or your relationship. What is it?

7. You depend on him too much

depending on each other too much

It’s OK to help and support each other in life. In fact, that’s the essence of a healthy relationship.

But your day shouldn’t relate to his wishes and vice versa.

You’re both individuals and have to depend on yourself first.

You should be able to take care of yourself and your happiness shouldn’t be built on someone else’s presence.

The person next to you is there so you could share beautiful emotions together, enjoy each other’s presence and look for a bright future ahead. 

What if you feel like you depend on him? Is he making you feel guilty if you make decisions for yourself by yourself? Maybe you need to think if he respects you. If he doesn’t respect you, these are 7 important steps to follow.

8. Closing your eyes for things you shouldn’t

Ignoring things you shoudn't ignore

I want to put in this section all critical things we usually don’t think about at the beginning of a relationship.

But we should.

I talk about physical or verbal abuse, manipulation and disrespect.

There was a saying that we should pay attention to the way the other person treats the people that cannot defend themselves.

For example – if you’re having dinner the waiter or the waitress are these people. They are at work and if the client is not happy usually it will be their fault (we all know that the customer comes first). So how does your partner treat the cashier in the shop? What about the customer service on the phone? Aggression is not easy to spot at the beginning. But we have to be aware that there are many ways to be noticed on time. Do not underestimate the reality in this world and protect yourself as early as possible.

What to do when you make a mistake in a relationship?

What if you’re already guilty in some of these things about?

Have you committed one of the most common relationship mistakes?

What if you already share everything with your best friend?

What if you’re overreacting, yelling and demanding change from him?

How to recover the trust and bring the good vibes back?

1. If you were rude – apologise

It’s a very simple act, but extremely important. By apologising to your partner, you show the willingness to work on yourself and your relationship.

2. Find out your why

Why did you do that mistake?

Is it an indication of another problem you need to face?

Are you ignoring some red flags in the relationship?

3. Learn how to do it right

Building a healthy relationship isn’t rocket science. Yet, it’s not as easy we wish it were.

There are certain things a man need from you and unless you learn them, he will never fully commit to you. 

To learn how to make him obsessed with you and make him part of your life for as long as possible (yes, even a partner for life), learn how to tap on his hero instinct. This video will show you what you need to do. 

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Most common relationship mistakes you want to avoid if you want to build a happy and long-lasting relationship.

8 Most Common Relationship Mistakes

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