Can you attract love? My Secret – The Law of Attraction and Finding Love

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Nowadays the most popular topic everywhere is about the Law of Attraction and attracting everything we want. Couldn’t agree more with that as I am living my life the way I am because of the law of attraction. 


Oh, you as well, by the way. You live your life by the law of attraction every day!

Love is in the leading position, sharing the place with money, success, happiness, career and everything else that might cross your mind.

law-of-attraction-love-relationshipI know what everyone tells you how you have to sit in the chair, close your eyes and manifest whatever you desire. After you do that for few days or weeks, you should see how things slowly change in the direction you want.

However, attracting more money will not work if you don’t change your work schedule if you don’t find another job or start your own business. Chances someone to knock on your door with a case full of money are quite small. But chances someone to see you’re a hard worker and to offer you an extra project is bigger. And that’s what the Law of Attraction is.

That is exactly what happened to me just a few days ago. I work on that website by myself. Everything you see around is there because I put it there. Struggling for months to find the right ways to do everything thought me so much about blogging, SEO and web-design that’s almost unbelievable. So that was noticed, and I was asked if I can create a website for a local company. Law of attraction, guys!

I needed extra money this month as we are preparing for a long holiday. So I was trying to find these ways. And the way found me while I was looking for it… if that makes sense to you.

The Universe gives you what you ask for. Always! And realising that is one of the most amazing gifts you can gift yourself. It opens the doors in your mind to something better. You just have to start the journey.

So, attracting a better career might not appear soon if you don’t scan the new positions in your field.

And while all that looks logical about money, success and work, the question is how to apply that philosophy to Love. Because we talk about love on that website, right?

Well, making space in the wardrobe for someone new will not ring the bell for him to arrive.

I will tell you one little secret about attracting love.

Love is a state of mind. Love doesn’t come holding the hand of the new person you will date. Love is always around us and awaits its time to be seen.

Attracting love is spreading the love. 

I like to imagine it as a disease (I know, weird!) – once you catch it, it just spreads all over your life.

So, what happens usually is that people wait for the romantic love to appear in their life, after that, they spread it all over the place. Once you love the person next to you, you start appreciating your work; you like your friends more, you smile all the time and become a better person. It’s undeniable!


So what if…

What if instead of waiting for the romantic love to start the fire, you start it from somewhere else. It’s the same fire – just light up a different wood.

Start showing more appreciation towards your parents, help your friends, make people smile, respect yourself, love yourself and the others… 

And when you have it all together, the last wood will start burning as well. Love will enter your life from all the directions. The blessing you dream of today can happen sooner than you expect.

Give it a try. It doesn’t hurt.


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