I Love Being Single Awesome Challenge For All The Single Ladies

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“I love being single!” said someone somewhere but you never got that feeling.

Even if you did, you still believe there’s more to it than just posting it to all of your social media, right?

What if I tell you that there is?

What if I show you how to get it?

What if you really love it?

Single’s Full Potential

Do you want to feel the full potential of what it means to enjoy being single?

I know you might prefer to get into a relationship, but the truth is – you are not in such.

And that’s completely fine.

It has its charm, and I know that just before I met my fiance, I truly loved being single. I adored it and had this “I don’t need a man to make me happy” who gave me the power to be myself.

Time to pass the wisdom to you, my dear girlfriend.

“I Love Being Single” Challenge for single ladies is a full month of small things created to treat yourself like a star.

Guess what!

You are the star!

You are the star of your life, and I know it.

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You know it too, and it’s time to act as you mean it.

Below you will find 30 things you could do for the next 30 days.

Mix them, change their places, modify them. Remove some of them, replace others. Do as you wish.

However, spend the next 30 days loving your single life and loving yourself.

I can promise you that once you go through this challenge your life will feel different.

Scroll down for pinnable image or click here to download it on your device and have it by your side.

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“I Love My Single Life” 30 Days Challenge for All The Single Ladies

1. Light up aroma candles yourself a box of your favourite chocolates and open a bottle of wine. Choose your all-time-favourite comedy series and devote the next few hours to all that

2. Start reading Lipstick Gospel by Stephanie May Wilson 

3. Take an evening walk in the centre of your town/city and have a small chat with a stranger.

4. Plan a girls night out with your besties.

5. Go get yourself the best lingerie you’ve ever seen.

6. Clean your social media following/friends from the negative people.

7. Order your favourite take away (even if it’s Monday and that’s the last thing you want to do)

8. Change your everyday makeup with something more glamorous.

9. Meditate over the thought of self-love.

10. Write down all of the treats your future partner should have.

11. Go to a movie night alone.

12. Don’t enter social media for more than 10 minutes today.

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13. Write down at least 10 things that make you an awesome woman.

14. Plan a weekend away – alone, with friends or relatives.

15. Create your own dream board with life goals and motivational quotes. It’s all about you, remember?

16. It’s a bubble-bath-with-sparkled-wine time.

17. Join a new group on meetup.com and go to a meeting.

18. Volunteer in the local community and don’t share it on any of your social media.

19. Call three very good friends of you and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

20. Plan a full holiday and travel alone.

21. I dare you to compliment a stranger.

22. Donate clothes you don’t love.

23. Invite a friend for a sleepover and order sushi. Drink wine and don’t touch your phones all night.

24. Pamper night – treat yourself with your favourite pamper routine you’ve ever tried. Here’s one I like:


25. Create your own gratitude journal and start writing in it every week.

26. Write a list of habits you want to implement into your life and choose one to start today.

27. Go out for dinner alone. You will survive, I promise.

28. Write a love letter to yourself and read it out loud.

29. Do something adventurous today.

30. Celebrate your 30-day devotion to yourself.

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I love my single life 30 days challenge for single ladies

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