7 Signs There Will Be No Second Date and What To Do About It

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Signs He Doesn’t Want a Second Date and How To Fix It?

Are you tired of not getting second dates?

What’s wrong with the men you date lately? Why aren’t they calling you for second dates?

You could tell that you had fun and the first date was great, but why didn’t you qualify for a second one?

In this post, I would like to tell you the 7 most common signs there will be no second date and how to stop be the woman that doesn’t get to second dates with the guys?

Can you recognise yourself?

Let me try to identify You:

You are smart, successful and you know how to have fun.

Your social life is blooming, you keep yourself busy with meaningful activities, and in general, you are a happy person. 

Men are attracted to you and often ask you out. They are awed to your charm, positive energy and the fact you’re able to have a decent conversation with everyone around. 

You always pick only the best one and gift him with a few hours of your precious time.

You go out to get to know each other, and you quickly find out he’s actually as charming and successful as you are. You go home and wonder how to know if there will be a second date. You spend the next few days waiting for the call, the text, the hint of another evening together.

But when he doesn’t call you for a second date, you are confused and wonder why. 

I’ll tell you why.

Read below 7 reasons and signs there will be no second date with him.

If you’d like to skip the signs and get to the solution, then you might want to check this very short video.

If you’re still here, let’s get into the signs he won’t ask for a second date.

1. He felt like a part of an interrogation

how to know if there will be a second date

All you wanted was to find out more about him. 

You are aware, it’s polite to ask questions when you’re on a date. You like to encourage men to talk. Moreover, many of them believe women are too self-centred on the first date.

Not you, though. You feel confident about yourself and want to prove it to him by avoiding the endless conversation about you and your hobbies.

Besides, the first date is the moment when you have to find out as much as possible about him so you could take the right decision about the second date.

I support you for your way of thinking and you should ask questions on the first date.


If you ask a man way too many questions he will feel you interrogate him. Who knows, maybe you actually want to find something you don’t like about him straight from the beginning.

What if you don’t want to talk about yourself as you don’t want to open up in front of him so early? Nothing wrong about that but there are many ways to postpone sensitive topics. An interview with your date is not one of them.

Besides, how would you expect him to share and open up if you don’t offer the same?

How to find out if you went too far with the questions:

  • Was it you who led the conversation most of the time?
  • If it was you, did you ask questions almost every time it was your time to talk?

If you answered yes to both of the questions – this one of the signs there will be no second date, is your reasons he hasn’t called you yet.

2. You didn’t have fun with him

signs there will be no second date

Despite the myths, men notice almost everything about a woman. Especially if they like her.

They are like detectives on the first date, searching for signs you like them too.

Which means…

If you are on a first date with him, he likes you… and he’s on the way to really like you.

Therefore, he wants to impress you. He wants you to have fun and make you feel special.

However, he also noticed the following things:

  • You didn’t look like you appreciate his efforts…
  • You didn’t laugh… maybe you just smiled for a few times, but that’s unconfirmed.

Your body language says a lot about you. And your man isn’t blind. 

If a guy thinks his date didn’t have fun on the first date, his confidence disappears. Take the man’s confidence out and he’s out of the picture too. He simply doesn’t want to spend his time wondering how to make you happy from the very first date. 

Can you blame him? He avoids the moment when you’ll tell him he’s boring and cuts you off first.  There will be no second date for you, and you’ll probably never see him again.

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things you did wrong on the first date


3. There won’t be a second date if you made him feel …

… well, everything else but good.

Point number 3 of the signs there will be no second date hints again on the man’s self-value and ability to make you happy.

Women don’t pay attention to a little-known secret about successful dating. I read it in this book.

Your most valuable trait is visible on the very first date.

By the end of it, your man knows if he wants to see you one more time. He knows if you are a girlfriend material or “just for fun” material.

Psst, it’s all about the way you make him feel on that date. 

Sounds too simple and straightforward? Maybe.

But many women make the mistake to misinterpret that advice.

They think making him laugh all evening will make him feel good. Maybe he will have fun, but it’s not a sign of a material for a serious relationship.

Here’s the shocking difference: He doesn’t want you to make him laugh. He wants to make You laugh!

On the other hand, complimenting him could sound weird, and he might wonder if you’re honest.

Should you just be yourself then? Should you just relax and be who you are? 

Yes… and no!

To make a man feel good on a date actually means to make him feel good about himself and make him feel good about being with you.

It’s simple, and it’s an art. 

A man will enjoy the date if you had fun; if he made you feel comfy and if he felt the good vibes you spread all over the place.

If you are interested in learning more about the ways to make him lead you all the way to a loving and caring relationship, click to check my review on Evan’s book Why He Disappeared; you can access it from here. 

Alternatively, you could just go on and see what other women having your problem with men think about this book.

4. You had everything under control

signs he won't ask you out on a second date

You recommended the place you went to, so you could be sure it’s decent service and delicious food. 

You chose the table because you went first there and wanted to find a place where you two could have some privacy. 

You told him which ones of the dishes are good to try and what to avoid. 

You immediately took the lead in the conversation, so you don’t run out of topics and stay in silence for more than a second.

You get the point, right?

Let’s face it, girls!

Men are leaders. They lllooovvveee to lead most of the time. At least on the first date or two. It gives them a chance to show off, to prove you they’re able to look after you.

