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Common relationship mistakes that almost everyone does

You are not perfect, but you are unique.

With everyday fights, sometimes you may feel like there are not many things in life to make you happy. Being in a relationship gives you the positive emotion you need, and you want this to last as long as possible. There is not a person in this world that doesn’t think he or she does something wrong in the current relationship. Statistic says that most of the time the guilt for the end of the relationship is in both partners. Check out the text below and see if you do some of the things we describe as the most common mistakes you can do in a relationship.


Not appreciating your partner.

That is not a surprise, I know. But it keeps showing here and there because we do it. If not with the current partner, we did with the previous one. After a while in the relationship comes a time when we start thinking our loved one belongs to us. He or she does some things for you, and at the beginning, you were so excited about each one of them. But in 2 or 3 years’ time, you’re not so surprised at every gesture you receive. It’s like the other person has to do it.

relationship-mistakes-relationship_goalsNo, he doesn’t have to do it! He does it because he wants to; because he loves you and tries to show it. To take his actions for granted is a common mistake and I don’t talk about the big things. I mean the small everyday gestures that we appreciated at the beginning. The cooking for him become just a routine and something he doesn’t even consider that may stop one day. Or the way he always holds and kisses her hand when both are out and shows so much affection and respect become something she doesn’t even notice anymore. Don’t get blind to the small things the other does for you and he will answer the same way.


Hiding emotions is on top of mistakes-list.

Talking about sharing emotion, we have to say that many people keep it quiet when something is wrong.

Hiding your feelings and disagreements from the other’s actions is a mistake and a perfect recipe “how to end up a relationship”. And can you guess who will end this relationship? It’s you! Imagine yourself like glass and every emotion – small drops of water. In the beginning, you won’t even notice that something is wrong. But with the time every drop will make the glass fuller, and one day the glass will break. No matter how small the drops were, they will go out like a storm. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. That is the way you express yourself and shows the other what matters to you.

Talking too much with others about your relationship.

Sharing with friends on a glass of wine or cup of tea is amazing. Asking for advice once in a while is a little bit dangerous, but acceptable. Talking all the time about the things he or she does wrong – now that is insane!

mistakes-relationship-relationship_goalsYour relationship is private and telling your friends about the problems you’ve got with your partner is like an invitation to judge a criminal. And he is not around to defend himself. It’s just not fair. First: you may love your partner, but your friends love you, and if they hear that you’re not happy with your love life they will stop liking your partner. And the fault is yours. Second: they will give you advises you may like or not like. They will tell what they would do in this situation. But you’re different people and have different values and goals in life. In one situation five people would react in five different ways. Probably every one of them will be the right. Learn to make important decisions by yourself, so you don’t have to blame the others if the things don’t go in the way you want.

Trying to change your partner.

Old but gold. We don’t want to change. In fact – we can’t be changed. We can change some of our habits, the style we have or improve our personality, but we cannot change. If you want to change the person you love, he will stop being the person you love. It’s as simple as that. Every “success”  you may achieve will last for a while, and one day the other person will realise you don’t like him the way he is. And it’s from the mistakes that will hurt.

Small fights – I mean really small fights. For every meaningless thing around you – from the way his toothbrush touches yours, to the fact he doesn’t hug you all night (every single second of it). It’s tiring, it’s annoying, and it won’t last long.

You depend on him/her too much. To help and support each other in life is incredible. But your day shouldn’t relate to his wishes and vice versa. You’re both individuals and have to depend first on yourself. To be able to take care of yourself in this world is appreciated by the people around us. The person next to us is here so we can share beautiful emotions together, enjoy each other’s presence and look for a bright future ahead. He or she didn’t adopt us and should not to take our decisions.


The biggest mistake? Closing your eyes for things you shouldn’t close them.

I want to put in this section all critical things we usually don’t think about at the beginning of a relationship. But we should. I talk about physical or verbal abuse, manipulation and disrespect. There was a saying that we should pay attention to the way the other person treat the people that cannot defend themselves. For example – if you’re having dinner the waiter or the waitress are these people. They are at work and if the client is not happy usually it will be their fault (we all know that the customer comes first). So how does your partner treat the cashier in the shop? What about the customer service on the phone? Aggression is not easy to spot at the beginning. But we have to be aware that there are many ways to be noticed on time. Do not underestimate the reality in this world and protect yourself as early as possible.

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