Back in the days, men were proving themselves by killing the biggest animals and dragging them to the cave for you to cook. 

Nowadays, we lack caves. Therefore, they feel responsible to at least show you they are capable of finding a place to spend a few hours with you.

At this point, you show up and take the last leading position they had in a relationship and leave them speechless…

By doing this, you almost cut off his man parts… I’m not overreacting. 

He knows you will insist to chose every single place for dinner for the rest of your life together. On top of that, you’ll probably decide to change him and model him the way you want. He’s already in deep confusion and… Nope… He won’t take the risk with you, and that’s the clearest of the signs there will be no second date.

And all you wanted was to make sure he has a good time…

Relax. Leave him to lead you. Be the one who follows. If he’s the right man for you, soon you’ll be over the moon of happiness. Here’s how to allow him to stay with you.

5. You decided to show off

why men won't call you

You list your qualities in front of him. He should know you are good at your job, you have amazing friends, the cutest puppy, a body-to-kill-for, expensive bags… 

Well, in that case, he won’t be the first guy to disappear then.

The first date is not an opportunity to advertise yourself and your quality of life. 

That’s why don’t be surprised if you proved him how amazing you are, and he decided never to call you again.

You think it’s because he’s not good enough… He knows it’s because you show off a little bit too much for his taste.

Don’t get offended by my words; I just say what men think.

6. You don’t need a man to be happy

he won't ask you out on another date signs

I couldn’t agree more with that. 

Girl, you definitely don’t need a man to make you feel happy and secure with your life.

You’re strong, confident and capable to look after yourself just fine!

But there’s a catch in the dating world – while everyone knows that, no one says it out loud.

At least not on the first date and not with an attitude that will make a teenage girl blush!

You didn’t either… However, you mentioned your life is perfect the way it is. You kindly informed him your weekends are busy with friends and every evening you do something thoughtful for yourself. 

Where does he fit then? 

The way you put it, it sounds like you are perfectly fine with the lifestyle you have and there’s no room for a guy to squeeze into your busy schedule.

You obviously don’t need a man.

Even if you secretly wish to have a private dinner with someone who truly understands and supports you. Even though you secretly dream of asking someone special the boring question “How was your day?”… Every day.

Well, you don’t sound like you want all these things. So, your date will decide you don’t have time for him, and there will be no second date for you two.

Evan Marc Katz talks more about this in his “Why He Disappeared”. Did you jump over there to check it already?

7. You warned him 

you warned him on your first date

From all of the signs there will be no second date, I know most women are guilty about this one the most!

You were hurt by someone in your past.  The devastation took away your smile for months. Your heart was bleeding from the pain you went through. Life seemed pointless and colourless…

But you survived! Now, you are stronger and feel better than before. 

You know what you want and most definitely know what you don’t want.

So, you try to slightly implement these little perfect-relationship-characteristics in the conversation with your guy.

Hopefully, he’ll get the message.

Oh, he gets it, believe me. 

He gets that you don’t even know him but already have demands what he should do about you and what to avoid. 

You don’t know him, but you already assume he could hurt you one day.

You protect yourself.

He protects himself too.

That’s why he decides there will be no second date with you next week.

You think you scared him away. He thinks you’re crazy (no offence, but he does feel it).

There are many ways to show him what you’d accept or what you would never tolerate in a relationship. 


Almost none of them has to be mentioned on the first date. The first date is for the two you to enjoy your time together and see if you feel comfortable in the other’s presence. This and nothing else!

How To Get Men To Call You For A Second Date, A Third and More Dates?

Here’s the deal.

Men call for a second date because of the way you made them feel about themselves on the first one.

Like it or not, that’s the reality. You might think he calls you because he believes you might be the girl he was looking for his all life, but the truth is that the way you made him feel about himself is what hooked him.

There are a few more factors that play a major role in his decision to call you or not for a second date, but that’s the main one. 

So how do you do that?

  • By creating a vital first connection with him, focusing more on the present moment and less in the future. 
  • By understanding how men work, their psychology and why the things you believe are important to him.. aren’t important at all. 
  • By being less proactive and working your way into his mind and heart slowly.
  • By opening your heart and allowing yourself to be nurtured and treated like a lady.

Look, it’s not a secret that to master a skill you need to gain some knowledge. You’re smart enough to know that that’s the rule that moves the world forward.

In that case, how do you expect to understand men and their behaviour if you don’t study it first?

How long are you going to shoot in the dark, throw spaghetti on the walls and expect a change?

Yes, some women are lucky enough to find the love of their life without too much effort… or is it luck or something else they do differently?

Something you miss every time but it got them into a healthy, fulfilling and happy relationship with the man of their dreams?

I am one of them. And let me tell you – it’s not about luck at all.

It’s about self-confidence, but not only. It’s about patience, but not only. It’s about setting clear boundaries and something more. 

It’s about working with a man’s psychology and helping him see you as who you are – smart, fun and lovable woman they need to keep by their side.

If you agree with all that, I invite you to have a look at Evan Marc Katz’s book “Why He Disappeared that’s going to answer all of your questions and guarantee you a second date and a third date.

Ready to finally do something about your love life? Click here to see his offer.

If something resonates with you and you just found out why there will be no second date with the guy from last week, leave a comment below.

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Signs there will be no second date with him. Reasons he never called you on a second date and how to fix it.

7 signs there will be no second date

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